Interior decoration creativity of student Hotel

if you are looking for a unique space to make your stay full of modern flavor, you can choose the student hotel. It is a truly unique space in interior decoration concept and design. In addition to short-term or long-term accommodation, this hotel also provides conference services or a drink in your bar.

interior decoration concept and modern suggestions

is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This miracle of interior decoration concept and design is the work of salafopoulos architects and CIE architects. On the other hand, Statt is responsible for the interior of the space. The hotel is located in an old post office near the city square. The interior decoration concept of

is used in the lobby of this beautiful hotel

. Its tallest tower is divided into three parts. The first level is devoted to common areas. The intermediate level provides accommodation for students. Leave the superior to the other guests of the hotel. In the interior decoration concept and all spaces of the whole design, bright colors are the first impression.

the vivid combination of colors is one of the special attributes of the whole design.

is exactly what they can say to welcome everyone tourist. As we can see in many images, dark tones are distributed throughout the interior. The lobby of the student hotel is the perfect embodiment of this energy. In this area, the choice of modern furniture is supplemented by blue carpets and various yellow accents.

the yellow of the reception desk is also distributed in many details,

these details are visible progress within the hotel. Among all these interior decoration concepts, the bright yellow reception is prominent. This makes it a perfect reference point. Behind the restaurant and bar is the same brightly colored line. Based on these tonal furniture, it is full of style with yellow lights.

the same color line follows the design of bars and restaurants, with vivid colors.

all wasted colors reach the ground in the same way. A part of the bar that can’t be ignored. The interior decoration concept and overall style even extend to the gym. A good place for guests to have everything they need. Machines, balls or ropes ensure perfect training.

flooring is one of the impressive attractions of the entire open area of the

bar. If you want to share with your friends in a more relaxed environment, there is another very practical choice. This is a very lively game room with billiards table and table tennis table. As natural light enters this space, the whole room has unique lighting. One possible appearance is due to the large windows from floor to ceiling. The

gym area is equipped with all the equipment required for training at the

hotel. The student hotel is provided by sarafopoulos architects and Architekten CIE and will not ignore the work area. So it includes a studio. Another incredible area for students to do any homework. Best of all, no matter what the project is, it can be completed in a different environment from the library. The whole design of

maintains an open line connecting the whole gym space.

another conference room makes this interior decoration concept and the whole design becomeHarmonious and charming. With several rows of seats, you can participate in any speech or conference in modern space. Here, natural light is also fully utilized. As a great aesthetic detail of the whole wall, I must emphasize a beautiful mural and decorate it with great charm.

the game room close to the gym is another special offer for friends to enjoy all the bright color ranges of

and even to the laundry. This service can be used by long-term or short-term guests. The difference is that it can be cleaned in different environments. Why not have fun. Make full use of the charm and visual effect of color, and integrate the interior decoration concept and style into the room with visual illusion.

powerful workspace, including furniture and various book areas

a black-and-white contrast space, which can be used for meetings or work of any project. If necessary, this is a website suitable for demonstration. Another very special aesthetic aspect is the furniture in the room. He chose a combination of modern furniture and other medieval furniture.

auditorium integrates modern design elements with impressive yellow accent and very comfortable design

. Chandeliers, geometric textiles are some relaxing and comfortable room solutions. The style of the bathroom, like the huge black tiles, complements the aesthetics of the whole modern room.

laundry area can meet all your comfort needs when washing clothes in the

hotel. Another amazing space has amazing floors and walls with remarkable geometric effects.

room style has visual impact and is very warm Lovely

small function workspace with retro style furniture

light gray floor is very suitable to highlight every color detail on new furniture and white furniture

In a harmonious bathroom, the elegant

room furniture meets all storage needs.

white walls are the best background for each decorative detail color

Perfect combination of yellow lamps and modern space furniture

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