Interior stairs inspired by modernity

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indoor stairs are not only a means of going up and down from one floor to another, but also constitute a space to increase creativity, encourage decoration and style. Stairs are an integral part of the house. We should pay more attention to them.

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some people like the style, design and shape of stairs. Here, we will focus on the types of indoor stairs we can choose: wooden, glass or metal stairs, their design, whether floating, spiral or spiral, and decoration fixed on steps and railings.

spiral wooden staircase

indoor wooden staircase provides a wide range of possibilities. When I say round, I don’t mean its metaphorical meaning. The spiral staircase presents this circular shape, which gives us more vitality and makes our corridor more fashionable.

complex floating stairs

at the same time, these stairs can be floating, which means that each stair is maintained independently on the wall to which it is connected. If you like this type of stairs and you are afraid of height, you can put them in a space where the distance between the floors is not too large.

semi floating wooden stairs

internal stairs can be semi floating because it is not completely suspended in the air or straight. The glass railing of this staircase, together with the flat wooden steps, gives people a very complex feeling.

blue crystal staircase

design staircase is also revitalized because it is made of crystal, although glass is more suitable for interior decoration, from green to blue, Because the accumulation of glass on the stairs will emit a series of colors.

metal stairs are usually combined with wood compared with wood stairs

. We can find many such designs. In these designs, the step itself is wooden and the part supporting it is metal.

metal stairs are different from the original metal stairs

. However, some models deviate from the previous paragraphs and provide us with some metal stairs, which brings originality to the stairs. Originality also comes from the black circular surface on each step.

imagination on steps

. As I said, stairs are part of house decoration, so steps can have strange shapes and follow the shape of stairs. In this case, we have irregularly shaped steps.

fun of color

another option for step decoration. If we don’t want to lay carpet, its surface is composed of wood blocks of different colors, some lighter and some darker.


adopt fashionable dressing methods on the handrails of

. The handrails are also part of the indoor stairs, which can help us create an elegant atmosphere for rest, work or reading. The decorative forms on these railings bring a lot of elegance to the surrounding environment, and the color of the light enhances the color of the carpet.

hidden books

if we don’t know how to deal with the available space under the indoor stairs, we can place bookshelves and order them on themYour favorite book. This hiding place is always available.

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