Laundry practical idea

the laundry doesn’t have to be a boring, dark place where you only throw dirty socks and sweaters. Today, we will provide you with very good suggestions to redesign your laundry and don’t miss this trip. The organization and decoration concept of


this space should be comfortable, cool and comfortable, and have high functionality at the same time. Therefore, if you are looking for design ideas to decorate the perfect laundry, the following list should be of great help. Skills of

in organizing laundry efficiently

first of all, we want to tell you some secrets; If the laundry is too small, you have to make it bigger. All other areas of it are the same. As long as it is ensured that the washing machine bears additional weight without damage, it can pile the dryer above the washing machine and save some space for the narrow wardrobe.

corner design for laundry and drying

consider using the space behind the door, which will give you more activity space and a place to hang clothes, rubber gloves or hide detergent. Keep this place as clean as possible. The original design of the supporting cabinet of

laundry room

laundry room is disorderly, which makes it difficult to carry out laundry work; This is a time-consuming task, frustrating, and no one wants this to happen.

design laundry with Aquamarine wall

if you want to give it or change the color, our suggestion is to use clear colors for the walls and other laundry furniture you may have. In order to make better use of the space between the spekd and the GKD SPS, you may also want to use a sliding space between the spekd and the GKD SPS. Install a countertop above the washing machine to create a smooth surface in case there is no separate table to fold clothes.

simple laundry furniture

tiles and tiles do a good job in creating a cool environment for your laundry. Some carpets can also be placed on the floor. Another aspect to consider is that your laundry has enough light.

the original design of the washing machine and dryer room with green walls

preferably has at least one natural lighting window. If the LED is installed below the cabinet, it should not be considered.

excellent retro style laundry design

makes the sheets folded neatly, and it is best to use shelves. You can put the shelf on the wall above the washing machine to make full use of the whole vertical space.

the original design of the laundry room with a dresser

. If space allows, please consider placing a sink that can be used for multiple functions, such as a hand washing table, A place to soak dirty sportswear, or even a place to plant potted plants.

beautiful wooden laundry furniture

suspension rack provides a place to hang exquisite clothes, and shirts can be hung directly from the dryer. EliThere is a steel bar, a retractable clothesline or a foldable shelf.

original invisible laundry purchases wear-resistant and waterproof materials in a

cabinet. For example, concrete and stone tile counters are durable and easy to clean. Laminate glands and tiles are an economical alternative.

original country style laundry design

in addition to laundry, there is a combination container with cover, such as wicker basket or plastic box, which is very suitable for storing cleaning supplies, toiletries and towels.

originally designed small laundry

has priority in narrow space multi-functional furniture. We also want the door to be retractable, foldable or sliding.

original laundry design yellow green

just like the kitchen tableware drawer, you can create a sewing machine organizer drawer containing threads, scissors, buttons and all other necessary appliances.

original laundry design, equipped with functional modular furniture

. In addition, you can specify a special location in the laundry to place household medicine boxes and medicines.

is laundry design

here are some laundry pictures organized in different ways. You can find useful and practical ideas suitable for your own laundry in these pictures.

laundry design with drying and ironing area

this design adopts metal structure, equipped with countertops and shelves, which is very suitable for storing a large number of items.

beautiful retro style laundry design

this original design shows a set of retro style cabinets and customized niches for washing machines and dryers.

original laundry design with embedded furniture

this laundry also has custom shelves, but in this case, they work. All the furniture here is integrated into the wall.

simple style laundry design

towel rack washing area design

IKEA original laundry design

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