Long tops and shorts ideas for men

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 01

Every time when the season is changing, walking on the street will find that we are about to face a “disorderly dressing” situation. It is said that the spring is covering the autumn, and when the summer is approaching, the clothes that are too heavy are still a bit too thick. So how to match a single product to balance lightness and fashion? This “long top and short bottom” method of wearing is very practical.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 02

The so-called long top and short bottom, as the name suggests, is that in the process of matching single products, the top version should be as long as possible, while the trousers can be as short as possible. At this time, the difference in the length of the single product version will make the shape layered, and it will be very easy to create a fashionable and eye-catching shape.

This kind of dressing formula can almost be applied to most of the single products, as long as the layout is handled well. After trying this way of dressing, you will understand that the dressing comfort is very high.

The combination of long-sleeved tops and shorts can not only meet the temperature requirements, but also make people look light. If you don’t have any inspiration to wear in the changing seasons, you can’t miss such a practical collocation.

Long tops and shorts ideas for men

1. How to wear “Long tops and shorts”? These items are preferred
① Shorts and shirts create an “atmosphere”


There are many long-sleeved items, such as sweaters, sweaters, shirts, jackets, etc., which are all trendy items, which are very practical in wearing. If there is a single product that shows its temperament better when paired with shorts, then of course it is the shirt.

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Especially the casual shirts, the wide hem and loose version, add a bit of clean and neat temperament to the styling, at the same time, it is also casual and chic. It is a trend tool to create an “atmospheric handsome guy”. Paired with simple shorts, full of temperament and style.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 05

Whether it is a masculine style or a literary style, the matching of shirts and shorts can easily show the ideal effect, but pay more attention to adjusting the shape and color. At the same time, pay attention to the contrast between the inner wear and the shirt, it will make the shape more three-dimensional.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 06

At this time, you will find that wearing a shirt and shorts walking on the street, the whole person is of outstanding temperament and has a high rate of return. It is a good concave matching, practical, stylish and comfortable.

② A single product of sweater, making shorts cool, casual and practical

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 07

Different from the temperament of the shirt, when the shorts are matched with the sweater, it is more casual. Use it to match shorts, which can be regarded as a more comfortable combination among many single products.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 08

This kind of match is more popular with fashion lovers, not only reducing the age, but also looking full of vitality. The collocation rule of “up and down is short” is applied properly, beautiful and decent.

2. If you want to wear fashionable, choose the right color

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 09

The combination relationship between the single products is very important, and at the same time, the color matching between them cannot be ignored. Choosing a good color scheme sometimes makes the styling more than half successful. If you want to wear a high-level look, you can’t ignore this problem.

① Classic khaki shorts, more fashionable with a patterned sweater

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 10

Many people are always a little repulsive for the first impression of a single product with a pattern, and think it is difficult to control. In fact, it is not the case, the patterned sweater can be worn more fashion and aura, just need to do a good match.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 11

You know, the patterned sweater is rich enough matching. At this time, pay attention to subtraction in the process of dressing and matching. Only in this way can the shape be coordinated, and the visual effect will be better.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 12

The simpler the single product, the better it is to match the patterned sweater. The high-end khaki is a good choice. Khaki is originally a classic color, but it still works well when used in styling.

② The camouflage jacket should be matched with black shorts, which is more masculine

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 13

For many men, no single product is more attractive to them than camouflage uniforms. Any camouflage jacket is handsome and charming. But how can I wear it well during the season? Pairing with black shorts is a good idea.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 14

The wide version and cumbersome pattern of the top have a certain degree of expansion visually. In order to wear it neatly, it is necessary to match a black short to neutralize it. In this way, the clothes will have a sense of hierarchy and will not affect the temperament because of being too messy.

③ Denim blue shorts, all-match models add youthful vitality

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 15

In addition to being very popular with sportsmen, cowboy elements can also play a role in reducing age in collocation. It is not difficult to find that whether it is jeans with a sweater or a shirt, it will make the styling effect a few years old, full of youthful sunshine.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 16

Even when it is matched with a suit jacket, there is a sense of vitality in the retro art style. This is the charm of the denim single product. A denim blue shorts can easily create a variety of shapes.

Long Tops And Shorts Ideas For Men 17

For many trendy people, this is a very practical match. Regardless of the style of the top, as long as there are denim blue shorts, the styling effect will be very eye-catching.

The matching rule of “up and down short” is so practical, don’t think it is monotonous and boring, you need to use it flexibly to create a variety of spring styles. Pay attention to the details of the selection of tops and shorts, and you will find that this way can not only meet the comfort of dressing and match, but also wear fashionable and eye-catching, which is very practical.


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