Granger style interior decoration – simple and elegant

the Granger style of interior design is different from other design styles, successfully combining simplicity, elegance and comfort. This is not a luxury style, but a kind of localism.

Granger style interior design

Granger is a style that integrates such bright and simple provincial comfort, pleasant European elegance and noble desire for simple leisure life.

this type of interior design does not necessarily include furniture and old items, or even do not need them. In fact, the concept of Granger style in interior design is to replace expensive items with items that are more affordable but of sufficient quality. This creates a classic type space, but it’s a little easier. The decoration concept of

Granger style

simple and expressive details bring some classic styles, and strive to create Granger style.

Granger interior style perfectly combines modern furniture with old elements, and sometimes even with old elements. Generally speaking, artificial aging furniture is inherent in the garbage style.

classic style is the core of Granger style. But there is no unnecessary charm, complex decoration and other architectural fun.

furniture usually looks old and old. You can see some works of art and simple bedside table on it. Although there are quite modern elements, the living room is filled with a retro atmosphere.

this style of decoration will last for a long time in any room. These items go beyond the changes of seasons and are comfortable and practical. A grange style house can have a round table restaurant where the whole family get together for dinner, a large bookstore, a library, comfortable sofas and armchairs.

the interior style is elegant, comfortable and practical. Furniture and accessories must have a long service life. Therefore, it is best to use high-quality wood, flax and cotton.

original interior decoration creativity

bright design elements are now out of date. When retro became popular again, dirty and shabby looks seemed to quickly catch on among the public for a reason.

in our daily environment, it is unlikely to find ideal geometry or shadow effects, as shown in some photos. The reality is different, and here is no exception.

therefore, designers tend to explore less ideal and more realistic design solutions that more accurately reflect the world we live in. As a result, these elements make the design more realistic and realistic, On one hand, you really want to be in real life.

in this dirty design, dirty spots, torn images, “broken” icons and wrinkled paper fragments are as popular as hand drawn elements and dirty textures.

the main goal of hand-painted elements is the ability to convey personality and personal notes.

and dirty textures are commonly used as background images for navigation menus, photos, and general layouts. These elements are usually regular objects of NUEStra’s daily life is reproduced in real form without bright effect.

in fact, garbage design is not necessarily composed of worn design elements. You can include objects that display a more realistic appearance without making them look overcrowded or dirty.

although there are some irregular elements in the design, such as hand-painted graffiti and dirty background images, this place should never feel dirty – in fact, the design is quite subtle, clean, elegant and unique in any case.

if you think you are a modern and unusual person, the dirty interior is for you. Granger style began to develop from music in the 1980s.

fashion and Granger design are also included. If you want to turn your house into a dirty style, make the walls look “dirty”, or create a minimalist interior without paint or other works of art.

this design is based on flower patterns combined with brick walls. Retro style and Grange style are cleverly combined.

here, we have collected beautiful and amazing designs, which present really great interior design in Granger style. Let yourself be inspired and creative.

if you want your house to be truly modern and different, you must consider Granger’s interior design.

this is a very special style. It will certainly make your interior look different. However, you should feel good at home and love your design.

the walls should be exposed and look rough and dirty. The overall design is exquisite, neat and unique, which can be combined with the furniture of the times. The idea is to replace expensive items with good quality and affordable items. Garbage is a simple and casual elegance.

as for colors, they are dark and dark blue. You can add simple but expressive details to add a little personality to the classic look. Granger’s interior style provides you with a great opportunity to combine modern and antique furniture.

garbage is a classic style, but it is not necessarily a complex decoration, with many architectural details. Furniture is particularly aging. There are a variety of antique accessories that can be added, such as photo frames, photos, round leg sofas, etc.

these elements are eternal, comfortable and functional. Usually, grange style houses have round tables, a large library, comfortable sofas and armchairs.

solid wood and metal are very suitable for this style, and the fabric is usually thick and heavy. Crimson or blue velvet ornaments look good in any dirty living space.

cotton and flax are also good choices, as mentioned earlier. Generally speaking, the materials and quality of furniture and fabrics are very high, so they are durable and have a long service life.

some patterns look very primitive, but you must be very careful when selecting patterns and patterns. They must be elegant, not too gorgeous. Granger style interior is comfortable, practical and classic. If you like dark elegance, you should consider this style for your home.

the main idea of the Granger style interior is to replace expensive furniture parts and decorative elements with more accessible but not low-quality prototypes, and create espACIO is a simplified classic canon, using a simple expression.

in this original interior design, we can appreciate the perfect match between the new furniture and the “old generation” elements

Granger style furniture is usually new furniture made of old style. The elements of the Granger style are respected, comfortable, functional and long-lived. Give priority to high-quality wood, flax and cotton. Another feature of

is the formation of decorative furniture and social and relaxing places. The interior style ceiling is mainly white, without frame and socket.

however, you can define the grunge style internally through the following five main functions: common reference style trends; A classic style, but no camouflage, excessive luxury and expensive carving and polishing.


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have some neglect in these interior designs, which is my adaptation to urban interior design.

furniture should preferably be made of teak and painted with bright colors; Round tables, consoles, or bookshelves.

there is a free program in the public area, which focuses on creating small drives for different purposes. It mainly uses natural and environment-friendly materials, such as wood, cotton and flax, but they are of the highest quality.

Alexandria Pearl Industrial lamp

lamp. What we can see in this photo is brass with industrial style design. This light industrial green pendant will add an elegant touch to anywhere and provide a brass cage base, which can also be used in other finishes.

aesthetics an ancient industrial building perfectly serves a dilapidated project, But choosing the right furniture and materials doesn’t seem so easy: “homemade” items must have specific characteristics to meet the strict requirements of the workplace.

interior design firm * nordes

in this project, based on the apartment room with an area of 47 square meters. Designers want to create an interior space for a free man. No prejudice, no prejudice, no unnecessary things. The homeowner is a restless person, active and likes to travel and get together with friends. This is why the floor space is as open as possible. There is no big closet. Folding sofa is ideal because it saves space. The kitchen is completely hidden behind the sliding exterior wall.

* North

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