How to choose the right socks?

Nothing can spoil a man’s image more than socks! If you don’t make the right choice, they may make you always remember as “the man with white socks and black shoes”.

That’s why I chose, uh Accessories need to be taken seriously.

The first color of men’s socks should be the same as that of suits, but slightly lighter than that of shoes.

Try to find socks in the hue of your pants (unless they’re black).

If the color is not accurate, please choose darker or lighter socks.

White socks of business style are excluded Bright, extreme colors are suitable for leisure or sports.

Patterns, cartoon characters and inscriptions are worthless.

The pattern on socks is allowed, but it must be light: moderate British plaid, famous brand logo, dot.

Rule 2 socks must be high.

Bare feet should not be seen, even if you sit with your feet on your legs.

The third rule is that the best thin quality cotton may be with a low Lycra content of no more than 2% for better durability.

Silk socks are worn only under a tuxedo Don’t pursue elegance too much.

Comfortable combinations such as wool and cotton, silk and cotton.

Feet “breathe” (synthetic fiber in socks should not exceed 5%).

The rubber band of the sock should not press against the foot Good socks have a “press control”, that is, a rubber does not squeeze your legs. next. It’s even inappropriate to talk about it, but! Dear men, socks have to be washed every day.

The best choice is to buy 7 pairs at the same time.

Then, there will always be clean but not too worn socks at hand.

The price of a good pair of socks can sometimes get you into trouble.

For example, Nina Ricci, Versace and Gianfranco Ferre produce socks for $50-120 per pair.

But as we all know, there are other companies whose socks are much cheaper.

The color combination on the clothes will help to choose socks correctly.

ok Gray suit – white, blue, pink, ivory shirt – tie of any color – Black Boots – socks in the hue of the tie.

Dark grey suit – white, light pink, ivory shirt – red and black tie – Black Boots – black socks.

Dark blue suit – white, ivory shirt – gray – red – Chestnut tie – black, dark – KOrange boots are gray and chestnut socks.

Dark blue suit – white shirt – white – red – blue tie – black leather shoes – dark blue, dark chestnut socks.

Dark green suit – Ivory shirt – red green brown tie – brown shoes – brown socks.

Sand suit – light blue shirt – dark blue tie – light brown shoes – light blue socks.

Light brown suit – white, pink, tobacco shirt – green, chestnut, red and black tie – coffee, reddish brown boots – Chestnut socks.

Dark brown suit – white, beige, light pink shirt – Green Brown, red brown tie – brown shoes – coffee, chestnut socks.

Black suit – white shirt – silver gray, red black tie – black shoes – smoked, black, dark purple socks.

There is a strange theory that a man’s socks can be the key to unlocking his personality.

Although we’re not serious, we still have to be careful.

Black socks are usually worn by individuals and washed once a month.

Gray or brown is more often worn by conservatives.

White people like athletes or businessmen and make unfounded demands on their taste.

Bright socks (such as red) prefer calm appearance, but it’s easy to get angry at any little thing.

After studying the colors, let’s study their socks in more detail and continue to study the patterns: – diamond or interleaving – most likely, Hiding the pursuit of their own position in life.

Funny pictures or ridiculous girls, you and Playboy together- Striped and patterned – like individuals to wash once a month.

Of course, choosing socks is everyone’s private affair.

After all, maybe red spider man’s green socks are your style symbol? How to choose the right socks? Can you choose and choose socks correctly? This is not true.

To be honest, too many men ruin their appearance with the wrong choice of socks.

But there are not many rules to make the right choice.

Because some socks are only suitable for special occasions, some colors of socks should only wear certain clothes, and so on.

P So you don’t ruin your appearance with “interesting colors” socks (see picture)Fire, and then everyone will notice your furry legs.

At a business meeting, in the office, or when you meet a girl, you won’t win your prize.

Eye catching socks can only be worn at home, with interesting colors or the image of your favorite cartoon characters – it’s interesting, but please don’t go out of the house.

Wearing a pair of unimaginable striped socks and other colorful jokes is only suitable for your family and relatives when you rest and do what you want to do.

In other cases (work or bar or nightclub), wearing these unusual socks can lead to People will think of you as “normal” or just don’t take you seriously.

Try not to wear socks with shorts.

Another common mistake is to wear socks with shorts.

Inevitably, you have to twist or bend your socks.

They won’t stay on your legs all the time.

Above, we have concluded that bending and twisting socks do not meet the general wearing rules.

Second, wearing socks and shorts will visually shorten your feet by nearly half, which will make you look lower.

If you are naturally short, such things will certainly be bad for you.

Because you don’t want to go out without shorts and socks, buy a few pairs of socks that you can’t see when you put on your sneakers.

Besides, you don’t need to wear socks and sandals.

What would his socks say about a man? Socks are very useful.

They warm our feet in the cold weather and bring convenience to wearing shoes.

By the way, you can guess the owner’s character and behavior through socks. 1. Dot socks, so first of all, you can see the bright colors of dot series socks, dots and diamonds.

It can be called “interesting”.

In this case, know that its owner is an interesting person, free and very social.

He can talk to any girl and find common ground with all his neighbors and mother’s friends.

All the teachers at school like him, and all the women at work like him.

He has been a clown all his life.

It’s really easy to communicate with such people, but it’s hard to be a unique person.

There is too much competition in accelerationThieves, walking and sitting. 2. It is rare for zoos to wear socks, but there are also such examples: men wear socks with dogs, elephants or Santa Claus.

These are the socks bought by my mother and ex-wife, 100 rubles per 5 pairs.

They are a disgusting quality, but exotic pattern.

If you catch a man, you know: he’s not just in childhood.

He’s probably the son of a mother who doesn’t care about his appearance.

A normal man will never buy himself an ugly one with all kinds of beast images.

He entrusted these things to the woman close to him However, he can also leave other decisions to her. 3. Sports socks if he wears sports socks, he is likely to spend a lot of time on his health and sports.

He is strong and disciplined and tries not to miss training.

It is likely that such a man will let you do a wonderful performance in bed, because he is so mature and supportive of his tone! 4.

Black and monotonous, he is a real conservative.

I want to see how old the socks are.

If you really work hard, it means buying the first one.

If you’re new, it means paying real attention to your image.

It’s important to wear black socks under your shoes.

This is a rule that every man should know: socks must match the tone of shoes.

If your lover wears black socks and white shoes, it means he is a rare lazy man who doesn’t like washing clothes and changing socks. 4. Socks are in different corners of the room.

Men scatter socks in different corners of the room.

Obviously, there is a loose and untidy lifestyle.

He doesn’t pay much attention to his things.

Collecting such a sloppy person will be very difficult, but as they say, trying is not torture.

Please note, did he confuse his scattered socks and eventually wear different socks? If so, don’t be surprised that one day you will be called your name.

He’s just too impolite and careless. 5. Sock hook is there a sock hook hidden in the corner? Therefore, their master is a secret person, a little illusory.

However, it also has a positive quality: it completes all the beginnings and consolidates the results, as if they were tied to a sea knot.

He doesn’t like wasting time. Sog.

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