How to refresh your home without using white

the obsession with white interiors continues. White not only provides the best background for displaying personal style, but also always looks fresh and modern, adding a simple and spacious feeling to any room. Pearl white can be seen almost everywhere, They are hard to get tired, and a pale paint job can be a cheap and easy way to repair a room or an entire house.

but goals don’t have to be boring or safe. Not only are there hundreds of tones, you can also use textures, shapes and layers to create different looks. There are several ways to paint the whole room, from the cool to the mat, and so on. Here, we show you how to achieve the right goal, whether you want to be completely immersed in it or just integrate this beautiful color into your internal design.

becomes all white

if you plan to create a completely consistent white appearance from floor to ceiling to furniture, you must add textures and shapes to prevent it from feeling too clinical. Use a mixture of different materials and layers to create depth. Natural textures such as flax, cotton and wool have their own unique colors and weights, which can complement each other.

sheepskin or plush carpets and mats can be used on floors or seats to add texture. A similar effect can be achieved by using white paint on unexpected surfaces, such as bricks, mechanical polishing, textured wallpaper, tinplate or flooring. Various shapes can also make things interesting, so add a curved furniture or an organic carpet shape.

do not conform to a single tone or finish, combining different white and matte or gloss finishes to obtain a three-dimensional appearance. Find an element to connect tones, such as a mat or a combination of two or more white illustrations, and point to multiple repetitions of each tone so that it doesn’t appear unexpected. If you use all kinds of white in a room, it’s best to make sure they are warm or cold.

can also use lights and shadows to create a sense of life and movement. The beauty of the white interior is that it highlights the interaction of light in the room and the natural characteristics of the building. Louvers or environmental isolators with filters are an economical way to play shadows.

use it as the basic shadow

if all white is not your style, you can still use white as the basis and make full use of the smallest tone feeling. This enables them to highlight colorful works of art and eye-catching furniture. However, before you paint the wall or floor white, you must decide which shadow is suitable for your room, depending on the feeling you are looking for, the furniture and floor you want to use, the size of the room, and the amount of natural and artificial light.

according to color experts, cold white will make the space look bigger. They work well in rooms with plenty of natural light, suitable for modern and minimalist furniture and colors, with similar cold tones. Warm white makes the room feel smaller, sunny and comfortable. They come in shades of brown, yellow or red, and are well combined with gold or red floors and cream or sand carpets.

white accent

may be rented and cannot be addedIt’s being painted now, or it has a darker palette that you want to illuminate with white additions. White and gray accessories and furniture will add a light and spacious feeling to the dark space. Try fixing your room with a white carpet, adding a light linen sofa, or bleaching an old table or bookshelf.

some simple things, such as creating a gallery wall with a white frame, adding a neutral chandelier, hanging white curtains, or adding some pale and textured cushions in the bedroom or living room, will also help. Another way to add pearlescent light is to make a function like a brick fireplace, or combine Ivory tones with natural surfaces such as marble tiles or stone tables. White decoration combined with dark wallpaper can also be effective.

white has ruled the inner world for a long time, for a reason. It can be said that this is one of the most common painting colors. It’s easy to get along with almost anything.

however, despite its adaptability, the choice of white paint is not as correct as it seems. The most common question about white is how do I choose white for my home?

determining the “goal” is only the first step. Deciding on the “right goal” is a completely different task. Once you see the white sample, it is obvious that this is not an easy choice.


targets can usually be divided into two groups; Warm white and cold white. In order to reduce your choice of white, your first decision should be which color (warm or cold) is best for your home.

cold targets

as a general rule, cold targets make the space look larger. Cold white works best in rooms with plenty of natural light, because cold colors tend to neutralize bright light. Cold white, sharp, clean and bright, are called “cold white” because they have black, gray or blue tones. Therefore, they are suitable for contemporary, minimalist or Scandinavian style. They go with dark grey floors, charcoal carpets and similar cool colors.

warm white

in contrast, warm white makes rooms feel smaller and more comfortable, making them the perfect choice for rooms that are not exposed to the sun. They come in shades of brown, yellow or red. If you want to give your room a sunny, comfortable and relaxed environment, they are a popular choice. Warm white is well combined with wood flooring, which also has red or gold tones.

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