Glass: 35 original floor and ceiling options

today we have some wonderful ideas about glass floors and ceilings. The design of glass floor is very modern, which can occupy every corner and transition space of the house. Choosing glass floor is a Buna renovation, which is easy to adapt to the design and improve the environmental aesthetics.

glass and steel creating roads in

glass floors is an increasingly widespread trend because they provide many possibilities and different environments. If you live in an attic or cabin, you can put it in the aisle and attic. In addition, many public facilities use glass steps to build stairs. If you are a passionate romantic and you like to look at the stars around the people you love, then the glass ceiling must be the realization of a dream for you.

glass decorative roof

glass ceiling is also very suitable for people who like the sun to illuminate the house. In our article today, we also show glass ceilings, which are also floors. This happens in families with more than one plant. Placing a glass ceiling floor will lead to a very modern and different touch of your home.

beautiful apartment with glass floor

. You must be ready to lose your privacy because others in the house will see what you are doing at any time. This can be illuminated with opaque glass. These crystals are also the best choice for vertigo patients.

apartment designed by studio Michael herrma

if you want to break the traditional ceiling and floor concept and plan to install a glass floor, you want to use it to give your home a primitive feeling, There are a range of products that can prove to be very useful for indoor and outdoor decoration.

more pictures from the equipment designed by studio Michael herrma

don’t worry about strength, because the glass floor uses laminated glass, and there is a very durable polyvinyl butyral film on the glass floor. This laminate protects the glass from cracking when the glass is damaged. Now we leave the idea of floor and glass ceiling to you.

long and narrow wooden ceiling living room

small balcony with standard floor


standard road from below, leading to room

on the second floor

dining room furniture under the standard floor. It is located on the second floor of modern residence. The standard floor

glass plate decoration living room ceiling

black steel spiral staircase and standard floor and ceiling


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