Luxury residence – three impressive interior designs

a good art collection is both expression and personal. Art reflects the character of the master, expresses his dreams and wishes, and acts as a powerful anchor around which all other design elements can be reorganized. There is no right or wrong way to display indoor art works, and each luxury house listed in this article takes a different approach. Today, we want to introduce you to three impressive luxury residential designs. The most modern interior combines functionality and exquisite style.

luxury residential interior design

let’s start with the design of Sequoia design studio. The residence in Moscow is decorated with soft gray and earthy tones. Its aesthetic feeling is classical, which makes modernist works more pleasant to watch.

original luxury residential design

is inspired by the warm natural landscape and combined with the texture of different fabrics. You can enjoy a very classic intimate and comfortable environment. Decorative highlights include many plants and small trees near the windows, as well as a bold canvas collection on the opposite wall. The original interior design of

luxury residence

cement board creates a good neutral background for art, although collectors who like to reorganize usually prefer to choose something less permanent.

indoor living room comedy and kitchen

in the restaurant, a set of retro style chairs and decorative headdress highlight and bring elegant accent. The chairs are classic and the scenery is spectacular.

original exotic wooden kitchen design

kitchen is equipped with cabinets and exotic wooden islands with marble countertops. Concrete panels and metal elements form a very complex contrast. All wooden chandeliers are designed by Finnish design company. The light on the left is the Octo model, and the light on the right is the same name as the design company.

original classic dining chair

is located between the dining table and the living room. We can see a futuristic fireplace as Environmental Science.

wooden kitchen furniture and

on the marble surface of the island. From this point of view, we can appreciate the original choice of floor and wall materials of this luxurious residence in Moscow.

interior design is designed by oleksii Karman

the following interior design is designed by oleksii Karman and located near the Black Sea. A house built for young families, consisting of a large room and several rooms.

geometric design of restaurant and kitchen

at first glance, we have found a geometric decoration in a simple and orderly environment.

series modern restaurant furniture

original dining chairs adopt graphic design. The backrest is padded but has a metal finish on the outside.

modern living room design with library

. In the living room, we found a set of dark yellow armchairs glittering against a carefully selected neutral tone background.

original modern office wall decoration

this office or studio is a very special area. Walls decorated with contemporary artOr it shows that even the smallest space can affect your own personality and style.

beautiful modern bedroom design

in the bedroom we saw above, the geometry and soft tone are highlighted again, but there are also lighting, which is the artistic focus of this case.

rooms are equipped with

decorated with urban art murals. The second bedroom of this house once again amazed us with the spectacular urban art murals. A modular storage array is very practical, which allows it to be arranged in different combinations.

corridor design adopts modern oleksii Karman stairs

the hanging stairs we found in the corridor let us see the outside when walking.

oleksii Karman luxury residence modern furniture series

is a truly original interior design, which absorbs the influence of different styles and forms a young and vibrant atmosphere.

living room and dining room with modern dNew studio fireplace

the last interior design we will discuss is studio creation Deny. In this area, a rather simple style dominated, but was interrupted by two works of art in the background wall. An impressive pyramid shaped fireplace becomes the focus of the living room, connected to the dining room and kitchen. Together, fireplace and wall sculpture lay the foundation for a subtle geometric theme, which is also reflected in the impression and shape of furniture.

original living room design with modern fireplace

the greatness of sculpture art is that it is very good from any point of view, whether it is functional fireplace or decorative wall hanging. The furniture in the living room seems to imitate the scenery outside. Smooth opaque curtains with the same tone as one of the sofas, even with large windows, can create an intimate and dark atmosphere.

modern living room and kitchen design

restaurant does not use wall art, but includes some inspiring details. Symmetry will soon appear. The kitchen is simple and practical. There is a primitive island in the center and a wooden dining table in the back. The two parts complement each other and can carry out different activities. The wooden table nest under the island has become a formal restaurant. The bottom cupboard is lifted to expose the kitchen countertop and corresponding devices.

modern kitchen and dining room furniture design

space is effectively utilized with minimalist furniture. Simple lines and simple geometry also dominate.

modern bathroom design studio denew

bathroom combines modern ceramic tile finish, imitating cement finish, white round furniture and some metal accents to add luster to the scene.

original modern studio design denew

rooms look simple and low-key to the naked eye, equipped with necessary equipment; However, from a central point of view, we can see that the wall of the bedside table has an original wood carving design.

wood wall headroom design

on the wall of the bedside table, we found it more and more interesting until it became hypnosis. The accent of this wall must be an art wall. Its text quality and geometry make it more interesting for every look. Two black chandeliers break the tranquility of minimalist design. The light of the window makes the decorative wall have dynamic quality, which always changes with the angle of the sun.

living room design with modern chandelier fireplace

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indoor living room designed by studio denew

we’ll be back soon to bring more interesting articles on modern interior design and decoration, which you won’t miss.

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