How to attract good luck and happiness according to Feng Shui

the question we want to answer today is how to use Feng Shui to attract good luck and happiness. There are many ways to use Feng Shui to attract wealth, luck, prosperity, happiness and abundance. Today, let’s comment on what places and elements we should use to decorate our home in order to balance the energy full of happiness and good luck. In order to have good luck and money, we must find our money area, take good care of it, and most importantly, ensure that the energy in space is fresh and vibrant. We should not forget that good feng shui will not bring us good luck, happiness and wealth. If we don’t work hard, it will only provide the support we need to seek good luck and wealth. How does

attract good luck and happiness? According to Feng Shui

, we always start from the entrance. We must create a strong entrance. Be sure to know how to create a strong entrance, because your house needs it to attract wealth and happiness. The front gate is called the mouth of the pool in Feng Shui. Its strength and energy are very important. If necessary, protect your front door with Feng Shui symbols for richness and good luck. This means that there should be no old and broken things on the door. There should be dead plants or any other elements that hinder the flow of Feng Shui energy to the front door in the old and broken flower pots. We must keep the entrance clean, fresh and smooth, which is always the best Feng Shui. The same door should not be old, nor should there be worn paint or rusty nails. The color of the door depends on its location. For example, if your front door faces east (wood), the best colors for your door are green, brown, blue and black. The worst colors are red, purple and orange.

how to attract good luck and happiness by knocking on the door and door of the house.

the second suggestion is that all spaces and rooms in your home should be clean and tidy. A messy space can neither attract people nor maintain the vitality of wealth, luck and happiness. Clearing the mess may sound exciting when you consider the results rather than the process itself. It’s OK to avoid cleaning up the mess for a while, but if you know you need to tidy up your house and look at Feng Shui, make the process more interesting. Open all windows to let fresh air and energy in. Wear natural fiber cloth and clothes. Bring color and fire elements to the room you want to get extra energy. Put on your favorite music and use some aromatherapy candles. You don’t have to tidy up the whole house in one day. Start with a small room and go with others the next day. How does

attract the idea of good luck and happiness? We should decorate

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in Feng Shui with cloth and color. This is an area connected with your money, Or economic prosperity and prosperity, is the southeast of your home or office. This is a classic, or traditional Feng Shui school way to define your money field. How to define the scope of your money. When you know the location of your money area, you must focus on strengthening it to attract prosperity and wealth. Before you start exploring, be sure to understand the importance of being surrounded by images and elements about money energy and money abundance. The image you choose should be a personal choice, because we all have different connections with the energy of wealth. The Feng Shui element in your wealth and money area is wood. You know that wood is enhanced by water (nourishing wood) and land (providing a solid growth foundation for wood), so the decoration of the restaurant areaIn your home or office, you have to express these elements. You should add lush green plants, such as money plants or bamboo, mirrors or water images. You can choose a real font. Mirrors are also a good idea. Emphasize specific shapes in your decoration. Each Feng Shui element is expressed in a specific form, so you can bring the required energy with shapes such as rectangle (wood element), square (earth element) and wavy (water element). Whether in the form of frames, fabric patterns or wallpaper, these shapes will bring the right energy to your financial field. The idea of

how to attract good luck and happiness from the elements, we should use

we are talking about how to attract good luck and happiness. But to be happy and lucky, one of the most important things is health. This is also your first step in applying Feng Shui at home. Whether you are completely healthy or experiencing health complications, Feng Shui can help us improve our energy level and stay healthy. There is a strong energy connection between the three Feng Shui areas related to your health in your home: your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The trinity of Feng Shui needs to be treated correctly, because your health is related to it. First of all, few of us start a day at 100% energy level. This is because, unfortunately, few people have a bedroom designed and decorated to completely relax their bodies and do their repair work at night. In addition to physical fatigue, a large part of emotional energy is trapped in the past or worried about the future. Therefore, we start with low energy every day, and events, people and places with the same low energy as us may continue to occur throughout the day.

how to attract good luck and happiness tips to increase energy flow

for better health, good feng shui is needed, which means pure air. Good air quality means health. Learn about the best plants that bring healthy Feng Shui energy to your home. The best advice is that you must always keep in mind your efforts to improve indoor air quality. The first thing you have to focus on is cooking. You want a clean and tidy kitchen, which represents freshness and lightness, so clean your kitchen thoroughly and forget the food you know you must avoid to stay healthy.

how to attract good luck and happiness through Feng Shui

. Learn how to create a good feng shui home with the help of our article on this topic, which can change not only your energy and good luck, but also the energy and health of your loved ones, With the help of the birth elements of his family. Use elegant feng shui elements and Feng Shui decorative products to create a truly harmonious and happy home. Although this process takes some time and effort, you can be sure that it is really worth it.

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