How To Wear Green Cargo Pants – 15 Green Cargo Pants Outfits With Styling Ideas

In the fashion circle, Green Cargo Pants has a high rate of appearance. Men of any age will look handsome when they wear it. But many partners don’t know about overalls, and don’t know how to choose and match Cargo Pants. Today, I will discuss Cargo Pants with you.

Among the many pants, Cargo Pants is more eye-catching than other styles of pants in the current fashion circle. It has also become the mainstream trousers nowadays. Owning it is equivalent to owning fashion.

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Cargo Pants were the work clothes of mechanical workers in the early 20th century, and gradually evolved into a fashionable and popular daily wearable pants, which can be regarded as retro and trendy items. The most distinctive feature of work pants is the “pocket.” With more and obvious pockets, the most common color of work pants is green.

Although the overall style of Cargo Pants is more casual and youthful, they all look the same. But its version actually has its own merits in careful study, and different versions have different styles.

Green Cargo Pants Outfits For Men-How To Wear Green Cargo Pants

1. Cargo Pants version features

How To Wear Green Cargo Pants – 15 Green Cargo Pants Outfits With Styling Ideas 02

There are three versions of Cargo Pants, tapered feet, fitted version and loose version. Choose different versions according to your body shape and the style you want to create. Next, I will introduce you to these three versions.

① Fashionable tapered feet

The tapered foot is a wide top and a narrow version

The tapered foot is a wide top and a narrow version, which can well modify the lines of the hips. Because the line of the tapered foot is relatively straight, it can visually elongate the line of the leg, showing thinner and longer legs.

② Cargo Pants fit type

Cargo Pants fit type

There is no need to worry about matching the well-fitting overalls. No matter it is any top, it can be matched with a different feeling. It can be cool and professional. A well-fitted version also has a certain effect on modifying the shape of the legs, but relatively speaking, it is more suitable for men with good-looking legs, and a well-dressed boyfriend is full of power.

③ Cargo Pants loose version

Cargo Pants loose version

The loose-fitting type is a sense of sight for Japanese street fashion men in minutes. The loose version is also not easy for people to wear. The fatter men wear thinner, and the thinner men wear more lines. Men of any size can hold it, and it is the first choice for men who want to create a cool style.

2. Cargo Pants pocket changes

Pockets are the “soul” of Cargo Pants, so different pocket positions and shapes determine the intuitive feel of overalls.

① Pocket position is moderatePocket position is moderate

The pockets of work pants are generally more “protruding”, and the shape is generally three-dimensional. If the position of the pocket is too high, it will increase the swelling of the base of the thigh, making the thigh stronger. If the position is too low, there will be a feeling of falling, and the legs will appear short visually, which is not friendly to small partners who are not very tall.

② Choose the pocket shape according to the line of the leg

Choose the pocket shape according to the line of the leg

Friends with slender legs can choose any pockets, especially three-dimensional pockets. It can optimize your leg lines very well, making it more boyfriend. Male friends with thick legs can choose pockets that do not have such a strong sense of presence to avoid exposing shortcomings and showing thick legs.

3. Green Cargo Pants matching style

Green Cargo Pants matching style

In spring and summer, Green Cargo Pants can be used with T-shirts and shirts to show different charms. Men can wear these pants well, and there is no need to worry about fashionable spring and summer styles, but how we combine them is still very important.

① Green Cargo Pants + T-shirt

When using it with a T-shirt, first consider the overall tone. White and black are very versatile choices, coupled with simple and atmospheric styles, make the shape more atmospheric and fashionable.

Green Cargo Pants + T-shirt

The collocation of Green Cargo Pants and white T is very literary. A white T is also a must-have item in every small partner’s wardrobe. Whether it is paired with khaki green or army green overalls are particularly suitable, casual and trendy. It is suitable for dating or gathering with friends, simple and very style.

Bib overalls

How To Wear Green Cargo Pants – 15 Green Cargo Pants Outfits With Styling Ideas 10

The bib overalls look is more retro. If you want to create a different style for daily travel, you can choose this combination, which is full of eye-catching and returning head.

How To Wear Green Cargo Pants – 15 Green Cargo Pants Outfits With Styling Ideas 11

The matching of the same color is also unexpectedly suitable. But it should be noted that the upper body is best to choose a darker color relative to the pants, so that the overall look is more harmonious.

② Green Cargo Pants with shirt

Office workers are more suitable for the combination of overalls and shirts. The casual and fashionable style of the workplace will make you stand out among many male colleagues. Compared with the traditional shirts and trousers, this matching trend has increased by more than one level.

When matching a shirt, when the pants change little, the changeable style of the shirt will determine the overall effect. So how to combine will be very important at this time.

Cargo Pants with Tooling Shirts

Cargo Pants with Tooling Shirts

The combination of two tooling style single products has a strong sense of ruggedness. Adding a pair of leather boots can easily show the masculinity. But the style of work shirt should not be too complicated, otherwise the shape will appear messy.

Green Cargo Pants with shirt

In the white shirt, the pocket design with tooling style makes the style more casual. At this time, when paired with Green Cargo Pants, it looks perfect in terms of style and tone.

Green Cargo Pants with shirt

Green Cargo Pants paired with a short-sleeved shirt with a Cuban collar, the style looks literary and easy-going, a kind of street style collocation. With the embellishment of skateboard shoes and baseball caps, the whole is full of youthful trend. So put on this Green Cargo Pants, the styling can easily transform into a trendy man.


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