Interior stairs and creative mainstream bookstores

today, we provide you with some photos of indoor stairs and the idea of increasing the storage capacity of your home by making full use of the unused area under and next to the stairs.

the perfect idea of a small apartment under the indoor stairs

we all realize that one of the most prominent problems in recent years is the lack of housing for all, which forces us to live in smaller and smaller houses. The bookcase on the

wall and the indoor metal and wooden stairs are designed by the wild rabbit architect

. If you think of your childhood, some people may remember the spacious home of their grandparents or parents. But the reality of our lives today has nothing to do with our childhood memories.

bamboo and wood stairs jarmund / vigsn æ s as arkitekter MNAL

as the world seems more and more crowded, its growth only appears in a vertical rather than horizontal way, and it seems absolutely necessary to make the best use of available space.

is an interior design, including indoor stair frames for book and blank design. From atmos studio

, when it comes to modern residence and modern interior design, In recent years, designers and architects are making every effort to assure their clients that every inch of their land, whether large or small, has been used correctly.

the white staircase

designed by Marc Koehler architects may be one of the main reasons why many people began to look for the space under the stairs and the stair wall. The impressive storage space and shelves under the stairs are no exception.

white columns provide space for books and stairs designed by design + weld,

because owners are beginning to realize that none of these spaces can be used Waste will also impress bookshelves and stairs, as we showed you today.

indoor, with white bookshelves on the wall and wooden stairs designed by Drexler guinand jauslin. If you have stairs in your home, please follow our more than 40 photos, including the idea of indoor stairs and bookshelves in various shapes, sizes and color schemes. These designs are likely to inspire you to update and integrate similar features in your home.

pia Winther’s contemporary interior photo shows that the space under the stairs is well utilized.

many people think this space should be used to store their things and make cabinets with doors, but there is a storage room and several shelves under the stairs It helps to hide what you don’t want to show and show your book at the same time.

interior stairs are modern design + welded

design. As shown in the figure, you can proudly display your property and art collection, not just books.

modern living room, with black walls, can accommodate books and decorative space, as well as beautiful stairs designed by Sergey Makhno architects

, which can not only use this space by combining bookshelves of different shapes, But by using proper lighting, you can also change the image of you and the whole house and create a place that has nothing to do with a boring and careless corner, if not like a modern gallery.

is an interior design with Scandinavian stairs and wooden bookshelves, designed by Stephen Moser architect

But if you think it’s easy to put shelves under your stairs or in your stair wall, don’t forget that it’s not just shelves.” A photo of

Koen van Damme shows these original stairs designed by studio Farris architects

It’s up to you to find a creative solution for your home design. There’s no one way to improve the attractiveness of your home design.”

is a house designed by Kazuya Morita architecture studio. By creating these compartments for books from floor to ceiling,

“In general, it depends on the materials you use and the texture of the surrounding furniture, as well as the available space. There are unlimited possibilities. From modern to minimalism, from classical to compromise. As we said, consider the most creative choices, improvise and achieve the best results.

, a project designed by Andrea Mosca, stands out because it has a stepped

function Stairs are not only the basic element to help you get to the second floor house, but also the main design feature. Since you can’t update or replace stairs as often as living room furniture, the selection of stair materials is a very important decision.

a house designed by the NC2 architecture for books and ladders

“One of the materials you can use for stairs and bookstores is wood, glass, metal and concrete. As we all know, the most traditional material used for stairs and bookstores is wood, which is the cheapest.”

is a house designed by dekleva gregoric arhitekti with roof walls and wooden interior stairs

“Wood is strong, easy to process and brings indisputable warmth to the home. The cheapest option is plywood, which can be sealed or painted, while hardwood is more expensive.

is a small house designed by IFJ architecture, where you can find a place to display

books. If you want to use them as the material of bookshelves, you can’t make a mistake, but if they are ladders and need maintenance, wood is more durable than other materials. ” The

London loft is designed by craft design with stairs and white bookshelves

“For a charming modern interior, you can choose glass stairs. This type of indoor stairs is lightweight and convenient, and is very suitable for filtering light through the floor of the house.

is a spectacular project of Liu Jianxiong.

, together with the glass bookshelf on the wall, make your books look more luxurious. However, let’s not forget that the glass staircase is one of the most expensive materials.

is the perfect design for the non industrial space of Mike Meijer studio “The next choice is metal. Although we rarely see metal stairs, because it is more a combination of metal and wood. Metal is a material choice with good strength and durability.

an elegant design Kerr architecture living room wooden shelf lower stairs


metal is also very suitable for the space of industrial design, but at the same time, due to its various styles, it can also look beautiful in modern and elegant design. The price of metal stairs can be increased or reduced according to the complexity of design.

A floor to ceiling bookstore with steel stairs

” finally, we will comment on concrete stairs, which can provide a strong and modern sense for your design. The cost of concrete stairs varies greatly due to the complexity of the design.

“A house with simple Jochen SPECT, walls, ceilings and natural wood stairs. Below is the bookstore

“Best of all, no matter what materials you choose for your indoor stairs, you can combine them with the bookstore. You may want a complete room for books, but as we know, it can be a real luxury.”

photo of Dennis Desmet showing a black steel ladder

“When you prepare your room, because you didn’t set up a special library to collect your favorite novels. As you can see, there are all kinds of libraries and stairs to show the owner’s collection.”

a generic assembly design that contains storage space in the

stairs “Having a library at home enriches the house and makes it look more elegant. The easiest way is to put your bookstore on the wall of a room, but don’t break away from cliches, invent your own design, and use the space under and around the stairs to display your books.”

wall with shelves and stairs, designed by dreihausfraen

“Whether you live in a traditional country or a modern house, there are many elegant ways to refresh the space around your stairs. If you don’t want to show your things, the space around the stairs can become a smart storage room or put into an integrated cabinet.”

a house designed by platform 5 architects LLP with stairs and surrounded by

bookstores “The stairs can be used to hold books, and we guarantee that guests will notice. Now we have left you photos of the indoor stairs and the idea of increasing the storage capacity of your home by creating bookshelves for your books.

bedroom stairs and desks designed by Veran è milie

with unique metal stairs and integrated bookshelf design + welding design

bookshelf walls designed by design42

“For those who don’t have many books, an original choice is the girl’s interior design

” kdsp ” “An original zigzag NC2 building looks like a work of art

staircase hanging barbed wire and floor to ceiling bookshelves Oliver fourny

a simple design by Rebecca Norton architects highlights the white


is an interior design inspired white staircase and wooden shelf on the wall. Designed by Paul kremox studio,

is a free corner between the steps designed at homeAdded by Marc Cowan

, it is a very original lunch choice to show you the

books. This is a furniture that follows the stair line designed by Gordon walker.

is a small apartment located in The stairs designed by l’atellier Miel

have enough space to show the books between the steps of the house designed by moon Hoon









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