Girls’ room – design concept

as you know, every member of our family has their own preferences. When you are at home, you will spend a lot of time decorating this place. In this article, we will focus on the decoration of girls’ rooms and give some ideas you can put into practice.

girl’s room

first of all, when you want to know how to decorate a girl’s room, you must remember that color plays a very important role in decoration. Since we were young, we have been used to children distinguishing the colors of boys and girls.

room has warm colors

. Therefore, we also need to consider our daughter’s age. When girls are young, they usually prefer pink, and when they are teenagers, you can see that pink varies from purple to orange.

wall decoration

if our daughter is younger, we can buy her a bed that makes her feel like a princess, which looks like a bed in a fairy tale. In addition, this bed will also be used as a decorative element. We can combine other colors or panels with different decorations.

women’s double room

women’s youth room double room should include two beds that can be aligned. We can place any type of animal related templates because they imply delicacy and loveliness.


curtains can be a very primitive and attractive decoration in a girl’s bedroom. White curtains and black elements, coupled with the pink of the room and different shaped windows, will create a very special and beautiful room.

rooms in the attic

on the other hand, girls also like to isolate their space from their parents. If this is your daughter’s wish and you live in a cabin, you can turn the attic into her room. In this case, the shape of the roof itself is a very primitive decoration.

is decorated with persinas

. As you can see, the girl’s room is mainly characterized by pink, light color and all kinds of pink. Curtains or blinds can also have patterns or floral elements that are very suitable for girls.


with drawings on the wall. Don’t forget teddy bears and toys. Interestingly, although our daughter is already a teenager, she still likes toys just to decorate her room.

striped walls

are presented in soft tones. We provide a simple and warm decoration. This warm feeling comes from warm colors. In such a room, it is very appropriate to decorate the walls with white and pink lines.

princess bed

on the other hand, the colors of female teenagers’ rooms can be combined, and the result can be a very primitive combination. In this photo, the most striking thing is the bed: the style of the white curtain reminds people of the story of the princess.

circle on the wall

the decoration of women’s youth dormitory can be carried out on the wall with circles and spherical chandeliers of different colors. In addition, inCarpet is also a very attractive decoration.

decorated with butterflies, panels

butterflies, wall panels with flower or animal patterns will make our daughter’s room full of vitality and color. We can put the bed and furniture in the same color to make the wall white.

green color

in itself, we can see more colors in modern women’s youth rooms, but we must realize that they are always bright colors. Green is combined with some shades of pink and brown.

combination of light and dark colors

the amount of light entering a girl’s room is also important because most girls not only like bright colors, But they are also betting on more natural light.

modern sofa is in the

room. If the room is large, we can place a modern sofa, and the armrest is integrated with the designed sitting part. In addition, we can also lay a green carpet, which is perfectly combined with the brown and white walls.

original window

back to the lighting theme. In the girl’s youth room, we can place windows designed away from traditional and classic shapes. Like this window, there are water drop shapes everywhere.

retro style rooms

we can even bet on retro style. This is about the details of decorating the girl’s room with modern elements, which makes you feel the flavor of the past few decades. These details can be beds and your clothes, curtains, chandeliers or mannequins as decorations.

original bed

if we want to give you a unique and even rural exotic style, we can choose a more exotic decoration. It can be composed of a wooden bed with branches on the side. All this, together with the wood based interior design, will help us create a very interesting room.

the decoration on the wall

on the contrary, if we prefer this style, we can use the red panel to get the desired effect, for example, if we don’t want to draw white circles ourselves. In the girl’s room, this element provides a lot of creativity and style.

freshness of white and blue

why don’t we choose blue hue? Blue is usually not part of the warm color, but the combination of blue and white brings a lot of freshness to the bedroom. We can add other colors, such as green or yellow.

butterflies fly around the wall

if you want to try purple and pink and more eye-catching blue. In this photo, the butterfly pasted on the wall adds another white element, which is a little different from the hues of blue and purple.

on the seafloor

you can mix a strong blue and white to give people a feeling of being on the seafloor.

decorate the bed

. Finally, In the girl’s room, the round bed can also be used for decoration, not only sleeping, but also adding some fragrant candles.

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