Family reform – practical ideas for gaining space

many family reform projects have not added value to a house, especially in a declining market. In fact, some can be deducted from the sales price. On the other hand, some projects may bring great value to your home, so today we want to give you some very good ideas to transform your home. You can’t miss them.

family reform – practical and effective ideas

so which family reform projects are beneficial and which should be avoided? The following are some useful suggestions for home decoration projects that will increase the value of your house, and family reform projects that should be completely avoided.

family reform ideas and suggestions

many projects add value to your family and improve the quality of your family life. By working on these projects now, you can enjoy these benefits and updates. If you make a green upgrade, you can also recoup your investment in these green energy technologies after the project is completed.

kitchen renovation design

most people think that the kitchen is the heart of the house, so the renewal of this room is worth it. You can expect to recover 60% to 120% of your kitchen reform investment, provided you don’t go to extremes. You shouldn’t make your kitchen more elegant than the rest of the house. Kitchen reform before and after


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is not a good idea to invest in luxury kitchens. You can transform it with solid materials and designs that suit your needs and tastes. In the long run, you will find that your investment is beneficial.

kitchen transformation idea

living room size kitchens must be equipped with appliances and countertops similar to luxury restaurants. If you plan to sell your house in the next five years, remember potential buyers before you start any major reforms; Many people are reluctant to pay for a luxurious kitchen.

use paint

to save paint. A little paint can create miracles. When we talk about the budget of kitchen decoration, the price may range from 5000 euros to 75000 euros or higher. Make full use of your investment in kitchen decoration by changing the color. Modern color murals can make your kitchen look modern. In addition, paint is relatively cheap.

original idea of transforming the family

you may want to consider using more environmentally friendly organic coatings because it also helps to avoid inhaling dangerous chemicals such as benzene, This is a kind of fresh paint that is discharged regularly.

bathroom decoration

if your house has only one bathroom, you can recover most of your investment by adding another bathroom. Professionals estimate that adding a bathroom can recover 80% – 130% of the cost. Also consider all space, such as cabinets or the area under the stairs. If you want a medium-sized bathroom, you need at least 18 square feet. If you want a complete bathroom, including a separate shower, you need at least 30 square feet. If you want a bathtub, make sure you have at least 35 square feet of extra space.

design a family plan


families, the basic reform adds more value to your family. Keep the paint fresh, repair the roof when it leaks, replace rotten wood, and dispose of any molds you find. These types of tasks will prevent your house from deteriorating over time. Buyers want a healthy, strong and safe home.

invest in useful renovation projects

if you plan to move in two or three years, please do not invest your money in home renovation projects that will not improve the resale value of your house.

modern kitchen design

of course, if you have a high-end residence in a high-end residential area, upgrading your kitchen to become a “gourmet” kitchen can increase your value, because buyers want to see a gourmet kitchen become a high-end residence. But even in a luxurious family, when you sell your house, you can’t recover all the investment you made in an expensive kitchen renovation.

idea of renovating the lounge

taking a hot bath after a long day’s work may be very interesting and relaxing, but potential buyers will not pay more for the newly installed hot tub. In addition, the cost of installing a hot tub may be too high. Many homeowners install luxury bathtubs just to find that they need to invest in a larger hot water tank to make the bathtub work properly. On the other hand, installing a bathtub may result in high electricity bills and additional monthly maintenance costs.

original modern interior design

please think twice before installing the hot tub. This project may cost you thousands of euros. If you are in trouble, the cost will be higher.

the practical idea of transforming families by installing greenhouses or glass terraces

only recovers 486 euros for every 1000 euros used for construction, or 49% – 59% of the initial investment. In addition, glass does not provide thermal insulation, so glass terraces will also increase energy costs in winter and summer.

use the method of space under the stairs

but if you live in the South or on the beach, there are many houses with internal terraces, adding one to your house can actually help you stay competitive when deciding to sell. In addition, adding an indoor terrace to your house may make you more attractive to a specific group of buyers, but you may not be able to recover the construction cost.

the idea of transforming your house

adding a room to your house may cost thousands of dollars. If you build a new master suite, you may see a return on investment of 66%. If you add a family room, your return on investment will reach 62% or less. Many buyers with limited budgets don’t want to heat and cool a large house.

living room decoration concept

however, adding another room in your home is the only exception to this rule. The extra bedroom makes your house attractive to a new group of buyers. Save renovation costs by separating a large space with a wall to form additional space. In order to meet the conditions of another bedroom, some other facilities will be added to the room, including a window and a wardrobe.

internal function design

your constructor can help you browse complex construction code to determineBuild a bedroom. If the room cannot be considered a real estate listed bedroom, specify the new space as a bonus room.

the idea of transforming the kitchen

most people have no office at home. The renovation cost of a home office is about 28000 euros. You will get about 46% return on investment in this transformation. The technology will soon become obsolete, so investing in a new cabling, and other home office components will not generate additional income when sold.

modern designed indoor loft type

we hope these tips will help you start planning your home decoration, and now we will leave you more inspiring images in our gallery until soon.

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