How to quit smoking in a few days?

Smoking is one of the worst habits. Cigarettes are harmful not only to smokers, but also to people around them. As you know, Monday is a difficult day. Therefore, it is best to start quitting smoking on other days, such as weekends. We have prepared a list of cases. Through this list, you can get rid of the desire to smoke a cigarette and do something more useful. After 8 p.m. and shortly before going to bed, I quit cigarettes and the amount of nicotine in my body decreased. Therefore, many people have a strong desire to smoke. It is common for smokers to smoke even before breakfast, so their “no smoking from tomorrow” strategy often doesn’t work. If you only quit smoking and smoke an extreme cigarette before 8 p.m., it’s easier to quit new nicotine in the morning. Eat a light breakfast and prepare a light and beneficial breakfast As a drink, it is best to use tea or simple water. Breakfast includes bananas, chocolate or citrus. Eggplant, tomato and pepper will also be good. The vegetables listed in

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contain a small amount of nicotine, so they can alleviate withdrawal syndrome. I can have a glass of milk. After him, he didn’t want to smoke because the products would spoil the taste of tobacco products. Clean the apartment, do wet cleaning and ventilate the apartment. It’s easy to breathe in a room. If you smoke in the room and wash the tulle by hand, dark water will put you into a harmful effect. Put it in the smoking area – hide the lighter and wash the ashtray. Tidy up your appearance and take a bath or shower. Refresh yourself with essence scrub and shower gel After bathing, apply moisturizing cream to your body. Smokers’ skin is easy to dry. Once they give up harmful habits, their skin will become dry and then return to normal. Wash clothes and towels. They can absorb the smell of tobacco. Spend some time outdoors and take a walk in the park or forest. Green and fresh air help clean the lungs. In addition, the natural smell of aroma will distract people from thinking about cigarettes.

if you want to smoke, drink juice or ordinary water or chew gum. Wishes should be expressed asNot very common. If it’s warm outside, take an active rest – cycling, playing football, playing volleyball. Skiing in winter. When the muscles work, the traction on nicotine decreases In addition, an endorphin that is active in the body during smoking cessation, helps to relieve happiness. Often observe people in the crowd or in public transport. You’ll probably find out who smokes and who doesn’t. You probably don’t like the smell of smoke. Rest in the cafe and eat in the cafe. Choose a place where smoking is not allowed.

order a dish you’ve never tasted. You will find that your taste buds are new. Watching movies at night is often not easy for people who quit smoking. In the relaxed environment after a day’s work, the traction of cigarettes can awaken with new strength. Therefore, it is best to give the brain new food to deal with. Go to a movie or watch an interesting movie at home. Eat snacks, such as fresh fruit or popcorn. Summarize the day, analyze and record the feelings and thoughts of the past day. Remember, when you especially want to smoke, when you hardly have such a desire. Is no smoking day bad for you? Are you proud to have no cigarettes? Read notes the next day. Focus on the last thing you want to smoke. Reread your records and they will help you stay motivated. It’s not easy to quit smoking, but it’s true. Most importantly, don’t give up halfway and replace the desire to smoke with something more useful

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