Interior design – 34 great ideas this season

are you ready to view the latest interior design? Come in and have a look. The most advanced apartment opens the door and shows you the new things you should know. Don’t miss the journey to visit these wonderful pictures.

modern interior design style

eclectic is fashion. At first glance, these combinations are strange, but they bring some visual pleasure. In this photo, we can see the combination of cool color and vibrant furniture, all of which are charming modern retro style.

industrial style interior design

industrial type interior design is another trend we want to show you today. A large number of steel bars are used to cover the surface of the building, which is quite neutral and dark.

neutral color interior design

Bauhaus is a style inspired by functional beauty. Sometimes confused with minimalism, this style shows us geometry from other angles.

decoration and vibration tone

have some basic principles that are almost always applicable and implemented, even the most unusual concept of success. The first key principle is to divide the residential space into different functional areas. First, day and night. Secondly, the space for leisure and work must be separated. Public and private areas are the third division.

eclectic interior design

uses mobile environment separators, which are used to create dynamic spaces as needed. This will protect your private space when necessary, or provide more space when you need it.

living room decoration

leave enough space between different functional areas. This ensures a clear separation between them. The combination area must be clear. For example, day and night are not mixed areas.

Bauhaus interior design style

a basic principle of good space organization is to ensure sufficient storage space. However, it must also be distributed in a very smart way. Sometimes it’s best to focus on one or two large cabinets rather than many small shelves.

Bauhaus interior design

the basic principle of interior design is often ignored. Considering that the area we must live in is getting smaller and smaller, it is a waste. Corridors are used as additional storage space. In the corridor, a narrow dressing table is particularly recommended.

kitchen and restaurant industrial design

taking these tips into account, We can compare the gallery designs by observing them and choose between different decoration styles.

modern interior decoration

depends on the location of the house, its decoration and the owner of the house, As long as we can highlight its advantages, it can give full play to its maximum potential. The interior design of


adopts gray furniture. The combined decorative elements of


, ,


should be carefully selected to avoid environmental overload. If we have a lot of garbage, we recommend using neutral colors for decoration.

Chinese style salon design

“kdsim”G13 “

if we want to decorate a small bright room, there is nothing better than adding a warm color to emphasize it.

modern indoor wooden ceiling

loft apartments are particularly interesting in decoration because we usually want to make the most of the available space.

originated from modern interior design

sometimes we can achieve this by providing small, functional and most importantly simple components. Bright decoration is replaced by gray walls and rough woodwork.

industrial style apartment

this modern interior design also shows us the appearance of industrial style, especially on the walls and central brick columns.

” the appearance of this living room is completely different from the previous one. Here, we find some retro or old chic elements in the rural environment.

industrial style integrated interior design

return to industrial style. We have this loft apartment, decorated with rich gray colors.

modern style space decoration

this original color combination helps to illuminate the site and create a spacious feeling. ”

small living room compromise design

“The new development allows you to have the whole environment of a fireplace, but without the smell, pollution or inconvenience of a traditional firewood fireplace. In addition, the fireplace is re emerging as the focus of the living room rather than the dark blank on the TV screen.”

“Modern living room and kitchen design

this design is part of the white background. The decoration here is very diverse; we found that the Nordic style dining room furniture is combined with the beige Chesterfield sofa.”

modern style restaurant design

micro concrete can achieve excellent finish without describing the space as industrial space. In the above design, we can see that the concrete looks good in other decorative styles.

“Original modern living room decoration

It is fashionable to use outdoor fabrics indoors. Outdoor fabrics are increasingly difficult to distinguish from traditional indoor fabrics. Many families take them indoors, where their durability makes them very suitable for the high traffic volume of restaurant and living room furniture, as shown in the figure.

modern industrial salon design

cement and wood combine with some metal elements to form a very elegant and modern environment, which is one of the latest trends of this season.

living room and retro style furniture

“With so much time on the screen all day and all night, owners are looking for a quiet break where they can read, chat with friends and family, or just sit quietly. As a result, more and more living rooms are free of digital distraction.

living room design with velvet sofa

new textures and materials have been improved to show the latest ergonomics and comfort. In contrast, decoration and decorations seem to come out of grandma’s attic, which is true to some extent.

wooden furniture office


design presents straight lines and simple geometry. The main function of natural wood is to provide a warmth that can only be overcome by a fake fireplace decorating the wall.

modern interior industrial style

lighting is a very important factor in modern interior design. Today’s lighting is quite functional and intelligent, so we can seek professional advice on this topic.

living room design and decoration

the above image design is quite modern. A triangular living room has several partitions and dangerous shape elements, which is a very special design.

blue decoration

how to know when the decoration is insufficient and when the decoration is too much? Designers pay attention to scale, light, function and other aspects to achieve an appropriate balance.

beautiful living room decoration

carefully selected dark colors can be played for us. Don’t be afraid of black, gray and brown. They will be very popular in this season.

original modern interior design

contemporary designers mix wood and glass, and sometimes even create a whole piece of black matte metal.

beautiful Retro Design Salon

is traditional and fashionable, with nostalgic aftertaste, but it makes people feel that everything will be better. Looking for Georgian tapestries, antiques and tapestries. Tassels, lace and tassels soften the simplicity of modern interior decoration.

modern interior design

here, we can see the beautiful combination of soft beige and gray texture. This design seems to be very popular.

vintage velvet furniture

this texture and color can calm us down. In order to avoid the environment becoming too monotonous, we can complete it with some colorful taste details.

original interior design with gray walls

this Scandinavian line design presents a blue gray painted wall, This is one of the most influential tones in the past year.

baufritz’s original interior design

finally, let’s take a look at the interior of a modern design apartment dominated by natural wood.

indoor natural wood elements

is a comfortable apartment designed for residents, which seems to emit warmth and sunshine.

modern style children’s room design

functions are not less beautiful, and the wood always shows its most pleasant and soft appearance.

children’s room decoration

children’s room is an ideal space for dream, growth and safe and healthy learning.

natural wood interior design

alpenchic is a low consumption house located in the Bavarian town of poing near Munich, Germany. The modern Alpine house is inspired by Bauhaus style architecture and designed by baufritz.

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