Layout and interior design of small apartments.

living in a small space does not mean giving up comfort. The layout and available space of the apartment will always be the key factors. We will show you some easy to apply skills to make the most of our home. Without too much complexity, you can also create miracles in the living room, bedroom and even kitchenette. The main attraction is the impact on these spaces. Of course, each part of the house has its own characteristics, which makes it different from other rooms. The apartment layout of the

narrow kitchen is

, although all accommodations have common factors. We can say that the use of color is very important. For small spaces, light colors are essential. Especially when neutral colors are used on walls and other details. They create an environment that always looks clean and create a comprehensive visual effect. They are also a good way to solve the lack of natural light in these small environments. Light color is a light source that will never let us down.

apartment distribution and foldable furniture

another important factor is to choose furniture to make use of space. As we can see in many pictures, the selection is based on multifunctional furniture. It is mainly used to turn tables into desks, sofa beds and other products that can meet different needs. With many of these solutions, we will cover all aspects of daily life. Best of all, we can do this without requiring additional furniture to take up more space.

folding space is used to make

. Especially for the living room, its main idea is not to overload. This is also a bit of common sense. We can choose seats instead of sofas, because sofas are too wide to fit on TV. In the whole design, it is also important to consider the influence of walls. Decorative wines can be applied to these spaces. They are very good tools for unattractive walls. In addition to the type of furniture in the living room, its location is also very important.

furniture and integrated lighting

remember, this is also a traffic area in many cases. Therefore, it is best not to place them where they may affect free flow by preventing flow from one area to another. The influence of light on color is also significant. The way you are guided can also help us create this breadth and comfort. The trick is to aim the lighting at the walls and ceiling. If we need auxiliary chairs and tables, the best design is always folded.

lamps are designed and equipped with white furniture

. We can only use them when we need them urgently. At the same time, we can save them without occupying space. The kitchen must give priority to lighting. Considering the nature of this space, a good intensity is the most appropriate. We must avoid seeing utensils because they create a sense of confusion. To this end, some vertical shelves or pendants can help us avoid overwhelming images.

kitchen cabinet with kitchen space

shelves with glass doors as much as possible. Because they are transparent, they will have a greater depth effect in the kitchen. The door must also be sliding. It is a functional resource that helps to open without colliding with other furniture or walls. Generally speaking, the furniture of the kitchenette must respect these details and have a straight line.

ZFor the storage of clothing and footwear,

it is important that electrical appliances should not be placed in the same channel area. For design, especially those with stainless steel, it also helps to create a greater sense of width. There is also room for folding chairs and tables in the living room. Here, we leave you with a choice of apartment intelligent layout and design.


open shelves and glass doors

modern functional furniture

are suitable for the location of

in modern guest rooms, without affecting the open design of

through the living room

small folding table with restaurant and lounge

bed space

functional vertical furniture


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