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we will dedicate this article to wine. Generally speaking, Because this is a major drink, when it comes to dinner and dinner, we will talk more specifically about wine furniture, which we can use to preserve it, and always have a suitable wine at home to serve our guests and friends.

wine furniture is suitable for modern interior design. The style is

before storing our wine, we need to consider how to store and maintain: if it is white wine, we must supply cold, pink, fresh and red wine at room temperature. With this in mind, we can start with the wine furniture we provide. “G

and “GKD SPE” are the original furniture of your house, if you like the style of “modern SPS”, “GKD SPE”, “GKD SPE”, “GKD SPE”, “GKD SPE” and “modern SPS”, “GKD SPE” are very suitable for your house. This is a small room with round holes and bottles inserted. These bottles can be placed in the front or back, so you can get a very interesting color combination. You can also insert some plants or leaves into these holes, which will change the color.

wooden wine cellar in our living room

your furniture can also be the type of wine library. These furniture are ideal for wine lovers. You can choose such furniture, and put the bottles on such furniture so that they can lie down, or you can choose a furniture like the previous one. On this furniture, the bottles can also lie down, but we can see them protruding from the round hole.

wine furniture with very modern circular grooves for 081 architects Ø and Teresa Sapey ²

another very original idea of modern interior design is the design of designer 081 architects, Teresa Sapey on the left and right. Set aside a specially designed space for your living room or kitchen on the left. On the other hand, the design on the right is very suitable for your kitchen. Circular grooves will bring fashion and elegance to the interior. The ceiling of

wine cellar can be removed from Beckwith interiors. Beckwith interiors, the designer of

, put forward a really impressive and original idea. This is an interior, the floor is glass, through which you can see your cellar downstairs. This is a kind of thing that makes people feel a little afraid of height at the same time. The bottle designed for the bottle can be another color, or it can have a built-in neon light to illuminate your floor. On the contrary, on the top floor, you can do things like office or office.

is a very modern and original transparent roof, which is used for indoor

. Similar ideas may be Anthony kalanbet’s. We have another glass floor, but this time it’s only part of the floor. Under this glass, you can see your wine cabinet and wine cabinet. You can leave this part of the glass in your kitchen or corridor.

glass furniture, used to store our wine, can be used as a partition wall

. In addition, wine furniture designed for the interior of the family can also be glass furniture, which you can place on a small partition wall, Between the living room and the dining room. So the bottle is at your fingertips. However, we recommend that you use these furniture for red wine, as they must be supplied at room temperature.


are passiveThe walls are filled with

wine bottles. For white or pink wine, you can choose metal wine furniture similar to shelves and put it on the corridor. The corridor is usually one of the freshest spaces in the house, which is why it is suitable for this wine. This kind of furniture can occupy the whole wall of your corridor, depending on your enthusiasm for this drink.

is a very modern piece of furniture for storing our wine

. However, now you just need to choose the design of the furniture and where you will place the furniture. In addition to being made of glass, furniture can also have a shelf at the bottom. You can put something on it for decoration.

is a place reserved for

wine in our family. Wine furniture can also be separated from other rooms in a separate place and reserved for them. Its design can be as follows: one of the walls can be curved glass, and the door can also be glass. In this way, every time you pass this compartment, you will see your wine.

is a very original furniture. You want to enjoy the luxurious

wooden wine cellar in the kitchen. The interior design is

wooden wine cellar, leaving a place to taste

round wood furniture Our

bottle and glass furniture

is a practical original furniture for storing wine at home.

is a furniture with circular grooves for storing


plateau juice original wine shelf with square space for storing wine bottles

plateau juice original wine shelf with small gap for placing wine furniture designed at the bottom of wine bottles


stairs to practical wine bottle merchants, they are made of steel cylinders and used to store wine bottles.

furniture. We design

more traditional furniture

in modern places for our kitchen




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