How to Wear A Polo Shirt With Dress Pants

Believe that there will be trousers in the wardrobe of every mature man, do you often choose a shirt to match with it?

It’s not a bad combination, but on a hot summer day, it’s always dull and stuffy. It’s hard to look fashionable. In fact, you can try a POLO shirt and dress pants together, also quite decorative temperament, but also more to suit the seasonal characteristics.

The POLO shirt not only has the turn-down collar design of the shirt without losing composure and atmosphere, but also brings out the new in the choice of material and version design, with more casual effect. Therefore, it has no sense of concordant with the suit pants, which can not only highlight the elegant and handsome man, but also increase the charm.

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In fact, when men wear POLO shirts, there is no need to be too complicated. Using a few classic styles to match the style of western pants is outstanding enough to show handsome charm.

Although the POLO shirt continues the turn-down collar design of the shirt, in many cases people will not completely tie the neck button, but make it a V-neck both look, so that the sense of leisure greatly increased.

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But if you want to wear a polo shirt with a formal feel, you can also add gravitas by buttoning it up at the neck. Because the POLO shirt can switch between casual and formal, it’s easy to pair with suit pants, and the effect on the top is harmonious!

01. Choose The Right Type

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No matter when, when we are choosing collocation, we should first consider whether the version can effectively modify their figure. A lot of times it looks like just a little different on the version, but it can bring great difference to the upper body effect.

Often the slimmer POLO shirt and trousers will bring a bit of a dull feeling to the overall vision, if you are not a relatively thin and symmetrical figure, you must be wary of this version, to avoid wearing greasy feeling.

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The well-fitting POLO shirt as the top, and slightly loose sense but will not cause the loose effect of the dress pants matching is suitable for most people’s wear method, fitting the curve of the POLO shirt can be a good foil to the elegant temperament, slightly loose sense of trousers to ease the dull, more add a bit of leisure effect.

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In contrast, if the upper and lower outfit are used more loose version design can constitute a very casual effect collocation combination, but at this time should pay attention to although the choice of a looser jacket, but must not wear a loose feeling, at the same time to cooperate with a relatively strong material, will let the chic temperament to reach the peak.

02. Choose Different Designs For Combination

Although the combination of POLO shirt and trousers sounds quite simple, it is not only about the choice of style when matching. After all, the combination of different single products will also get different effects. We should choose the style and style suitable for ourselves.

A POLO shirt with a large neckline is more casual

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If you’re looking for a casual look, opt for a POLO shirt with a wide neckline. The collar of the longer button design can bring a sense of extension, although the use of solid color collocation, but can let the overall effect of the collocation looks more rich, to more casual.

A regular neckline goes with everything

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The conventional neckline, which can be used for both casual and formal occasions, is a design that men can easily pull off in most situations to look stylish and stylish.

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On the matching color of single article can undertake innovation likewise, if you feel pure color is a little drab, then cooperate with the design of hidden case to let administrative level feeling increase, at the same time do not affect whole harmony at all. Of course, POLO shirts are not suitable for too loud color schemes, so it’s best not to go for too bright and eye-catching when choosing, or the effect will backfire.

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And different trouser design is also different, some use straight tube design can make the legs look more straight and slender, and some use convergence design to add more fashion, at the same time has a strong effect of covering meat, which should be selected according to the actual needs of individuals.

A Variety Of Wearing Method With Heart

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Master the skills of choosing a single product, but also with the appropriate way to wear to make the upper body effect more colorful, in fact, POLO shirt and pants have a variety of wear can choose at will, can wear a good effect.

The easiest way to wear is directly overlapping, which is more suitable for single items with sports wind to highlight relaxed and casual. When having fold to wear, POLO unwrapped upper garment does not choose to the design of cultivating one’s morality, can give waist buttock place to bring manacle to feel otherwise, not only do not show Confucian elegant handsome, appear dull heavier instead.

How To Wear A Polo Shirt With Dress Pants 11

The high waist wearing method is one of the ways to highlight the gentleman’s grace, it is not only through the high waist line to lengthen the leg proportion, but also let the connection between the upper and lower clothes become more natural, the overall visual effect is more rigorous, easy to wear a man’s charm!

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The most advanced way is to make use of the inner lap to fold and wear. The POLO shirt is used to wear the V-neck effect, while the white T is folded and worn as the inner lap. The layers formed at the neckline not only make the whole person more magnificent, but also greatly improve the texture of the whole body matching, and the handsome value is even more double!

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Often seen as a “semi-formal” item, the POLO shirt can be worn with extreme solemnities while still looking chic and casual. Because of this, it can be a great combination with trousers, transforming a variety of styles and easily setting the trend!

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