Home feng shui – let positive energy flow through your home

Feng Shui can be easily applied to any space, but the principle of Feng Shui is very complex. However, more complex problems can be explained in simple terms, so today we want to show you all the information about the basic principles of family Feng Shui.

home feng shui – Basic Principles

there are many simple Feng Shui variants that you can apply immediately to create better power quality. If you are starting Feng Shui, it will help you determine which areas of your home need more help. For example, you may feel good near the kitchen and living room, so you tend to stay there for a long time, but your bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe are ignored.

in Feng Shui, the house looks like a whole, with one part intricately connected with another. To create a good feng shui at home – whether you know the main principles of Feng Shui or not – first identify areas that need more attention and the steps needed to improve them.

we see that many people completely ignore areas they think are too heavy, such as garage, laundry or wardrobe. Instead, they choose to focus on what has been done well, such as the main entrance or living room.

does not make this error. Think of your house as a complete system and understand that a neglected area will sooner or later spread negative energy throughout your house. Define a Feng Shui plan or a list of priorities for your home to make your current family status closest to what you want.

you know, with good will and enough perseverance, you will have a vibrant and harmonious home. Once you have clearly identified your priorities, explore these simple Feng Shui Tips: are your front and rear doors aligned? Is there a ladder in front of the front door? The front door is very important in Feng Shui, because this is the way “Qi” or cosmic energy enters the house.

home feng shui – main lobby and entrance

develop the habit of checking the air flow in the home. Free flow of energy to all parts of your home? Or lock it up before you go to your bedroom? Do you have good energy (anger) or bad energy (Si and sand gas) in your family?

we know it’s easier said than done, but believe us, it’s not difficult to clean up the mess. Dongfang Bagua Feng Shui District is one of the luckiest Feng Shui districts in 2017. There are 8 stars every year, and Feng Shui stars are abundant.

the colors of fire feng shui elements, such as red, pink, purple, orange and bright yellow, can be used moderately in the Feng Shui area east of your home or office because they support 8-star earth elements.

why do we say “moderate”? Because the element of Oriental gossip is wood, if you bring too much fire element decoration, you may cause energy imbalance by weakening the wood element of Oriental gossip. The best element in 2017 is the earth element, because it nourishes visiting stars and is also the local element of Bagua area.

a good way to bring energy from Earth Feng Shui is to decorate crystals. Crystals such as amethyst and pyrite are usually used to enrich the energy.

Wood elements also support fire, so you can decorate with various wood elements at will. Flowers, candles, happy pictures, etc. – all items with good vibration will consolidate the happiness potential of this auspicious area.

use the number 9 to multiply the profit. For example, you can have 9 red or purple candles or 9 pink flowers.

another traditional Chinese Feng Shui therapy is crystal tree (with fire crystal, such as amethyst or orange crystal) – you can do well here.

home feng shui – bed location

rooms are very important in Feng Shui for obvious reasons. Your bed and bedroom must have good feng shui to support your personal energy. Your bed also needs to maintain the Feng Shui energy of love and treatment. It’s a great responsibility, just a piece of furniture, isn’t it?

the home feng shui guide on bed location is very easy to follow and implement, although you may encounter many challenges depending on your bedroom choice.

the first step in creating good feng shui energy in your bedroom is to follow the Feng Shui guidelines of bedding as much as you can. In short, this means you should have a bed with a solid headboard, Good mattress and good frame height (no storage below)

check your bedroom to see if you can put the bed in the ideal Feng Shui position on your bed – the so-called Feng Shui control position. This is the area furthest from the door, or the diagonal of the door, but not aligned with the door. In other words, you want to see the door in bed, but don’t align with the door. There are several other Feng Shui points to find the best location for your bed.

the strong support wall behind the bed is very important for good placement. This creates strong protective energy around the bed, giving you more strength and ability to create (and maintain) good energy. To add force, You can also paint the walls with accent colors suitable for your bedroom decoration.

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