Interesting ideas in the design of several European cafes

public spaces often have very amazing ideas. We have some special situations for you today. A group of cafes, with their unique and fresh image, has proved to be very encouraging. We can even get some suggestions from them to decorate the interior space. With these carefully designed ideas, our kitchen, lounge and open space solutions will be perfect. Other details of decorative materials can also be adjusted according to the terrace. In short, a small number of these ideas will make a great leap in our indoor and outdoor style.

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we start with the modern cafes we can enjoy in Europe. What we see is not only a cafe, but a harmonious space specially designed for meetings and absolute silence. This example is from Mimosa architekti and modulora, which is located in Prague. The effect of black chandelier is very bright. The perforated panel enhances this contrast with its white finish. Other parts of the whole Cafe structure are connected together by grills.

another of these ideas is the work of Paulina zulak design studio and ideograph. This is a very bright coffee with a modern flavor. Named c-corner is a real gem in the Polish city of Gdynia. The first thing to notice is the cover selected for the wall. It’s nothing more than 2740 cups of tea made from pottery. Its white space completes the brightness of the space.

creative idea of bright and modern environment

also comes from Poland. This is a beautiful example. As soon as we see it, we know that it is family centered. Design consists of 28 forms, as we mentioned, child and family centered style and interior design. Lighting is a priority and can be seen in different sizes. Blackboard paint is another excellent finish for space walls. They joined the children’s games and fun. In order to give full play to their creativity, there is little space for painting and art. If you want to relax at home, it’s the perfect cafeteria.

cup 9 shows other ideas applied to cafes at that time. Normless architecture studio reinvigorated the cafe in tricara, Greece. This is a simple but shocking design. Hexagonal shape is the best, which is perfectly combined with wood. All these color and texture transitions are done in a very special way. Its design is very exciting and invites you to use both the interior and exterior space of the restaurant.

similar ideas of using hexagon can be seen in a very comfortable and interesting cafe in London. Here is our example, which was created by Anna foster Adams. In addition to the hexagon, there is a unique name called curator cafe. Wood is an integral part of a complex space. In addition, there is a charming palette to complete the modern image of this beautiful cafe.


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are very common. Many space design ideas are based on TV dramas and TV programs. Inspired by the popular TV program “the destroyer”, the Istanbul miracle designed by Dennis corsan will also leave us good travel memories.


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