Functional modern small apartment

with the continuous growth of the population in the urban center, some people turn to small apartments or micro apartments, so that people can control costs without giving up the location of the urban center. It is understood that the apartment area we mentioned is between 15 and 30 square meters, and the micro apartment in New York and other cities is even less than 10 square meters.

indoor micro apartment design

, but narrow space does not necessarily mean narrow. The outstanding designers in this series are facing the challenge of designing small spaces. They have invented creative methods to do more with less money, skillfully found opportunities for storage space and multiple functions, and provided a natural environment for each activity.

modern style micro component design

let’s start with the red nesting designed by Paul kudami. The challenge is to provide a space of 23 square meters, including bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and workplace. This design is based on the study of pore space. The module is a movable block used to control the opening of the bed.

modular red paint system

its U-shape covers the bed and forms the room by closing the dressing, bed or workspace. This mobile system provides a closed protective bed according to customer requirements without completely closing the space. The bright carmine painting strengthens the graphic dimension and boundary of the space through the contrast with the matte white wall.

the original design of modern micro units

enhances the disappearance of space boundaries by using two-way mirrors, which control the hidden and visible space according to light. The bathroom is covered with resin concrete and hidden behind the door of the old fake cloakroom. The intimacy between the bathtub and the rest of the room can be determined by a two-way mirror located above the bathtub.

Berlin small apartment design

the renovation design of a micro apartment in the mobit District of Berlin not only accepted the challenge of sensitively updating the old buildings in early 1900, But it includes an additional element, its small and charming size, only 21 square meters.

Berlin Modern designed micro apartment

like many buildings at that time, the original floor design was two very small but independent rooms, one of which was a kitchen and a shared toilet in the lower unit.

apartment decoration design, wood floor

in order to modernize the floor, a former owner replaced the old kitchen with a more convenient private bathroom. This has an additional effect of balancing the overall proportion of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom on the floor.


are the original designs of modern kitchen apartments Feel balanced and maximize the potential of every inch of land.

original modern small apartment design

a blank canvas is the only solutionNal office is designed with white minimalist furniture

. The second is to define and organize the functional space of kitchen, cleaning, dressing and sleeping, so as to provide a certain visual clarity for the environment. The third is to make her more mature. A limited minimum palette will help make this small house a comfortable urban resort.

modern style small room design

the ultimate solution is to take advantage of all storage opportunities, and then combine these spaces with the kitchen, bathroom and attic to sleep in a central service center lined with boards. The space outside the central area will be as flexible as possible, and all surfaces and cabinets will be decorated with high brightness white to emphasize their adaptability.

the original small living room design

a wardrobe is created by the carefully designed bedroom attic to create the necessary space to reach the height of the head.

original stairs are equipped with functional wooden drawers

. The final result is an efficient and flexible living space, with appropriate floors rearranged to meet the space needs of customers’ professional work and personal lifestyle. The completed apartment feels ventilated, open and private without moving.

great small living room design

original modern wood kitchen design

original office design, equipped with simple functional furniture

original modern office design, equipped with simple furniture Practical

modern living room design and small

small apartment design

small apartment design designed by Brad Schwartz architects, equipped with modular furniture

Hanczar studio small apartment design

small interior design, equipped with simple and practical furniture Modern small apartment

a small apartment named mansard 24, designed by mgark


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