Impressive niche decoration in style and contrast

is a perfect split space in decorative screens and similar structures. A trend that is necessary when it comes to the environment, such as research. Biombos allows greater privacy.

decorative screens separate modern spaces.

help to separate environments, such as beds and other parts of the living room. Unlike previous years, screen decoration and style focus on open spaces. In many designs, walls or partitions have been abandoned. Its purpose is only to give housing a more open and interrelated image.

wooden screen decoration has a warm and comfortable effect in the

lounge, which is different from the traditional screen partition solution. They are not an isolated element of our home. As an important decorative point, it can be seen from a variety of styles. Start with simple colors, Oriental or printed. Even the idea of recycling can be handled according to the type of living room.

modern model, white glass background with geometric finish and contrast

can be used in modern metal decorative space. Materials like wood also look spectacular. For a while, biombos can put family photos. They look like a framework and will attract a lot of attention. They can perfect any space. The living room, bedroom and even kitchen can be different according to their own style.

the blank finish in this example contrasts with the darker wall

, which can be said to be one of the most common things we can use to divide space. As a portable and mobile device, it is far superior to other devices. On the contrary, if we don’t want to separate any area, it looks like a perfect header. It’s like creating a decorative makeshift dresser. The style of biombos allows experiments to be carried out in a variety of ways.

dynamic and interesting design based on grid frame circle

puts classic design in modern interior, and vice versa. There are many options for analyzing modern biological communities. There are several examples of patterned models in the photo. This kind of screen is very popular in decoration. The pattern contains diamonds or other geometry. This makes them interesting for floors in urban environments. Similarly, these shapes can bring vitality and young air to the room.

is a beautiful wooden model, which is very suitable for the retro space with fresh and bright colors.

color screen is another screen model that provides different air for the living room. This modern and interesting touch can make it stand out in furniture. Besides wood, there is also metal. The metallization model includes many shapes. Wire or copper provides an incredible finish. Due to the great flexibility of materials, the forms are more abundant. It is important to emphasize its reflective ability.

natural fiber is another material that can be used to design

. If you have a small apartment with insufficient light, please consider including one of them. The same recycling art also appears in the design of biombos. Recycled materials such as cardboard or pallets are an example. More classic tailoring is decorated with a variety of fabrics. The fabric brings a very interesting charm and is not outdated at all. The visual appeal of the smooth variant is due to lacquerwareOr some combination.

is a traditional biomarker design, which uses wood and various flower shapes

. If we want to compare some colors, we may be interested. The changes of biomarkers with national patterns are special. Zebras, races and branches are the most needed natural environment. The combination of surrealism and organic design can turn a simple model into something original. In many models, photos can be resized and placed on biomarkers.

restaurant decorated with biombo is based on the Victorian scene frame. The setting methods of biombos and lights decorated with

are different lighting methods. Illuminated niches enhance the decoration, making the lighting in the niches flawless. In addition, you can choose to implement two functions, namely light and bio. We cannot fail to mention the wooden and translucent cellulose models made in Japan.

is a beautiful detail for any unattractive corner of the

salon. Straight lines are mainly accompanied by rectangular quadrants. A shape full of tranquility. Ideal Zen decoration. The way they filter light creates a very delicate intimate space. If you have many choices, you can start by enjoying the choices of various styles.

is another white variant with various simple shapes, which is similar to the interesting idea of bubble

. The crystal mosaic based on black-and-white geometry

undoubtedly makes the biombo look more elegant and beautiful Inspiring

accessories can be compared with the colors of bio in many ways.

built-in low bracket is the best solution for accessories or photos.

creative way to show family photos The unique frame is very attractive. The light tone wood design of


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has an Asian influence on the shape and style.


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no matter what the style, we will find the perfect model for decorating the white variants of


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Playing with all kinds of accessories and textiles in this small living room

Victorian living room environment is the perfect excuse to use this elegant bio

If we want to keep the best ventilation, this is the best solution at home

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