Ideas and suggestions for black painted walls in the living room

today, we show you some living rooms with black walls to inspire you to add this color to the most important room design in your home. Black is one of the most mysterious and mysterious colors of all colors. This is because blacks do attract people and do not ignore their power. On the one hand, this color is like a promise that everything will be fine and quiet. The walls of the

living room are painted black

. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that black is often related to death and mourning. Although black has many negative characteristics, in our world, this color has long become a symbol of wealth. The most luxurious suit is black.

reminds people of the famous cocoa Chanel Black Dress, which makes her famous all over the world. The most expensive car models are usually black. As you can see in our photos today, the interior decoration is decorated with a black palette, which is always fascinating and eye-catching.

black, lively, versatile and always fashionable, making any room in the home modern and attractive. It’s much easier to try black in a private room (such as a bathroom or bedroom), but the living room needs more work and confidence in your abilities.

this article shows more than 20 salons with gorgeous black decoration. In some rooms, only a simple black accent is displayed, while in others, black occupies most of the space. Some living rooms are spacious and open, while others are comfortable and small, but they all have dark colors and vivid bright accessories.

walls are painted black with gold details

black in the living room is the basic color

choosing black as the main color in the room is a quite bold choice. This design creates a powerful dramatic effect. The extensive use of black requires a certain amount of courage and a lot of taste. It’s hard not to draw a line between style and vulgarity. If you don’t like it, you can make the interior look like a dark place.

today we invite you to learn how to use this color and enjoy the depth, drama and genius it brings to the space. However, like dark blue and gray, they are also of great concern when it comes to interior design, and this tone needs to be used carefully. What color matches black naturally? Read on and you’ll find the answer.

black and dark gray

combined with dark gray. The combination of black and dark gray has a shadow closely related to black, creating a rich sense of hierarchy. This is a good way to break a black wall while maintaining a dramatic and dark appearance. The

wall of the living room is painted black, and the ceiling is high.

are combined with light colored wood. For a beautiful design, it uses gold and black wood to prevent it from looking simple. The combination of a clear wood texture such as birch and other black paint creates a timeless and contemporary look.

are decorated with metals such as brass. In order to soften dark colors, we can take advantage of the rich luster quality of metal products. Match with soft red. A popular combination is black and red.

the combination of black and red is one of the strongest colors in the spectrum. Black and red interiors are sexy, soThis combination looks better in the bedroom. Another idea is to add white or beige to make the room brighter immediately.

wall adopts the color concept of brick

, ,


. White and beige neutralize the power of black and red, so the interior is more harmonious and quiet. Turning metal into a modern living room, you can combine the black and gold of gold.

black and gold are our prestige related colors. Their combination in the living room gives people a sense of luxury. A black and gold hall usually looks gorgeous. To prevent this from happening, you can dilute the layout with beige or gray details.

if you are looking for a luxury combination, we recommend you use black and yellow. Yellow is the symbol of the sun and the warmest color in the spectrum. It undoubtedly softens the darkness of black, buffers its energy and increases the brightness of the interior.

this pair of colors also usually add white, gray and beige. Black and orange are a bright and energetic couple, which are more suitable for interior design and adopt modern style. There are two ways to use black in interior design as background or separate different spaces.

if the background and walls, floors or ceilings are dominated by black, black strengthens all other colors inside and forms a strong contrast. Therefore, in the living room, black walls will help to focus on important decorative details.

generally speaking, black painted walls can be found in spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows. In fact, the more spacious the room, the better the black on the wall.

but the black walls in the small room look elegant, provided that all other elements are selected according to the principle of contrast.

what finishes and materials do you choose? There are many ways to paint the wall black. You can simply decorate them with black decorative tiles, or decorate them with black natural stone.

equally interesting black wallpaper. Now we leave our ideas to you, using black painted walls to create a modern and elegant living room with successful design.

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