Luxury Residence: modern residence in pinamar, Argentina

today, we provide you with pictures of the private residence of Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The design project of the house was completed by Maria Victoria besonia and Guillermo de Almeida in cooperation with architect diorella FORTUNATI.

luxury residence is an original choice. We show you in the following picture

. The building area of this residence is 810 square meters. The construction year is 2015. Costa Esmeralda is part of an entrepreneurial activity. It is 390 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. It is located in a new process of urbanization. Nearby, there is a young forest composed of Acacia and sea pine.

luxury residence adopts modern design

the land you have to work on is located on a flat slope, which leads to the street and has a larger slope at the bottom. In this area, you can also see a lush small sea pine forest. In this place, buildings will be exposed to strong sunlight and coastal winds.

luxury house concept, narrow living room, low ceiling and large windows

commissioned houses have architectural aesthetics similar to those built in the blue ocean forest. Its value will be enormous because of its formal austerity and the low maintenance it requires.

from the living room, you can see the small garden

. This house is built for a family with three children of different ages who want to spend the summer in it. Therefore, there needs to be enough space to carry out common activities, with a visually integrated kitchen in the same space and an outdoor expansion space to enjoy the fun of the forest.

luxury residence with ceiling and concrete wall

bedrooms should be three: one with private bathroom and dressing room and the other two ready to receive guests. All environments must be spread in a single. The house is divided into two different parts because their purpose is covered by a yard. The two parts are connected by a smooth slope and a solid concrete canopy.

kitchen is equipped with natural concrete island

the most private part of the house is located in the most sober part, because the structure is randomly placed vertically and the street cannot be seen. The social sector and terrace are opposite the woods, forming a direct connection with nature. This space is the protagonist of the house, because its strategic location and rich sheds bring different lighting and shadow games, and the journey of the sun takes place in one day.

garden has stone floors and large stone roads

Now let’s take a look at the picture of this private house designed by the architect besonia Almeida.

behind this luxury residence

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