Interior of small apartments with different themes

small apartments should not lack style. The interior of these four narrow spaces, as we will see in the picture below, has created a real contemporary living space. The white walls have light wood and art stickers. Dark and dangerous colors are combined with blackboard flooring and street lighting. The original modern interior design of

reduces the space.

mute tone is suitable for clear and clean lines. Large concrete slabs are softened by bright vinegar chestnut explosives. Whether you choose white and minimalist design, dark and changeable, elegant and Scandinavian or simple industry, a small space, with appropriate innovative buildings, can become a small shelter in any city. The original interior design of

comes from Dimo Dimitrov’s

dark and dreamy, which shows that white is not the only effective color in the chamber.

the original modern living room design

the living room starts with a wall composed of wood and charcoal furniture. A monochrome horizon is specified, A glass surface table mimics a door panel on one side.

minimalist kitchen design gray tone

on the other side of the wall is a smooth kitchen painted with charcoal and dark gray. The reflector of the bedroom window adds interest and expands the space. A central copper entrance is illuminated by LED lights and an open window.

kitchen cabinets are gray,

are facing the TV, and green appears on the right side of the dining chair. Plus a black round table and an impressive light steel grille, the circle occupies the place.

dark interior design with green prominent

a set of bookshelves form a desktop area to provide background. The dining room is covered by a wall separated by mirrors, which makes the room more spacious.

bedroom area with wood paneling and open bookshelves with LED lights

a set of inclined glass doors leading to the dining room and hiding the bedroom. Photo frames between shelves with LED lighting, comfortable appearance, modern and dark.

grey interior design, with green stripes of Dimo Dimitrov

, reminds people that the furniture of the restaurant is also thrown on the bedding, maintaining the same theme as the explosion of green tone. The original restaurant design of

is equipped with green chairs. The space of

looks very fresh and young despite the darkness. Full of shapes and textures, the design of this apartment is truly original and modern.

interior design by Alexander Lysak

this second apartment is located in St. Petersburg, Russia and is divided into two parts by wooden columns. The main space has a modern and inclusive environment in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

modern living room designed by Alexander Lysak,

living room displays its style with coal color and light gray walls, equipped with black sofa Futon. An interesting illustration of the explosion of turquoise appears on a chairThe glass frame solves the design of a modern table and lamp.

kitchen is designed by Alexander Lysak

wood panels, which continue to extend to the restaurant and kitchen area, only a few meters away. A modern chandelier hangs from a simple set of wooden chairs, while the kitchen continues to display wooden finishes. A thick piece of charcoal reflects the tone of the living room wall.

original aisle wall design with built-in lights

. The aisle is marked by a series of ox eye lights at different levels. A view of the living room shows a row of double wall bookshelves. Imitating its length, the kitchen wall is wrapped in a dark wood board, which shows all kinds of vases and vases.

guest room wardrobe design with mirror

is visible to the naked eye, showing a guest room wardrobe packed in wood. The mirror creates a feeling of expanding space, while the stool support provides a waiting place.

interior, with environmental separation columns and additional storage space

brain factory interior design

, the interior is only 45 square meters, which is a house in the historical area of pignetto in Rome, Its design takes white into account.

original brain factory interior design

symbolizes intimacy and hospitality, which not only reflects its historical location, but also reflects the modern environment, with white backbone and scattered living areas.

the living room design of the original brain factory

is surrounded by white and wood, and the high ceiling and large windows shine in the two spaces. The smallest element divides each living area, and a row of vegetation provides life between each living area.

original white interior design the minimalist style of

living room is characterized by minimal but eye-catching.

Scandinavian style restaurant furniture

is a simple linen sofa, with occasional light accessories covering the surface of the white box.

small modern interior design

breakfast table extends out of the white bench and cabinet to form another corridor space, and the sun adds warmth and vitality to a row of plants.

beautiful modern small bathroom design

bathroom exaggerates the contrast with wood through Beige tiles to deceive the eyes to obtain more space. The lights on the dresser flickered around the mirror, while a circular mirror hung on the oval sink looked like permanent dripping water.

ultra modern bathroom design

puts all the amenities aside, creating additional space and forming a corridor.

modern interior design of kdva architects

the final apartment we will show you is less than 40 square meters. A residential area in Moscow, including various amenities; Two wardrobes and a bathroom, shower, bedroom, kitchen, laundry and an officeNa and living room.

kdva architects’ original interior design

its industrial atmosphere permeates the living room and kitchen, driven by black currant sofa. Gray concrete and light wood provide a background for bright black benches and exhaust fans. The spacious windows illuminate the kitchen cabinets and integrate with the walls.

original kitchen design and kdva Island architect

a unique concrete column with a part of the guest wardrobe. On the right, a light gray curtain covers a small bedroom surrounded by glass.

original guest room design, glass wall

modern bathroom design, open shelf

hidden, bathroom mixed with plywood wall and concrete sink. Thin black door adds elegance,

original small bathroom design

is a simple accessory for shower and toilet, avoiding any trace of confusion.

kdva architect interior design

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