How to decorate a house – 100 inspiring designs

if you have bought a new house or just want to change your family image, we believe you will find what you like in these 100 pictures, and we will use them to answer the question of how to decorate the house.

how to decorate the house with open plan

how to decorate the house depends on the owner’s personal taste. Therefore, we collected more than 100 photos to show different styles of design.

how to decorate the house and different design styles

there is no better time to make your home look new, You will know that when you need to change, at least once in your life, each of us has experienced a season, forcing us to get rid of the accumulation of the past and embrace a future full of interior design possibilities.

corner bathtub bathroom designed by Krista watterworth

once you have everything cleaned and organized, the next step is to consider decoration. This is logical, but you should consider whether to update quickly or change your image completely.

island kitchen designed by boom town

you can do it yourself or choose a design company that has the ability to turn the matte space into your dream room. If you can’t afford a designer, that’s where we go. There are expert suggestions to help you get a luxurious design.

long blank designed by de Brouwer binnenwerk

on our page, you can find many ideas on how to decorate a modern home or how to decorate a home in a modern or classical style. You can also see different furniture choices and the correct location for your central table, your bed worthy of magazines, and your input to make a first impression is the most important.

the modern bedroom

designed by de Brouwer binnenwerk will also provide you with inspiration to make your living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom always conform to your personal style. Today, we have collected pictures from families and designer ideas so that you can find the best way to reproduce the appearance of luxury houses.

is a very extensive CAS, which is designed by 08023 architectural and design concepts.

before considering how to decorate the house, he believes that this is the factor that defines its internal style. Is it your love of antiques, your love of chaos, your preference for leisure and entertainment, or your preference for all complex things?

apartments are designed by Aleksandra Fedorova Burea

, and the living room and dining room are located in the same space. This year we will discuss modern colors. In 2016, several trends will determine the color scheme. Champagne, platinum, copper, tin, bronze, chromium, gold. Almost everyone has something in common is metal, and they are adding a bright appearance to this year’s style.

salon and very comfortable sofa design. Alexander zhdekov’s

is no longer a simple wall and no decoration. If not, we will try to find all these colors to enrich our space. The designer’s suggestion is to add a bright accent to your design. You can get inspiration from the luster of gold bars, draw a metal roof, or decorate door or window frames with gold.

kitchen and restaurant are integrated, designed by allardsdesign

. Don’t forget the deep and saturated colors, such as ochre, blood red, saffron, cognac and coal. White and its different color tones will also affect your dining experience.They are one of the modern trends this year. The classic design of the


salon is designed by Amber Road. The


, ,


are the best decoration types. You can choose everything that doesn’t exist, which is a very private color. You can choose what you like best, even if it’s not a trend.

lovely living room designed by ameneiros King HH architect

we are sure that you have fallen in love with an unfashionable pillow or lamp more than once. This is impossible, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it.

is the highlight of the living room designed by Andre kikoski architect

. In this world surrounded by social media, you can even indulge in furniture and design details, But we should not forget that decoration trends often occur almost as fast as clothing, but clothing may change faster than wallpaper.

bedrooms are well lit, and the LED strips

designed by Antonio associates are developing continuously. For example, this year they often use two-tone kitchen furniture. Choose a white or neutral top cabinet to get a clean feeling, and then challenge the bottom cabinet to play games with different wood tones and deeper colors, so that your kitchen will develop in two different directions.

white wide kitchen designed by audax architecture

another typical feature of this year is the use of outdoor fabrics indoors. Outdoor fabrics are increasingly difficult to distinguish from traditional indoor fabrics, many of which are very suitable for daily use in restaurants or to protect living room furniture.


wooden wall bedrooms are designed by awork. Studio

stainless steel appliances will be considered the best choice, and the color should be black or bright silver metal. Another thing is the large size tiles. It’s been a while since you forgot the small tiles, which are common in kitchens and bathrooms.

is a simple design of burnazzi feltrin architetti

Kitchen, living room or bedroom. Furniture with deep drawers is increasing to replace cabinets with small drawers. For the kitchen, there are even smart corner drawers and glass ceramics and sinks under the drawers.

modern furniture designed by Buro koray Duman

now let’s review our ideas and suggestions on how to decorate the house for inspiration.

very spacious lounge, designed by Camilo Rebelo and Susan Martins,

kitchen blue furniture, designed by casamanara,

lounge, with modular sofa, designed by Catlin stothers Architecture

apartment industrial retro design Chi torch interior design

country bedroom design by Chris Dyson architect

kitchen design simple clairoux

sofa Blue highlights in the living room designed by cloud studios

. The living room designed by Delos

has several mirrors on the wall, with a very original island kitchen and a high stool designed by dorrington Atcheson architect

DesignOr modern dragon art

restaurant decoration is very original, designed by Dubbeldam architecture design

living room sofa pendant designed by eggarat wongcharit

restaurant wooden table designed by ege and seta

living room gorgeous sofa designed by Elena sherbakova

house with large living room designed by Eric Miller architect

modern restaurant architecture designed by ezequielfarca and walls designed by

Cast 12

designed living room and kitchen of various materials, adopt geometric

designed open flat apartment, and Hao interior design

designed luxury restaurant

lounge vintage furniture designed by homepolish

narrow kitchen blank designed by Hyla architect

bright lounge designed by Jodie Cooper

house with very primitive architecture The black furniture of the restaurant designed by John Friedman and Alice kimm architects

is designed by Johnston architects

, the very elegant bedroom is designed by Krista watterworth

, and the furniture and walls are designed by kunik De morsier architects

how to decorate the house with a small restaurant an inspiring photo of comeor designed by Leandro Garcia

the color sofa stands out in this empty space designed by LLI design

The wooden coffee table in the bedroom designed by L. mccomber LT é e

has a very primitive shape. It is designed by Manuel Sequeira architecture

. The modern home designed by massarchitects

will integrate the kitchen and kitchen The restaurant in the apartment is designed by Mauro Soddu

kitchen with two black islands, designed by McClean. The kitchen

table is designed to decorate McClean’s bedroom

modern lounge and provide space for the design bar

carpets designed by McClean stand out in the living room designed by Amber Road

modern brick fireplace in the living room designed by boom town

dragon art designed this open plan apartment

bed with spectacular backup

salon with different design styles of wow architects and Warner yellow design

salon with gorgeous walls McMillan pazdan Smith building

carpet in the bathroom Mg2

sofa is very comfortable and easy to move in the living room designed by Mg2.

the blue bathroom with bright floor is designed by Mirag architecture. I manage

the narrow apartment is designed by mood works

other wood works designed

drawers as living room tables. Moriq interior designer and design consultant designed

black and white combinationIn this kitchen designed by mudrogelenko

, the bedroom and bathroom are combined into one, designed by nott design

. The bedroom design is simple and moderate, designed by ooox

. The white bathtub in the bathroom is designed by oox

lounge designed by Patrick Tighe architecture

bed back, extending to the bedroom ceiling designed by Patrick Tighe architecture

bedroom designed by pfuner

marble and mosaic bathroom Designed by pfuner

another bedroom designed by pfuner

kitchen designed by pivot

kitchen designed by Premier Stagers

living room designed by prototype design laboratory

bedroom with canopy bed, ramunas manikas designed

living room with fireplace, reinach Mendon ç a Arquitetos associated

kitchen, Robert Kerr architectural design

kitchen, black and white Designed by Robson architects

, the bedroom is designed by Roseland Wilson’s

black leather sofa, the living room is designed by roundabout studio

, and the kitchen and dining room are designed by roundabout studio

lounge is designed by Ruhl Walker architects

lounge is designed by Sau architecture studio

classic lounge is designed by the new design project

kitchen by Thomas Winwood Architecture & kontista CO

the house designed by wa country builders

the bedroom is designed by white interior design

the colorful restaurant

apartment designed by widawscy studio architecture is designed by Scandinavian design

bedroom blue wallpaper designed by pfuner

kitchen designed by Ruhl Walker architect

living room designed by Veronica Martin design studio

modern furniture in the old house

small living room designed by the new design project

bedroom designed by Veronica Martin design studio

luxury bathroom

designed by white interior design




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