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when we live in an apartment, apartment or house for a period of time, we want to change the interior, decoration and even furniture. However, sometimes we run out of ideas and don’t know what’s new in them. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with many ideas about floor renovation. Although we mean apartments, these ideas also apply to houses and apartments, but you must always consider the internal dimensions.

transforms the floor in an original and modern way

one of the simplest and most original ideas is that when it comes to floor reconstruction, you must start with the wall. This means that you can change its color and decorate it with new textures, or you can simply give existing paintings some new strokes.

transform lounge co light and color contrast

if you want to change the color, you must choose the new color very well, because usually dark color will make the interior smaller, and light color will enlarge the interior by introducing more light. Therefore, if your heart is bigger, you can choose a darker tone. In addition, these colors also increase the style and elegance of the interior. The arrangement of lights is also very important, and their shape is also very important. You can choose some small lights and put them in a row or row on the ceiling. On the other hand, you can decorate the interior by adding accents of different colors, which is why you can use furniture.

is an interior decoration with beams on the ceiling, creating a rural style

. However, if you want to change the interior style or strengthen it, you must add this style of decoration. In our section, you can find a variety of styles and interior decoration, following specific styles. If it’s country style, you can put some wooden beams on the ceiling and decorate some walls with bricks to transform the floor.

is a decorative wall, which combines bricks and paint

and transforms them on the floor. You can make a very original game with the wall and decorate them by combining textures. In order to do this, you only need to choose two types of textures, and we don’t recommend you choose more textures, because if you overuse changes, you will get excessive decoration.

is a simple and classic renovated floor.

on the other hand, to renovate the floor, you can follow the characteristics of the classic style. However, regardless of your style, we recommend that you always remember light and internal space. In this case, for the classic style, the main color is white or in the same range. You can add some modern details and place some accents of different colors to contrast with white.

transform the bathroom into a modern and elegant space

on the other hand, in the floor transformation, you must also consider the bathroom, because usually the bathroom is the last one we leave, and we never have time to go. You can replace the furniture with more primitive and elegant furniture. You can put two sinks and two mirrors. In this way, you have a decorated apartment with a very modern bathroom.

transforming the bathroom with a large compartment without shower board

is very interesting, but many people ask how to transform the whole floor when considering transforming the floor. This problem arises because we don’t know where to start. If you decide to talk to me in a short timeWe suggest you start with the bathroom and bedroom, then the kitchen, and finally leave the living room and living room. We recommend that you follow this order, because in this way, when materials are taken out or put indoors, they do not have to go through the renovated hall.

is a spacious and bright living room with huge plasma

on the wall, so you can enjoy a very modern and clean living room. If the indoor space allows, you can put a big sofa. On the opposite wall, you can put a big plasma.

is a transformed living room with light colors to fill the interior lights

. However, on smaller floors, we recommend that you redecorate the walls according to the lines and ranges of light colors, because these colors will fill more light. Light color also brings some style to the interior. You can put some small furniture in the living room to adapt to the space. This is a very simple way to transform the floor.

is a kitchen that combines white and wood colors to create more brightness and space.

is a modified kitchen with colors ranging from orange to brown.

is a classic restaurant with luxury chandeliers and Very original and elegant chair

bathroom decoration, equipped with two sinks and two mirrors,

transform the interior of the living room, and the pipes on the ceiling are integrated with black

to transform the floor in a modern and elegant way

the original fireplace in the center of the lounge has transformed the interior of the kitchen, Decorate the wall with

bricks, which is a very primitive ceiling, with a glass area and a

shutter, and decorate the classical bathroom with small ceramic tiles

in two colors The lighter

is an interior decoration with sliding doors for more space

a kitchenette decorated with red accents

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