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today, we want to introduce you to some great home ideas. For this purpose, we will discuss interior design and its most important aspects.

home creativity: interior design principle

interior design is a process of shaping interior space experience through the manipulation and surface treatment of space volume. It should not be confused with interior decoration, because in addition to traditional decoration, interior design also involves environmental psychology, architecture and product design.

intelligent interior design Improve the design direction, make communication and construction documents.

original kitchen design

when carrying out interior design, the house needs to be regarded as a whole; Not in a series of spaces connected by corridors and stairs. Therefore, it is appropriate to have a common style and a theme throughout everything.

stores the idea

this does not mean that all design elements must be the same, but must work together and complement each other to strengthen the whole composition. One way to create this theme or argument is to use thoughtful colors. Color schemes are usually a good way to unify spatial collections. For example, you can select three or four colors and use them for different spaces.

“bathroom decoration”

this balance can be described as the fair distribution of visual weight in the room. There are three types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetric and radial.

original open shelf

symmetrical balance is usually located in a traditional room, which is characterized by repeating the same objects in the same position on both sides of the vertical axis. For example, you can recall the old room, Each side of one room is an accurate reflection of the other. The symmetry of


, ,


in the symmetrical balance design of


also reflects the shape of people, because we find that we prefer to be in a balanced environment.

symmetrical design

asymmetric balance is more suitable for modern design. Balance is achieved through different objects that have the same visual weight or attraction. Asymmetric balance is more casual, less artificial, but more difficult to achieve. Asymmetry means motion and leads to more internal animation.

asymmetry and modern design

radial symmetry means that all elements in the design are arranged around a central point. Spiral stairs are also a good example of radial balance.

radial symmetrical design

although not often used indoors, it can provide interesting alignment if used properly.

log staircase berth

the biggest enemy of interior design is boredom. A well-designed room always has one or more focal points, depending on its size. A focus must be dominant to attract attention and interesting enough to encourage the audience to seek transcendence. The internal functions of

and modern

are a focus, so they must beHave a lasting impression, but it must also be an integral part of the decoration through scale, style, color or theme. Fireplace or flat screen TV is the first example that most people think of when talking about room focus.

solution stores

if there is no natural focus in your space, such as fireplace, you can create one, Highlight a piece of furniture, art, or just draw a contrasting color in an area.

is a wonderful idea of home design

in interior design, rhythm is the repetition of visual patterns. Rhythm is defined as continuous, repetitive or organized movement. To accomplish these themes in a design, you need to consider repetition, progression, transition and contrast. Using these mechanisms will bring a sense of movement to your space and transfer your eyes from one design element to another.

internal retro style

repetition is to use the same element multiple times in a space. You can repeat a pattern, color, texture, line, or any other element, or even multiple elements.

the original modern interior design

takes an element to increase or reduce one or more of its qualities. The most obvious implementation will be grading by size.

modern interior design

a group of candles of different sizes are placed in a simple tray, which will attract interest because it shows the natural progression.

integrated furniture receiver

can also be realized through color gradient, just like in monochrome color scheme, each element is a slightly different tone with the same tone.

kitchen style minimalism

transition is a little difficult to define. Unlike repetition or progression, the transition tends to be a smoother flow, with the eyes naturally sliding from one area to another. The most common transition is to use a curve to guide the eyes smoothly, such as an arc door or a winding road.

armchair with bookshelf stores books

finally, the comparison is quite simple. Putting two opposing elements, such as black and white cushions on the sofa, together is the symbol of this design principle.

beautiful retro mirror style

contrast may be quite inconsistent, which is usually used in animation space. Be careful not to undo any work done with other mechanisms by introducing too much contrast.

family creativity

use space

family creativity and storage solution



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