Luxury residence, amazing interior solution

today we have some great luxury residential suggestions for you. Each of these suggestions has a unique way to use walls in an artistic way. In these houses, texture and color are an integral part of the way every luxury house is appreciated.

luxury residence, comfortable open space design

wood or concrete and other materials are perfect and harmonious. In contrast with artistic works, natural light and artificial light can achieve wonderful effects. It can be said that each of these luxury houses has its own art collection.

luxury residence, restaurant and outdoor landscape

art not only fully expresses, but also highlights very personal elements. Similarly, the artistic elements of these houses are also the main foundation. Around these elements, all the remaining decorative components are designed and positioned.

kitchen warm color lighting pattern

is the first case we can appreciate, which uses color and wood firmness in a very personal way. The second example of these luxury houses uses some modeling and sculpture features to further personalize their style.

from the perspective of

lounge, you can also enjoy some subtleties around geometric details. The last case is simpler in form. Mainly in common areas.

concrete wall art works

distinguish how the wall is used. They are works of art that make full use of these surfaces. Back to the first example, this is a farmhouse in Moscow.

marble countertops and wooden details

colors are destined to have a certain impact and drama in this luxurious house. It is basically based on dark colors, highlighting ground tones on a very different palette. In many cases, it interacts with elegant soft gray tones.


are decorative details. The luxury houses in the modern fireplace


, ,


can be described as having Modernist Aesthetics. Plants are one of the main decorative highlights. Located in different spaces and in different shapes and sizes. On the other hand, textiles such as curtains help highlight color. The artistic elements of


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from the living room to the kitchen are highlighted in a simple way. This is mainly because the concrete panel forms a neutral background. At the beginning, we mentioned the use of wood, which created an exotic feeling.

decorates the walls with lighting works

, especially in the kitchen area. Panels are used to make the environment more intimate. The highlight of the kitchen area is the countertop. The marble design delicately completes the appearance of this luxurious kitchen.

wall accents and interesting textures

wood exists in different house rooms. Your application can be viewed from the ceiling, cabinets, walls and, of course, the floor. Interestingly, one detail we see in some pictures is that it can be appreciated from some angles.


variants have a dining room space between the living room and the kitchen. From the perspective of the scenery, they are very good, and the classical chairs give people a very elegant feeling. ToddOr supplemented by modern lamps to coordinate the aesthetics of the whole house.

indoor wood storage

the second case of these luxury houses is a certain minimum cutting. Including the choice of wall art is of course cautious. In this case, you can only enjoy one work in the living room.

living room is equipped with geometric details

to highlight the background lighting and make it more eye-catching. We must mention the fireplace. It itself can be regarded as a decorative element because of its design.

the minimalist design of the room

has very unique lines, which makes it look modern and fresh. Generally speaking, it can be said that there are some similarities between the fireplace and the works on the wall we mentioned. To be sure, these two works provide geometric details for the theme of this design.

is a small bathroom design, and the geometric subtlety of de new

is reflected in the printed matter of the mat. The same is also evident in furniture. As in the former case, these two works can show their beauty and decorative value in many ways.

interesting office and classic details

no matter from what point of view. This is the characteristic of most sculpture works.

“KDSP The table can be placed under the island. If necessary, you can deploy and create a formal restaurant type. Similarly, the white cabinet at the bottom can also hide the kitchen and all the tools in the area.

the geometric details of the restaurant

the artistic details on the wall can be found in the room. A wall with wonderful details and textures emphasizes the same great artistic aesthetics. Similarly, its geometry and beauty are also related.

countertops and wooden tables

really need more than one observation to fully grasp it. Here, the role of enlightenment is crucial. Especially the natural light coming in through the window. It produces a decorative effect on the wall and makes the wall more dynamic.

various applications of wood on walls and floors

another interesting aspect is that the effect of natural light always varies depending on the position of the sun. A third example of these luxury homes is located near the Black Sea. One of the things that will certainly attract attention, just look at its color and brightness.

elegant bedroom walls are designed as

. Generally speaking, the living room is not too complex. But the wall should be dark. The gorgeous background of yellow armchairs and bookshelves contains all kinds of books. Make these furniture parts form a greater contrast with the surrounding environment.

murals and classic and urban details

the creativity in this house completely reversed the situation when entering the restaurant area. In this part of the house, geometric details fill the restaurant with very personal details. This also makes the interior look more modern.

integration with comfortable furniture

is mainly SILTheir surface looks clean and emphasizes the modernity of the whole space. The stool near the kitchen counter is also an ideal choice for breakfast.

theme forest design concept

there is another table against the wall near the stairs. It shows a wonderful contrast between black and white. Other artistic details that we can see in the picture are in the room.

corner wall is equipped with crystal and curtain

the walls here have high expressiveness. In terms of color and texture. We can start by referring to the office space, which is a very charming work. In it, objects with classical forms have explanations that bring them to modernity.

interesting gradient tone painting

can be said to be the theme of its decoration, while the wedding room has no great artistic effect on the wall. Instead, the details are related to natural accents and the use of wood. KD SPE’s “kdoc” bedroom is also equipped with “KD SPE’s” SPS “and” kdoc’s “KD SPE’s” SPS’s “natural head light”, which completes the “KD SPE’s” bedroom. Like the desk lamp next to the chair, the design is also very charming.

spacious wardrobe with sliding doors

. To some extent, its drama is lower than that of office space, but it is still attractive and comfortable. All this is due to the gradient effect of the paint selected for the wall. Combined with the pleasant tone of natural wood.

wall design has

texture, which is worth mentioning because of its functional design. In the walking model, we must highlight its breadth. And the frame with rollers, through which we can use it more easily.

natural details, modern room

another room has urban style. An incredible mural with a mixture of classical and modern effects, as we said. When you enter this room, it is almost impossible not to notice it.

from the living room, the last room of these luxury houses is very cool and bright. Its walls became a forest of ferns and flowers. Create a beautiful vegetation, supplemented by charming carpets.

the perfect combination of wood and white tones

other green or blue details are also provided here. Chandelier is another interesting detail, the curve is very eye-catching. The overall beauty of the bathroom is not backward.

the living room is equipped with contrast accent walls

, mainly because of their soft tones. In addition, there is a very natural and warm attraction. Similarly, tilted shelves are another great solution. They will enable us to have everything and combine perfectly with the details of natural wood.

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