John Lautner’s shetz Goldstein house

this modern and classic California house is known as the landmark and interesting house in Los Angeles. Its owner decided to give it to the Los Angeles County Museum. After his death, the house and a sum of money will continue to be kept by the museum. In the mid-19th century, the famous architect John Lautner built this house in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills, California from 1961 to 1963. One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students saw the house on the hill.

residence on the mountain

when the owner sold James Goldstein’s eccentric modern house in the 1970s, he had his own vision. He entrusted Lautner with his own design. When Goldstein bought the house, it was in a sad state. He and Lautner will rebuild the house in the next 20 years, which is a project they are very concerned about.

famous residence and

Goldstein continued to be renovated, even after the architect’s death in 1994. He hired Lautner for a long time until he bought the house next door. “This house will never be sold,” Goldstein announced. “It has become a part of my life.” We can see from the picture below why the

garden and wooden floor

house is one of the most unique architectural wonders of the city. As you can see in the picture, the house consists of concrete and glass walls, frameless windows, leather furniture, glass and stone passages. Since it was built by John Lautner’s disciple Frank Lloyd Wright in 1963, Goldstein has made a series of additions, including the rain forest around the house, which is maintained by four gardeners. Everything is simple and beautiful.

garden swimming pool

Museum estimates that the mansion is worth $40 million. The donation also includes a $17 million maintenance fund and a building next door with offices and discos. The building also has art.

steel furniture in the kitchen

this is Jackie treghorn’s home in Grand Lebowski and John Kress’s role in Charlie Los Angeles. Many people have visited this landmark house, so today we invite you to walk along the house with us.

concrete bench

wooden floor

mountain residential bedroom

luminous bedroom

concrete wall and wooden staircase





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