Lounge with urban charm and ironic design

today, we provide you with some salon ideas with urban charm and spectacular design to inspire you. The lounge in a city has many characteristics. Of course, it all depends on the style you choose and adopt and your personal preferences, but the decoration should always be a little elegant, noble and organized.

lounge has urban charm, unfinished walls and fresh design

warmth is usually second. A good example of urban room decoration is the elements that combine very well, But in fact, they don’t have much in common.

has urban charming salon and contemporary furniture

the interior of the city has non-traditional materials and design features, usually including items with more traditional industrial significance.

small open plan apartment options

in apartments with urban charm lounge, you can find details and elements of galvanized steel, concrete floor and metal coating, Wooden beams and unfinished surfaces create an obvious modern and bohemian appearance.

small white sofa with mirrors and tables on the side.

are usually randomly selected and are not suitable for household use. Urban indoor items can also be used to decorate outdoor or industrial environments. The spacious lounge of

is equipped with neutral white furniture and walls. The appearance of

in the urban interior is more polished, equipped with customized accessories, complex finishes and small intelligent space solutions, such as open plan, so that you can enjoy multi-functional rooms.

the black-and-white combination of living room design

implies the core function of urban interior design, that is, creating space, which is sometimes even surprising. The combination of living room and working space has become a tradition, but in urban apartments and industrial areas, usually studio apartments, combine all rooms in one space.

large mirrors stand out in the modern living room.

this interior design allows you to be more free than other home design styles. You can put a lot of things in one room to get the city style. You can use many bright colors and combine them with many elements.

wooden table design is very interesting. In the modern urban living room,

people may be confused, because the urban style is also very similar to the modern style. But the fact is that the two styles are a little different. Geometric pattern is one of the main features of modern style, which is not used in urban style design.


combine lively colors to design the living room. Another difference between


, ,


is that modern style pays attention to simplicity and function. Neither of these two things is an important element in urban style design.

options for spacious apartments

sometimes urban apartments need modern or minimalist decoration. Originally, although the aesthetic view is beautiful, it is not easy, neither comfortable nor comfortable.

curtains, carpets and cushions have something in common

to soften and improve urban design. White objects can be usedThe contrast between abstract and modern furniture. As you can see in our photos, this style is suitable even in small spaces because it gives them color.

a very narrow living room with LED lighting and white walls

using wall mounted carpets is a safe way to add comfort to any space. If you have a high ceiling living room without decoration or architectural decoration, one option is to add a luxurious carpet and classical lights to the space.

there are windows on the dark walls of the living room, allowing natural light to enter

. A large abstract painting can become the focus of your room and make the traditional sofa the background.

black velvet sofa and colorful details in modern city Salon

another interesting choice is to use photos as long as they are well framed. Using photos may be a perfect way to increase the internal appeal of a traditional design.

half a century of classical furniture in the city lounge

a group of paintings in the lounge add a little delicacy and compromise to the room with blank walls. Choosing furniture, interior decoration and white light can create a peaceful atmosphere, while art makes it elegant.

incredibly spacious open space design

the combination of black and white has historically been a very typical color combination in the kitchen. But as you can see in some of our charming salon photos today, these colors look just as good.

salon, maintain the strong aesthetics of clean lines

here, we will leave these photos for you to show the benefits of urban style residence, so as to further highlight modern urban life. These examples illustrate the vivid combination of the comfort of family life and big city life.

coffee table in modern city lounge

black and white furniture, Natural wood floors and impressive lighting fixtures

gorgeous leather sofas and wooden furniture in the city lounge

glass candlesticks and stools in the lounge

lounge are designed to be interesting and attractive

modern living room colorful furniture creativity

Tel Aviv luxury apartment, Israel. The urban design was designed by Michal Schein



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