IKEA 2018 catalog – review of best ideas

again at that time of the year, we were thinking about Halloween or Christmas, and we waited until they came. But before these festivals, one interesting thing we can do is to look at IKEA’s new catalogue, just like the upcoming Christmas, which is the highlight of our design this year. IKEA’s 2018 catalogue emphasizes people, not products. The brand wants to inspire customers to go beyond the walls of their homes and create a comfortable space where they can enjoy the important things in life, whether it’s the family, Friends or nature and relaxation. If you want comfort and relaxation, this is what we can get. In our article today, we show you the best ideas for IKEA decoration and furniture. The idea of flowing in the personalized living space is exactly what we pursue. Therefore, with all due respect, the following is our favorite IKEA 2018 new product catalog.

IKEA 2018 catalog options for each room

innovative ideas for small rooms

if you have to design the room from scratch, you have a blank canvas in front of you. With IKEA’s concept, you can express your personality and show everything you love. Among the ideas we extracted from IKEA catalog today, you can see artistic decoration elements and convenient storage solutions for large and small rooms.

organize your workspace according to your needs and lifestyle. Install a table next to the window. You can hang curtains on it to create a sense of privacy, but also let light in. There are many ideas about chairs and high stools in the catalogue, which can keep you in a comfortable position. There are also desktop options where you can place all the necessary items and manually store the attachments required for your work.

IKEA 2018 catalogue creative storage of your items

use the colors in the apartment to divide the space

mark your personal space and public space with different colors. To do this, you can use multi-color cabinets.

the idea of ordering corridors

uses multicolor open cabinets of different heights to store scarves, hats and shoes. One strategy for creating attractive designs is to paint the dresser the same color as the cabinet. You can hang your bag and jacket on the hook and put what you want in the basket. Painted cork bracket is more fashionable and is an ideal choice for unforgettable items such as keys.

IKEA 2018 corridor creative catalogue

kitchen creative

inside and outside the paint cabinet. Leave a cabinet of ordinary items. The tools you use most often can be placed on open shelves or in cabinets with display cabinets.

order your bathroom

so that every family member knows where their things are. We recommend that you paint walls and pine boxes with waterproof paint to show who they belong to. Put the things on the dresser on the open shelf. Put the things you least often use or can keep in your bedroom in a box. Toilet paper can be put in an ordinary box.

many smart ideas to create a unique home style.

creating your own environment at home can be a challenge. But at IKEA, you can find many ways to give indoor uniqueness without overhaul, Because this usually means your extra costD. IKEA’s 2018

catalogue contains the idea of inviting family plants. How can

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provide you with a rest space?

do you want a space in your living room to relax from your tense daily life and forget to wait for your busy schedule? Use the furniture and details in IKEA catalogue to organize a place to relax and relax inspired by Zen style.

discrete simplicity is the best solution. Our suggestion is to paint the walls soft pink for easy viewing. You can also add some neutral tones and bright accents. The sense of connection with nature can be created by adding living plants and natural materials, such as various pine, birch plywood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood Etc.

IKEA 2018 catalogue, creatively creating a relaxed space

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leaving a light painted wall to create an indoor unit. The combination of open shelves will supplement the image. Use wall hanging in the corners of the room and above the windows. Combine your favorite elements to create a bright accent. Put away what you must take with you, but don’t put it in a conspicuous box.

to achieve greater harmony, use objects with the same color scheme and place books on the shelf according to the color. Thanks for the tranquility of nature. Indoor plants not only purify the air and make it full of oxygen, but also increase color, texture and depth. Near one of your Windows, you can put the hanging flower pot, the flower pot on the ground or the flower pot support on it.

flowering plants are beautiful, but it all depends on your preference. Create a comfortable atmosphere with the help of low-cost but fully functional furniture. A primitive, incredible armchair or rocking chair can replace a huge sofa. If you want to sit on the floor, you can use soft carpet and comfortable big pillow. Stools can also be used as tables.

creative restaurant

sharing a meal is an ideal time for people to really connect. It’s always a good idea to spend every day with your family, or prepare a meal for your friends, or a romantic dinner. It’s better in your favorite restaurant. Do you like city life? Many people, too, although it requires the sacrifice of space. That’s why IKEA has been considering original solutions to make the house visually more spacious.

if you dream of a high ceiling, try curtains. Hang the curtains as high as possible or hang them on the ceiling. Curtains cover the entire width of the window wall, creating the illusion of space. It’s easy!

IKEA 2018 restaurant selects

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directory is designed to provide you with soft fabrics and dimmable lighting design. It is easy to create a perfect place to enjoy each other’s company.

the daily dining room furniture is not necessarily very expensive. In the next photo, you can choose a restaurant with durable parts. These parts are not expensive and can make your face around your table smile every day.

everyone likes to organize a party that can be arbitrary or charming, Planned and prepared at the last moment or in advance. Anyway, if you share the kitchen and then share the fun, the pressure as a host will be reduced, and you can even share it by making dishes.

createA good environment for your food or dinner is to choose themes and palettes. You can choose any theme according to your character and style, the time of the year and the activity itself. We recommend that you choose a light palette and add a neutral white and sky blue shadow.

as the design basis table, select textiles. The tablecloth will protect the surface. Cover the table on the floor with a tablecloth. Then add a standard size tablecloth. Finally, you can add a table or tablecloth specially designed to be placed under a plate with contrasting colors.

the success of tableware depends on the decoration of the desktop. Starting with a large flat plate, we will prepare plates for main course and salad, plates for soup, bread and tableware for main course and dessert.

the kitchen is the heart of our family. This is where we cook, eat and make plans. No matter how small it is, it is a place we have been used to since childhood. So we also shared some ideas about IKEA kitchen catalogue.


islands are the favorite features of designers in recent years, which is more obvious if they have a large kitchen. But with a smart plan, it can be perfectly placed in a small house, there is no waste of space on the wall, there are storage rooms in all directions, and there are many countertops to store anything you choose.

IKEA provides us with affordable basic kitchen furniture. You can use these furniture to create impressive space at a price lower than you think. The key is to keep only the basic elements in the kitchen and add low-cost solutions such as driveways, open shelves and trolleys to create more workspace and natural personality.

we all want to use environmentally friendly products. To this end, IKEA provides kitchen furniture made of recycled wood.

if you have a closed balcony, using only one wall of the balcony can create space for things that are too large or dirty to be stored elsewhere. Vertical storage also provides enough space for food, cleaning supplies, recycling buckets and yoga equipment.

the freedom to create a dream kitchen is both exciting and a little nervous. Because you have to make many choices that seem easy at first sight, but that’s not the case. However, how to design a suitable kitchen with all the functions and details you want without worrying about measures and planning.

the idea of dividing space. For example, this chic industrial separator can also be used as a warehouse. You can put the pots and pans you need near the barbed wire fence.

a small kitchen seems to be a challenge not only in design, but also in use, especially for a serious chef, but it is entirely possible to contain everything you need in a narrow space. Having enough work space and sink area is the key to the design you see in the next photo.

if you have a small bedroom, choose a bed like the one we show in the next photo. So you can use the height of your room instead of the width, You can create storage space under the bed. The best way is to make full use of every inch of space.

can also be found in other furniture and accessories catalogsUse quilts and sheets to complete the style of the bedroom. Mattress is another important element, which we can also find in IKEA.

if you need epacio for your favorite clothes and accessories, you can find many choices in the new IKEA cafe, where you can find the perfect place for everything that makes you feel good. There is room for items in the bedroom behind closed doors or on well ventilated open shelves.

everything looks better in good lighting. So find the best way to customize storage area lighting in Catalogo to turn it into an ideal wardrobe.

you can also find some cost-effective updated ideas The color and comfort of the bathroom transform a pure functional space into a comfortable and relaxing place, adding a pleasant note.

the washing machine can’t be seen in a large container with a lid, but it won’t be forgotten. In order to hang the laundry, you can hang it perfectly in a practical system to dry and wet clothes. In a closed cabinet, you can keep the sheets and towels clean until you need them.





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