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whether you are hiring professionals or decide to act independently in your own project, understanding the situation from the contractor can provide a new perspective for your home decoration project. What he does is as important as what he doesn’t do. Sometimes the instinct of owners will have a negative impact on housing reform projects.

ideas and suggestions on housing reform

how do you know you are helping or damaging your project? Continue reading to find out and see what can help simplify your home decoration. Programming may also be affected. Everyone involved in this project should be informed of any changes so that no one will work on the old blueprint. Everyone will make changes. It doesn’t matter, just consider the possibility of interruptions and delays.

family reform proposal

will not delay decision-making. If you want your reform to go smoothly, the best thing you can do is make all the decisions before you start working.

family reform ideas

a good builder can talk to you about a list of possible situations in your work, but decisions about situations usually do not lead to delay.


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. Most of the problems are related to decisions on painting, adjustment and accessories selection. These may look small, but when your faucet arrives two weeks late, the plumber must reprogram. The cabinet door will knock on the sink when it is installed. You will find that some small things will delay the five week project by one week.

place wooden parquet floor

don’t change your mind too many times. Although you will inevitably change your mind about something in the project, be aware that every time you change your mind, it will lead to a change order. While changes may seem small, there are always additional costs, even if it’s just time to discuss changes.


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. Do not buy your own materials. This seems to be an obvious way to save money, but the builder will mark the cost of materials and pass on the additional cost to you.

housing reform concept

builders can get a better price than you, which means that you will pay the same price even after the profit margin.

consult builders and professionals

some houses must be demolished rather than invested in repair. Although this is a rare case, it is common for people to put money in luxurious cabinets, a dilapidated structure house, or an efficient oven in an uninsulated house. Listen to professionals to see their work. Be open to your suggestions.

home decoration suggestions and ideas

it doesn’t work without emergency fund. If you find that the job you want to do is more expensive than you expected, you can ask a professional for help. It is almost unheard of for a person to set a realistic budget for a project. If you make all the decisions in advance, if you have a good general contractor, you may avoid 5% of accidents.

ensure that professionals have a clean workplace

keep children and pets outThis is my job. Although people who work from home often try to accommodate their pets and children, it is not safe to have children or animals around the building.

ensure that children and pets do not snore around the building.

do not live at home. Most people ignore this rule for a reason. The transformation cost is high, and mobile will hardly increase the cost. If you can’t move, try to arrange a period of time and find a clean and comfortable place to retire when you can’t go home.

good idea of family reform

will not distract workers. This may sound rough, but the person who works at your home will talk to you every minute. He doesn’t work at your home. Is this really an important conversation that will have an impact on your work?

avoid unnecessarily distracting employees

with these simple tips, you can help you finish your work faster and more effectively and meet all your requirements.

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simple skills and suggestions for family reconstruction and transformation

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suggestions and ideas for family reform work



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