Don’t wear jeans all the time in summer, green slacks are also a good choice

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In daily life, menswear matching often does not pursue exaggeration and novelty, and is based on simplicity. Most men will use the most basic styles to match various styles. Over and over again, there are a few basic items, which are always less fashionable.

Take trousers as an example. I believe that the most casual item in most men’s wardrobes is jeans. The same material and pattern, the upper body effect, is inevitably monotonous and uninspiring. Why not try green slacks, trendy and versatile, unobtrusive and stylish!

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Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet. In fact, green casual pants have long been popular. Fashionistas have used it in the collocation of various styles in life. People usually think that green is not every day for men’s clothing. It may be too dazzling and lose its stability and quality. In fact, as long as you don’t choose super-novel color combinations such as true green and fluorescent green, colors such as military green, dark green, and grass green can fully support daily matching.

At the same time, compared to jeans, the material of green casual pants will be lighter and thinner. There is basically no tightness after the upper body, and it is more suitable for spring and summer. Of course, due to the loose nature of most green slacks, the effect of modifying the figure should not be underestimated.

Green Pants Outfits for Men

1. Choose the right version

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First, you can start from the version and choose the trouser version that best modifies your curve according to your own body characteristics. Fashionable and decent, make the figure look more superior.

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Pants with small feet are suitable for most men, and they usually adopt a curve design with a wide upper and a narrow bottom. The loose buttocks and thighs are inclusive and prevent the formation of tightness and greasiness. Very friendly to the pear-shaped figure, and the shrinking curve is used on the calf to make the whole more restrained.

Straight version

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If the calf extends the loose curve of the hip and thigh, then it is a more tolerant straight version. The vertical lines conceal the curve of the legs, avoiding the fact that the legs are not straight and detracting from the shape, making the body look more symmetrical.

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The high-end dressing of the straight version is to add the design of the foot, and the overall curve is modified by the loose straight version. The foot restraint design also makes the ankle more neat, so it has a thinner effect.

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The reverse is a wide-leg design. This widening of the trousers curve can extend the vision. Make the overall line more smooth, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, steady and trendy.

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In addition to trousers, shorts are also the highlight of green casual pants, and there are not many choices for the version of the shorts. Usually loose tooling straight-leg shorts can be adapted to most collocations, although this makes the whole body very wide, but directly reveals the calf curve and does not appear bloated and bulky.

2. The depth of the color

Not only is there a wide variety of styles to choose from, the versatile feature of green casual pants is that the color scheme is also different, and it can be matched with various types of items to easily wear a variety of styles.

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In the green series, the light color is quite grounded, and the slightly wrinkled material often has a somewhat worn-out atmosphere. After the upper body is not aggressive, it is a very daily item. You can easily create a sense of layering of colors and collocation by directly stacking through the basic items.

Bright green

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Most of the time, menswear does not pursue bright colors, but brightness cannot be ignored. The brighter green of the casual pants can make the overall aura more lively, and the large area of ​​bright and pure colors can also make the whole more vigorous and have the effect of reducing age!

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The army green with the same brightness is also quite eye-catching. Speaking of it, army green is a very common color in daily life. Under normal circumstances, it will be somewhat formal, combined with the nature of casual pants, immediately becomes casual and chic, even if it is mixed with a suit jacket.

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The brightness of dark green is often not high, but it will be more advanced, and the whole person will be more aura. At the same time, it can also break the convention of color matching, whether it is light or dark, it is a real super versatile item!

3. Clothes single product combination

Specifically, how can green casual pants wear better? In addition to the regular all-match models, you might as well try these ways to wear it!

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The combination of work shorts and a slightly oversize T-shirt creates a high-cold color similar to Morandi’s tone without losing ground. In addition, necklaces, fisherman hats or other items can be added to make the overall match more complete. As long as the color matching is ensured, the trend can be easily achieved.

Shirt and green slacks

Shirt with green slacks

The versatility of green casual pants is also reflected in cross-dimension matching. It is difficult to combine the formal shirt and the wide trousers. But it can be connected by wearing a high waist, which highlights a bit of randomness. At the same time, it is also serious and has a sense of a street gentleman.

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If you use a dark shirt, the overall daily routine will be more calm. To avoid the dullness caused by the overall deep color matching, you can choose loafers with exposed ankles to be more light.

Of course, the more handsome Martin boots can also be combined with green casual pants. After the upper body is cool and chic, but the overall collocation is minimalist style, no matter who can get it easily!

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Summer is always a lively season, and more novel and unique outfits are needed to make you more eye-catching. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skill to wear, a pair of green casual pants is very good, and the trend is all-match.


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