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today, we have prepared some very original interior decoration creative photos for you to be inspired. If you are a lover of interior design and decoration, from last year’s interior photos and pictures, you can see that you have not experienced any obvious changes or trends in the design of apartments, houses and houses.

interior decoration is suitable for classical design lovers

. Firstly, in modern design style projects, the profit margin is quite vague. What we want is that no one has the same style, which depends on everyone’s taste. Although we decide to choose contemporary design, this does not mean that we can’t add any decorative art elements, whether classical or modern.

interior decoration modern design apartment

style interpretation largely depends on personal taste. Many times, style tendencies are used only as accents and separate elements. We are talking about space, design can be modern, but old-fashioned decoration, for example.

is a very original restaurant and kitchen choice, located in a narrow space.

interior decoration also depends on your personal taste. You can choose details other than furniture style, but if they look beautiful. In recent years, designers are increasingly pursuing the creation of functional space. It is more and more popular for Sam · KD to have “SPS” and “GKD” bookshelves in the living room and “SPE” and “GKD” in the living room, regardless of whether the living room has “SPS” or “SPS” or “GKD” bookshelves on the wall, Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, all the planning ideas and decisions we have to make are for a single goal, even if the room is as comfortable as possible.

is another bookshelf option designed by baranqueta wall

another very modern thing in recent years is the combination of multiple functional areas in one space. Interior Designer They have a difficult task to create different areas in one space while maintaining the unity of each area of the room.

restaurant is equipped with classical wooden tables and chairs

. We hope you can see it after reading our tips and viewing these photos The decisions and plans made by designers can give you a better understanding of interior design trends in the new year.

is a lounge with modern refuge design – internal architecture

any of these projects may help you realize the advantages of your own home and beautiful internal environment, which only need appropriate furniture and decoration.

is an inspiring architectural design of Gisele Taranto. It has very original lamps and lanterns, which has attracted the attention of

. Please remember that if you think you can’t complete the design and planning project, you only need appropriate ideas and suggestions to save the designer’s expenses professional.

living room and dining room are combined with walls and wooden floors

. This is the best choice for those who are willing to design, choose furniture and decorate their own houses, and hope to be as close to the professional results as possible.

white furniture and island wooden kitchen

modern interior design concept from the latest to the latestThe foundation of the year is the precise application of elements that divide space into different regions.

is a kitchen design that uses more wooden refuge furniture – architecture d’intire Ø

even if you are designing separate rooms, it is best to combine them to systematize the house design without undermining the unity of space.

is a restaurant with spectacular post architectural design

. As we can see in most projects, the planning and design of corridors and outdoor spaces, such as terraces and balconies, make it not feel like different parts of the house This is because efforts are being made to increase the effective area of families.

modern white and beige lounge with metal details

in recent years, the corridor has begun to become more and more like a hall or room. After this area, we found an open floor plan with access to the kitchen, dining room and lounge. In order to limit each area, interior designers use decorative items.

some vintage suitcases and floors to decorate the restaurant, and provide a design folder for the restaurant

to use open graphic design to divide the space into houses or apartments, you can use a strange element in the design project. It is important to organize the space according to the overall style and color of different areas.

interior decoration the modern bedroom designed by designfolder

has been separated by layered space for many years. For example, you can create your kitchen on a plaster or wood platform. With a capricious decoration, you can enjoy a very bright interior. Through the panel, the living room is separated from the kitchen.

the king bed and the original wooden back of the bedroom are designed by Ryan Lai architects

, although in many of our designs today, the zoning element of the room seems to be almost nonexistent. On the contrary, if you look closely, you can easily imagine, Where are the traditional boundaries of these areas.

apartment with white and gray open plan layout designed by designfolder

. In addition to the elevation, you can also use columns or beams on the roof (if any). Through these solutions, the room will be visually divided into two or more parts.

is the minimalist design salon of M3 architecture and construction group

, but we must be careful, because sometimes what looks like an integral part of a luxury interior is not in fact in our imagination. Unfortunately, we are often forced to live in houses with so little space that we can hardly accommodate a sofa and a coffee table.

is a contemporary space designed by Ryan Lai architects

. However, on our page, if you need more storage space, we have many ideas, please feel free to check. If you don’t know how to put several rooms in one functional area, we suggest you put them in two functional areas.

kitchen is designed by post architecture with gray furniture and island with white countertop

if you live in a house with different rooms, sliding doors are one of the latest trends in interior design last year. We can even say that they are successful in the field of interior design.

is a modern residence with wooden walls and white furnitureThe operating systems designed by Robert mashke architects

are so popular because they allow you to separate the kitchen and living room when closed, but the two rooms are still the same place when opened.

very attractive living room furniture designed by Igor Petrenko

separates the kitchen from the dining room or living room. You can use a bar or island. This partition method is universal and can solve many problems. With a bar or an island, you will establish a very clear difference between the two functional areas.

is the modern design of Lachlan shepherd architects. It uses the spatial structure of

. One of the most reasonable designs is that only one shelf can be opened. The shelf is decorated, but it matches the furniture. Textiles are widely used not only to bring comfort to the room, but also to inject vitality into the space.

cabinets with yellow doors and mosaic panels stand out in this kitchen designed by pominchuk architects

. In recent years, residential and apartment designs have adopted light green, sky blue, saturated blue, crimson and purple. Yes, of course! Without beige and brown, the interior would be incomplete.

is a restaurant concept designed by puddle, which uses very primitive wooden furniture

light brown or soft cream color, usually combined with different black and white tones. Bright accents are common in dark rooms.

is a grey lounge with prominent armchairs designed by Sucra arquitetura + design

. On our page, you can find a variety of modern design spaces that can stimulate your imagination and create beautiful interior design and decoration.

is a modern residence designed by ITN architects

. We provide you with the main trends in the modern interior design concept of single room or multi room. We also help you choose materials for floors, ceilings and interior furniture.

the kitchen and restaurant are integrated and designed by struere

. In short, to be elegant, interior design must follow the following principles: comfort, efficiency, simplicity and the use of high-quality materials.

a very original housing design renovation

you will see that by eliminating useless decoration, your interior will become a more useful and powerful place. But every element you choose, because the inside should not only be beautiful, but also beautiful.

classical and modern lounge with a very large mirror above the fireplace

in addition to comfort, all furniture should be attractive. We are talking about color, texture and shape. Especially for small houses and apartments, fully functional and comfortable furniture is very important.

is the choice of a vibrant color lover

now let’s review all our interior design and decoration concepts today. For more ideas, visit the interior design section, where you can find the best ideas and tips on how to create a comfortable and comfortable design.

living room adopts modern black-and-white style design

house designed by Matt fajkus architecture

modern gray and white living room, designed by knock architecture and design


classic restaurant designed by Pinheiro Martinez arquitetura

modern household furniture designed by Pinheiro Martinez arquitetura

modern bright living room with full design inspiration

“A living room with luxurious furniture and inspiring design

interior decoration a small living room with country fireplace, sofa and vibrant color details

a modern small living room designed by Alexey gulesha

“A high ceiling living room and classic style design

1 shelter – Interior Architecture









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