Interior decoration design trend in 2017

although we seemed to celebrate the new year yesterday, it will end in less than a month, which reminds us of the new trend of modern interior decoration and design in 2017.

2017 modern interior decoration trend

forecasters and trend designers have been thinking about 2017. There are many predictions about the trend of modern interior design in the coming year. Interior color matching creativity

if you are decorating or building a new house, this article can help you choose the details that should be included and things to avoid in 2017.

colored carpet back to the

lounge. After seeing everything the design industry has provided us in 2016, we will share with you some elements and trend choices that will appear in the coming months. We will start with warm materials, such as clay tiles, which will replace the current modern white tone.

is another carpet choice for the spacious living room

we are used to seeing them as tiles for the Garden Road, but the clay boards you see in our photos today are different because they have a natural matte finish and will be used as floors and walls Features in bathroom and lounge or chimney lining.

is the last carpet choice for indoor

. Although we know that many people’s clay tiles are too simple and maintain matte finish, this trend can add personality and warmth to modern interior. Surprisingly, corks are back to modern times.

2017 modern bedroom with dark green velvet headboard and gold bedside table

cork is not only a fashionable material choice to add warmth and texture to the indoor space, but also an ideal choice to absorb noise, It’s a good idea for an open graphic design house. We can use it to decorate the wall, or we can choose some stool or cork details.

another headboard design with attractive white and blue patterns

. In 2016, green was the trend of fashion clothing, but it is expected to appear in furniture in 2017. Dark green shadows will replace blue.

marble is another element that cannot be missed in modern underwear

. Green is the trend of fashion clothing in 2016, but it is expected to appear in furniture in 2017. Dark green shadows will replace blue.

the idea of how to add marble to the modern kitchen in 2017

it seems that the color scheme combining etheric tone and dark green is suitable not only for the bedroom, but also for every room in the home.

pictures with phrases or similar phrases will also be the trend in 2017.

dark green can be used as the paint color of bedroom walls, as well as brown details and decorations, brass lights and back scenes of plants.

is a bedside table option where you can type the very original phrase

. If you are considering redesigning your bedroom, it is important to know that decorating bedside tables will become a trend in 2017. Bedding will change dramatically in 2017, thanks to their padded headboard.They will replace the wooden frames that currently dominate the market.

gold metal details are another modern trend in interior design in 2017.

in our photos today, you can find a variety of modern headboard options. We suggest you choose classic button or velvet headboard in neutral tone, which is an easy way to upgrade and add instant charm to the bedroom.

geometric mirrors and golden frames

due to its attractive decorative furniture, the natural texture is usually very modern, Furniture with crystal painted doors with wallpaper or patterns will be modern because it seeks greater visual appeal by adding eye-catching furniture.

is not only gold details, but also copper details are expected to be very modern.

almost all experts agree It is agreed that copper and rose gold will be popular in 2017. Copper is always a beautiful part of design in some way. However, we must be careful not to saturate space with these elements. It just adds a little industrial aesthetics.

metal finish lamp options

warm metals such as copper, brass and rose gold have been a trend since the beginning of 2016 and continue to be popular in autumn / winter 2016, However, as we approach the summer of 2017, we will see a better change from this super polished appearance to more industrial aesthetic black steel and polished metal.

open graphic design will remain modern in 2017, and clay will be the best choice for

on the ground. Although marble will always be fashionable next year, it will replace mass-produced products, and we will soon see a sharp decline in people’s interest in marble. It’s time to change. When the new year begins, almost everyone will think so.

is the most popular open graphic design in recent years.

in 2017, we hope that fashion is natural and earthy texture, such as wood, clay and wicker.

copper bedside cabinet lamp creative a fashion material

after years of popularity, it is likely that next year’s works of art will not be so popular. Their positions will be occupied by tables with phrases and proverbs.

marble lounge table, two modern elements of gold feet. Next year,

plant gifts will be modern this year. They will follow the modern plants with large leaves, but will look for some plants that are easier to care for.

a dining table with marble countertops and bright golden feet.

living in an open graphic design house is very modern. This fashion will continue in 2016, but in 2017, the living space of modern families needs to be further defined because Consumers will seek more private home design. In such rooms, a common problem is the sound and smell of the kitchen.

copper chandeliers are ideal for restaurant

decorative art period wooden furniture, classical furniture and other retro style details, usually perfectly combined with contemporary materials or textures.

a detail that cannot be missed in the 2017 Modern Salon is the

auxiliary table, which reproduces the historical works of the middle of the 20th centuryAvia is a modern thing, and designers will continue to be inspired.

black and white cobalt alloy will always be fashionable

everyone wants their houses to be elegant and impressive, but they also want them to be livable and comfortable. Generally speaking, people are looking for more functional designs.

plants with very large green leaves will be the perfect details of modern interior design in 2017.

next year you should look for beautiful works integrating organic and modern. Everyone must be unique and different. There is only one carpet, and you can change the image of your room by adding traditional textures, Without changing the color and pattern,

is another plant choice for modern home decoration.

in 2017, we will continue to pursue furniture to become more and more suitable and create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere for interior decoration. Rectangle, soft texture and organic materials may be our choice to create a quiet and quiet environment, supplemented by warm colors and soft shapes.

is a combination of plants and paintings for modern interior decoration in 2017. Although many people do not want to accept the house

in 2017, we are experiencing a very significant change. In general life, it is becoming more and more common to know those who desire perfection or become a person who pursues perfection. Or the lifestyle of some celebrities, rather than looking for stronger and healthier models.

2017 popular furniture creativity with flower patterns

what we are here to say is that fashion also depends on celebrities, not only talking about hairstyle or makeup, but also interior decoration.

chandeliers match the luxury coffee table

. We now leave you a very original interior decoration concept and modern trend in 2017.

the idea of gold details and metal finishes decorates the bedroom

dark lounge, using Brown

very beautiful cork walls and 2017 modern interior decoration

a bright living room design with carpets and plants.

a living room with simple design and rich details will become the trend in 2017.

terracotta warriors and horses are modern elements in 2017.

are Decorate any room in the house with the original details of


, ,


, which can enrich the design of


, ,


. The metal details of


should not be missing in the modern space in 2017

bright living room, equipped with very beautiful clay

kitchen, equipped with copper panel and very original design

very modern spacious living room idea


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