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when marble is everywhere. As you can see, many kitchen countertops are designed from this material. We also found it in the living room, and the bathroom was even on our wall. It’s normal to want a natural stone as part of our house design.

kitchen countertop original marble options

if you are designing the kitchen and considering adding this material, you should know that the beautiful appearance of marble hides some dirty secrets. Not everything is inconvenient today. Apart from these incredible ideas, we will provide you with everything you need to know.

if you’ve been thinking about changing the workbench and have spent some time looking for ideas between different options. Marble is an elegant and luxurious choice, but there are other options, such as quartz, granite, and even laminated surfaces have one thing in common with marble.

countertop kitchen – is marble the right choice?

we cannot deny the beauty of the white kitchen with marble countertops. If you want to compare your beauty with these photos. Marble countertops can be considered the most luxurious choice. But it also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as shown below. The advantages and disadvantages of

countertop kitchen are the basic knowledge of marble

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. Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock. This means that it initially has a sedimentary form, like dolomite or limestone. Once it experiences very high temperature and pressure, it will become a beautiful stone. This change is caused by impurities in limestone.

materials crystallize under heating and pressure. Like a stone containing calcium carbonate, the purest you can find is completely white. Think of Renaissance marble statues. This pure stone is used to carve many things.

countertop cooking all about this luxurious stone

marble tile. There are many reasons for your

countertop. You may want to choose this material to decorate your countertop, But at the same time, you may have many or more reasons to explore your other options. To help and guide your search, we have developed a complete list of pros and cons that you can look forward to as a marble owner.


more design possibilities. If you have a countertop that needs a more special shape and requires greater manufacturing effort than usual, you may want to choose marble. Not all countertops are strictly rectangular.

marble is smoother and easier to process than many other ordinary stones used for countertops. Therefore, its overall function is much better. If you are looking for interesting edges or other additional manufacturing advantages, you should also consider the idea of

countertop cooking marble and maintaining

compared with granite, for example, marble is easier to process. Because granite is a kind of stone that is difficult to cut, because cutting will damage the same stone.

marble is a natural cool material. If you like baking and bake often, you will like to work with a marble countertop. Because it is a stone to keep cool, not a conductor of heat.

if you are looking for lime resistant materialsOr. Marble is one of the best kitchen work spaces you can find. It’s heat-resistant, but like quartz and granite, you should never put the pot you took directly from the stove on it.

is a durable material. Although, as we have said, marble is a kind of soft stone, it is also quite durable. It’s a porous material, so if what you’re looking for is dense and can withstand a lot of impact and abrasion, you may want to consider quartz as an alternative.

are easy to find. Sometimes it’s hard to find granite tiles or quartz panels that fit your kitchen. On the other hand, marble is widely available and can be easily sold in most shops or manufacturers. This means less waiting time and getting the right stone in the right place in the kitchen.


like all other stones, marble has some related disadvantages that you should remember.

spots and scratches – because it’s a very smooth stone, you should want to see more spots and scratches on the surface. If you choose a natural complexion, it won’t be a problem for you over time.

as for stains, marble does not react well with acidic food. When acids come into contact with them, some may leave stains on the surface. Sealing helps control stains.

maintenance. It is recommended to seal the surface at least once a year, but if you cook often, you may need to seal more frequently.

this means that you must constantly observe the wear of the sealing surface and be ready to apply another layer at any time. Once the marble countertop is soiled, it can be considered permanent.




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