Interior design of 1F and 2F living room

decoration and interior design complement each other in most cases. This is why when we want to create modern and elegant interior design, we must consider the design of our house. In this article, we will discuss large indoor restaurants in which decoration can create very fashionable and elegant places.

large modern restaurant

the interior design of the restaurant can be partition walls, or you can choose to avoid or remove walls. If there is a wall, even if it is small, you will create a living room with a separate dining room, but if you tear down the wall, you will create a complete place. In this way, you can increase the size of your small living room.

is the internal design of a large living room. It is very important to have

decoration in the living room and dining room, because it will define the specific style of the interior. In this way, if you pursue a modern style, you can choose to decorate the wall with painting, or you can make an interesting color combination. Furniture is also very important. For modern decoration, you must choose elegant furniture.

is a living room with a dining room for your home.

. Modern living rooms and dining rooms can also be decorated with wood. However, in order to avoid conflict with wood decoration, we recommend that you use it for door and window frames. In this way, they will not be overused and may leave a decorative accent inside.

the elegant lounge is equipped with a restaurant for the modern residence

. On the other hand, in order to decorate the modern restaurant lounge, you can also choose large windows to fill the room with sufficient light. In this way, the light will open the interior and highlight the decorative details, especially the color of the interior. In addition, you can add some small lights on the ceiling to complete the interior decoration.

is a very elegant and fashionable decoration in your home.

on the other hand, the most typical internal layout and organization of the restaurant is the imaginative division of the site. The Department will imagine that you have to do it where there may be walls. In this way, you can put the furniture of the dining room on one side and the furniture of the living room on the other side. Usually, the smaller half becomes the dining room, while the other part is equipped with elegant and modern furniture. Other moral details you can add can be paintings on the wall or decorative panels.

is a spacious living room with a

restaurant. You can also decorate the elegant restaurant with a combination of interesting colors. You can choose two or three colors for your interior, one of which must be the main color in the decoration. This color can be white because it is combined with all other colors. The second color you can choose can be a soft tone, which will support white, and the third color can be used to create an interior decorative accent. “SPE” and “GKD SPE” will not only create a modern style lounge with SPS, but also improve the interior decoration of SPE “SPE” and “GKD” with SPS, But you will also create places where you can change the decoration of your other The idea of three different color combinations can also be used for warm or cold tones. In this way, you can create a scope in your heart and define other rooms.

is a living room with restaurant and American kitchen to improve the modernization and style of the room.

on the other hand, if your living room with restaurant is larger than usual, you can place multiple tables. You can also build a living room with a dining room and kitchenette by removing the partition wall between the dining room and the kitchen. In this way, your living room will be larger. You can put another table in the kitchen to decorate it and increase creativity.

restaurant is decorated in black and white with accent of other colors

. Black and white are very suitable for indoor combination and decoration. You can use them as the background and make some decorative accents with another color to increase the contrast.

a living room with large windows adds light to the interior. The original and modern design of the

restaurant has a stone wall decorated with

, and the shape of the guest hall is more built-in It is appropriate to use the rectangular


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to decorate the wall with tables and lights on the dining table, so as to improve the modernity. Some huge windows of


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can increase the light in the restaurant. The design of


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The living room and dining room are equipped with fashionable and modern furniture

a black-and-white living room decoration, seeking to balance

a large living room, decorated with elegant furniture to improve the Modernity of indoor

is a light color based restaurant interior decoration

a small restaurant, which is very suitable for decorating the modern and elegant design


restaurant with floor and wall wood

sliding glass door of living room with dining room to improve the internal brightness. The comprehensive effect of

living room with dining room without partition wall

living room with dining room Decorated with large dome lights


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