Library bookstore and its utilization

although we live in a digital age, it is impossible to replace libraries, bookstores and any shelves that can hold books, especially in interior design.

library bookstores and bookshelves designed for the modern living room

library is not only an element of telling the owner’s story, but also adds personality to the space.

library bookstore and wooden bookshelves in modern living room

books as capital. A book in the library is as long as a house and has a history of hundreds of years. Therefore, it is not a consumer goods, but a capital goods, and for those professionals who settle down in life, Mr. Thomas Jefferson’s judgment is often their only capital.

small living room, with classic design, bookcase from floor to ceiling, with the same color as the wall

. If you are one of these people who like reading, and you have a set of books that can accommodate the whole room. You shouldn’t miss our library, bookstore and bookshelf ideas for your valuable friends’ books.

here is a library that can be well accommodated in a larger house.

today’s ideas also apply to all those who seek a place to relax and a quiet space, where you can stay away from the world and go deep into a good literary work.

is a modern delicacy with clean line design. Enjoy

. In the early days, the library was placed in what was considered an additional room. In today’s world, libraries are becoming more and more popular at home, sharing a place with offices, living rooms and bedrooms.

modern wooden furniture is perfect for offices, meeting rooms and home offices.

you shouldn’t live in a mansion and show off a beautiful library. But before you build a library at home, look at our suggestions.

children’s room perfect natural wood bookcase

first choose the most suitable location for your library according to your house layout and space size. In order not to let anyone disturb you when you enjoy a good book, you must also choose a place that is not noisy and not passed by.

an idea of providing such a comfortable luxury corner for everyone

a room can be ideal as long as it has a door, or a corner of a study or quiet guest room will work for you.

is a multi-functional system with potential unlimited practicability.

another very important thing you should not forget is to know how many books you have. For some people, the library should be able to hold all the books in their home, while others want the library to display not only books, but also decorative elements.

is a creative and flexible solution that can replace images with

in each room. After evaluating your storage needs, you can decide whether you need a floor to ceiling bookshelf or a smaller bookshelf. If you have a small collection of books, consider using open shelves to give it a modern decorative style.

beautiful reading website and very beautiful bamboo table

the next step is to choose the color. In the past, libraries were characterized by the use of dark brown, Bordeaux and green. In today’s home libraryOr at home, you can choose from many different colors.

furniture creativity, with glass shelves and doors, can be used as

bookstore. Our suggestion is that you adapt to the design of other furniture in the room. Choose the color representing your personality to help your family relax. A good option is to insert the library before the furniture to better understand how much furniture you can place and their size.

is a very versatile system that can be easily installed in any furniture environment, whether at home, office or in public areas.

ensures that your bookshelf is safe. The shelf must be able to bear a lot of weight. To do this, you can comment with professionals who know best how to place your library.

wall mounted solid wood bookshelves and painted wood tables

it is important to install appropriate lighting. Here, we are not talking about the same library, but the room where you will read.

creative bookshelves are all over the walls of the modern living room.

lighting is very important in the reading room. During the day, natural light may be enough to read. At night, you need desk lamps, chandeliers and accent lights.

rooms are equipped with striking green classic design walls and libraries.

should also ensure that the floor and walls can withstand the load. This is about people who want a solid wooden floor to ceiling bookstore to fill with books.

a striking bookshelf with a beautiful classic design

. If you’re not sure whether your floors and walls can withstand the load, you can put the bookstore on the first floor of the house, or simply find a smaller and lighter one.

small lounge with bookshelves on the bottom wall

. If your space is limited, please use the whole wall height to save and display books. Don’t forget to use the space on the door as additional storage space.

is a circular reading place with bookshelves on all walls.

The book you decided to stay at home must have a special meaning for you. The original bookshelf options in the


are not worth making room for books you only need to own. Once you’ve solved the problem of the number of books, it’s time to decide on a classification method.

salon and traditional design and library from floor to ceiling.

books are best sorted by theme (novel, police adventure, novel, Romanticism) This method is especially effective for larger collections.

lounge adopts minimalist design. The library from floor to ceiling

for people with visual memory, they can organize their books through color to form a rainbow. If you learn better in vision, you may be surprised at how easy it is to find a book based on color.

library embedded in the wall

if you classify your book by color, it sounds like an attractive idea because you don’t give it a chance. You can even relax and look at the shelvesTheir colors always impress the guests.

a library with a wooden ladder that supports and slides along the top track

if you want to try this sort, it will take an hour or more depending on the number of books to order. You don’t need to continue to create a rainbow. You can put books in color blocks to look good, regardless of the order.

wooden book furniture with beautiful finish

if you have a large collection of art and design books, please consider placing them on the bed instead of upward, which will reduce the wear of the cover.

is beautiful, solid, practical and fashionable. It is suitable for your big house.

must be stacked in ascending order, with the smallest top and the largest bottom. If you want easy access to your books, don’t let the pile of books be too high.

salon original decoration solution

pay special attention to rare books. If you have a passion for collecting the first edition of rare or ancient books, It is important to take some precautions to protect your investment.

spacious living room with classical art furniture on the wall and literary works around

in order to keep your most precious books in good condition, please make sure they are away from direct sunlight, Because it can change the color of the deck. Put the books carefully on the shelf. Put the shelf tightly, but don’t be too full.

is a complex book shelf system with high quality and high stability. The finished

library is not just for a fanatical book lover. The library can be used to decorate the house. Now we leave you the pictures of libraries, bookstores and bookshelves we collected today, so that you can get inspiration from them.

is an intelligent storage system with unique functions.

is the choice of bookshelves in modern bedrooms. The wooden stairs under the bright

reading place have the concept of

Storage design combines style and function

library options bookstores and bookcases books in the corridor

library semi round

Library bookstores and bookcases The modern lounge

library bookcases and bookcases are located on the door wall of the classical lounge

. The idea of providing LED lighting for your library

bookshelves are of modern design The

lounge, which can be used to separate family space, has a very large window and is surrounded by a modern wooden library

lounge. Designed by Kube architecture,

is covered by a wooden bookshelf The whole living room wall is designed by studio mk27.





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