Floor radiant stone 34 original option

today, we offer you some very original ideas to enjoy a glittering stone floor. The ground must be very strong. As a champion, he must bear all the weight in the house.

floor radiates black marble and glitters in your house.

is one of the surfaces you often touch. That’s why we have these suggestions for you when choosing the right floor for our space.

natural stone bathroom floor adopts rural design

. It is easy to redesign the house, replace the on-site furniture or buy new furniture, but the floor is the only internal element that can remain unchanged for a longer time.

adochines floor of white kitchen

at least we all want this, because changing the floor is not cheap. Choosing a new piece of land for your house is a great decision because it will be with you in the next 10 to 30 years.

the natural stone wall and pebble floor of the living room

, but for hard surface floors, such as terrazzo or pebble floors, there are many elements to consider, This will ensure that you choose a pavement solution that not only develops with you and your family, but also maintains the same finish and material quality over time.

polishing bucket surrounds the bathtub of this modern bathroom

your floor must change with the change of your space and lifestyle. That’s why you have to look for tiles carefully. The perfect combination of colors covers the spectrum of hue and hue depth.

pebbles on the radiant floor of modern bathroom

must also consider the aesthetic quality of each color combination, make it completely uniform, and adapt the floor to the color combination and style you use in interior design I can add it in the future. The marble floor on the

wall is in contrast to the stone floor on the ground. The strength and durability of

are also important factors in choosing the floor. We must consider a hard surface

light colored floor and bathroom wall

designed for long life. There are different types of stone tiles with a guaranteed service life of up to 50 years, which means you don’t have to replace your plants in the next few years.

bathroom LED lighting and black marble floor

when you think of stone tiles, you may think of a very cold and very simple image of the floor, but you forget that the stone can be polished and has a bright finish, so our floor is bright.

small apartment designed by Dana shaked design, equipped with tufo stone floor

and stone tiles, which can be polished at any time before being placed on the floor, which means that the scratch is easy to repair.

is a very typical choice of natural stone flooring, which is suitable for rural or mountain houses.

the flooring made of stone with a high proportion of natural materials is very strong, durable and flexible. In order for your stone flooring to have a consistency that will not be damaged for many years, you must ensure that UV resistant pigment oxides are used to make it.

slateTufo brilliant for luxury bathroom

cundo choose stones for your floor. You can rest assured that your floor will provide you with stability and reliability, excellent physical performance, extraordinary strength, durability, versatility and flexibility.

bathroom slate will be very beautiful

because ceramic tiles absorb building movement, where many other surface materials may crack and fall off. However, some stone tiles do not have anti-skid performance, while others are very good. They are a safer choice in areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

white and gray slate flooring

ensure that the flooring you choose is easy to maintain and does not require complex and expensive maintenance procedures. Regular cleaning helps prevent large particles from scratching the surface, while some neutral pH detergents can be added to water for cleaning. “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” have been popular with SPS for centuries. Stone tiles bring natural color and texture to our house and add a warmth that other materials can’t match.

luxurious black marble floor

we will list the most popular stone tile materials: shale, travertine, sandstone, granite and marble. Which one would you choose?

polished marble floor karakata

slate may be the type of slate you most often encounter. It is a kind of metamorphic rock, which is easy to split into thin slices and turn into ceramic tiles.

corridor stone floor decoration creative

depends on your manufacturing density and may be more or less directly related to your cost. The higher the density, the more likely it is not to fall off and break into pieces. Although the blackboard has strong elasticity.

is a modern house with limestone floors. Tadelakt

travertine is a more common stone, which is usually sold as marble or limestone, although it is not one of the two. Travertine is a sedimentary rock composed of calcite, so it is slightly softer than limestone.

is a very natural lounge with a vertical garden and a slate floor.

can hardly maintain its luster, but once it reaches a matte finish, few materials can provide the warmth that travertine can provide. On the contrary, we cannot deny that it is fragile material.

the house designed by Alexander Brenner akitekten uses stone floor

marble. In ancient times, kings and Caesars worshipped marble floor. In this most democratic era, marble is still the most popular. Although marble is a stone easily stained and scratched, it has one characteristic.

the floor of this modern apartment is radial stone tuff

which is harder and more durable than travertine, but requires additional attention. The pattern and color of marble are very beautiful and very strong. Although it’s not a material you should use outside, because it absorbs water.

houses with stone floors are called signature custom homes

may be the hardest natural stone for floors and countertops. It is granite. No other stone can do thisBright and water repellent. However, the toughness of granite is a double-edged sword.

house has country design and stone floor

its luster and hardness make its surface a little cold, although it is beautiful. Beautiful colors are also very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

slate is very bright in color.

limestone is a kind of travertine like rock. However, unlike travertine, limestone becomes harder over time due to tectonic action.

slate is a mixture of different tones of earth color

. Hardening makes it a better and more durable material, and of course, it is also the perfect choice for floor covering. Limestone often maintains its stripes and has a wood like tendency.

stone flooring and wooden stairs are designed by signature custom homes

. These are our suggestions and choices, and you can choose the stone flooring that best suits you.

very spacious restaurant designed by Alexander Brenner Architekten

restaurant and kitchen designed by Danish Design Australian design company

indoor slate floor and family terrace wood floor designed by DKO architecture

lounge, floor designed by Luca Colombo

bathroom designed by tanju ozelkin

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