Go to this fantastic restaurant for a picnic, inspired by the night under the stars

do you remember that charming night tour? Under the starry sky, you once fled the world, surrounded only by the starry sky and nature with you and your dear ones? There is no doubt that we have had similar experiences at some time in our lives. But soon you will have to face the reality. Life has become a race against time. It is difficult to imagine and find that kind of relaxed and romantic space and time.

but the charming garden BKK cuisine designed by Bangkok integrated field tries to bring this magic back to customers’ lives through its charming new restaurant, which will keep you away from the noise of the city and bring you into a world full of miracles.

this is a complex and unusual picnic. Randomly placed indoor trees will naturally take you to the restaurant inspired by nature. In the night sky of the full moon and firefly night, this amazing small restaurant will impress you. The idea here is simple: give customers a picnic like experience and they will appreciate the design without exaggeration.

restaurant are the first thing you love here! There is a kind of warm moonlight on the dining room table, which gives people the impression that there is a kind of warm moonlight on the tree.

Garden Kitchen’s magnificent and innovative interior decoration uses LED lighting in the restaurant garden.

guests can enjoy an exquisite picnic experience in this natural restaurant inspired by trees.

warm and concentrated lights, coupled with the white light of trees, reproduce the picnic under the sky illuminated by moonlight and stars.

but the real highlight of the restaurant is its bar area. LED lights are randomly placed on a dark background to visually simulate the flight of fireflies in a clear sky. Compared with this capricious and unrestrained scene, everything else is eclipsed.

thanks to this great decoration, you can immediately enter the simplest and happiest days of your childhood. This is an absolutely magical restaurant. It provides you with a feeling of romance, magic and harmony. You have been dreaming since you met it in childhood or young.

the dark ceiling and LED lights bring fire images in the night sky.

look at the nature centered restaurant in Bangkok from the outside Its goal is to satisfy the most picky tastes.

Chiang Mai’s famous restaurant is famous for serving molecular food. A few years ago, when food lovers in Bangkok welcomed the first wave of molecular food in Bangkok, it finally came to Bangkok.

Chiang Mai already has a garden kitchen, a facility that combines innovative technology with liquid nitrogen food. By combining the farm to table concept with food science, the restaurant soon became a highlight of the northern metropolis. It set up its first best-selling work in Bangkok and finally took its second best-selling work to the capital.

once the seat of toot young and Pandora art galleries in Ekkamai, has now become an elegant space characterized by rough concrete, shiny black quartz, bright teak and soft lighting. In their food, the owners of the Garden Kitchen even brought dry tree trunks – elements that injected a dramatic picnic feeling into the place.

Chef leelawat mankongtiphan played molecular magic in the original branch in the north, creating a four course menu for this magnificent restaurant in Bangkok. Each course has three options.

before dinner, you will get a seafood appetizer that shows the different molecular forms of preparing caffeil lime: emulsion, foam and chutney. The menu also includes an appetizer, including papaya, pangzu sauce and red algae, which are perfectly combined with Hokkaido scallops to produce a natural sweetness, earthy and salty.

the main course is a slow stewed egg on Golden crisp rice noodles with chicken, pork and truffle oil. For dessert, options include cream cakes made from goat’s milk, milk slices made from snow milk and dehydrated milk foam, and aromatic honey extracted from Macadamia flowers.

in addition to wine, the garden kitchen also provides cocktails with Thai ingredients. Cafir lime mix gin and grapefruit with cafir lime syrup and add chalawan beer foam.

as we can see, the cuisine of Bangkok garden BKK is inspired by a romantic night picnic in nature under the moon and stars, which perfectly realizes the goal of providing customers with unique and unforgettable experiences. This is achieved through innovative interior design, created by integrated field together with chef leelawat mankongtiphan’s molecular food.


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