Impressive house in Guerrero, Mexico

today, we want to show you an impressive design created by Bernardi + peschard architecture.

impressive architectural design Bernardi + peschard building

architectural design starts from a central volume, which is larger than other volumes; Dialogue, segmentation and representation with surrounding space. It was built in the form of fragments, which turned into a series of independent pavilions and turned the complex into a beach villa. Throw away all the big houses around.

interior design adopts natural elements

in the 10 meter high natural palota wooden house, the restaurant is located in the living room, making you transition to semi private and private space. The foreground of this element is a private beach along the Pacific coast. The design concept of this area is what is the public area, the center of the house, because it is close to the sea, and it has perfect height and size.

restaurant lounge, high ceiling

adjacent to other spaces, these spaces are covered by rock and stone mixed with wood elements and palm trees, which produce a dialogue between local natural materials and give the space a sense of warmth and shelter.

excellent neutral tone appearance design

designers use as natural finishing materials as possible. Concrete pouring is made by mixing different types of on-site sand. Therefore, the project is engaged in dialogue not only between elements, but also in the undeniable context of forest vegetation and beaches with coastline contours.

the carefully designed wooden guest room

has a strong palette of organic materials, which makes the spirit of the house inseparable from the natural environment. As we have already said, architects even use local sand mixtures to make concrete poured in buildings. The warm home emanating from the interior design is the interweaving between the palette of natural materials, light fabrics, contemporary furniture, art works of decorating houses, and of course, the magnificent natural elements that constitute the surrounding houses.

great big bedroom design

palota wood, stone building, polished cement floor and palm tree covering are mixed together to create a truly attractive and comfortable whole. Due to the choice of materials and traditional surface treatment, a large number of rolls have incredible cross ventilation capacity and are looking for warmth. Comfortable furniture, caramel and white palette under the light evoke a feeling of relaxation, almost a feeling of spa.

impressive home design is located in

in Guerrero, Mexico, but even so, no matter how closely it is related to your spirit of peace and romance, the space around the house is modern and functional. Exquisite furniture with light and elegant structure, modern art works with soft texture and interesting forms of lamps, buildings and furniture constitute an atmosphere of harmonious dialogue between tradition and modernity.

impressive indoor high ceiling natural Madeira

living room design, wooden ceiling

original bathroom design, wooden furniture

original entrance road design

Original design of


E living room dining room with large table

impressive entrance design

design: Bernardi + cfsshard architecture

Photography: Rafael Gamos

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