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as we know, living in an attic sometimes brings challenges. Constructive characteristics determine various situations. Lack of space and low ceilings often create a sense of local burden.


for aticos designed for functional and comfortable spaces. However, today we bring you some aticos designs and solutions that make these places great. With a little creativity, we can combine the functional appearance with elegant and modern decoration. The attic can be an ideal place to meet all our needs.

loft design creates a bathroom in these small spaces.

is one of the most common solutions in loft bedroom design. If you are a bedroom, you will usually get a very comfortable design. Especially the style of low ceiling. The lack of natural light is another problem that needs to be solved. The skylight will help to make the design more open. At the same time, it will improve the natural light we enter the room.

another interesting bathroom, a fresh mixture of natural elements and materials.

visual neutral color work can help you In the attic, the bedroom design looks more spacious. When decorating, try to appear modest and avoid unnecessary things. Bohemians are the best in the style of attic bedrooms. This is a style that gives them a magical image. Let’s conduct a lot of experiments on various elements.

a bathroom model with white brick walls and sliding metal doors

. If you have a staircase in your attic that doesn’t match your design, please match it. Stairs can have a very special aesthetic impact. As an important factor in attic design, the bedroom must first be comfortable. The use of wood is one of the allowed materials and, of course, suitable furniture.

is a perfect embedded open shelf, which can make full use of space and various accessories

and the neutral tone we mentioned. The pink effect is very good. If you want to combine a women’s website with your goals, you can create a beautiful personalized space. Otherwise, in the neutral tone loft design, if you want a quiet environment, this is a perfect exit. Of course, this does not rule out the use of bright colors. The accent of other colors is the use of plants.

roofs and walls are the perfect solution to take full advantage of the natural light in your home.

install them in sunny areas. Like an ordinary bedroom, the bed is an element that attracts our attention. According to its design, it can even make the environment look interesting and different. The round bed and small space in the attic design also play a role of separation.

comfortable loft design, pink accent on textiles, and the choice of vintage furniture

shape helps to increase the space. If the bedroom adopts simple style, it looks good. Another room suitable for the attic is the bathroom. Like bedrooms, they tend to be a little small. However, this is not a problem that affects the function or aesthetics of the bathroom as we can see in several photos.

a small bedroom that provides everything we need for a full rest.

bathrooms should be cleverly designed and equipped with all necessary facilities to ensure comfort. Washbasins and even table lamps can be put well to create a fresh oasis.Strong practicability. With enough space, even a bathtub will make you a private spa. The shower is another factor that cannot be missed, which will supplement the luxury of the whole design.

complete this comfortable bathroom design with candles and wood finishes. When designing the bathroom style of an attic

, it is always necessary to consider the entrance door. To avoid becoming a problem, the sliding barn design is perfect. They are models of doors. If there is a narrow corridor, entering the bathroom will not be a problem. If there are skylights or small windows, candles and other light sources will give you a truly romantic feeling.

white is the main color of this retro bathroom. The walls have golden details and clear furniture

. The lights can help highlight our interesting decorations or textures. Bathroom design in the attic is another opportunity to try style. You can try different materials, from wood to tile design. In the latter case, we recommend white tiles as a bright bathroom.

bedroom variant has a small reading corner and is decorated with works of art

. Don’t ignore the images of the floor and its materials to obtain better contrast with the decoration. In addition to white, we can also choose to use some black details. For example, we can put furniture or some finishes on windows. Generally speaking, black is an effective way to break the monotony of white in attic design and interior design.

bedside table wall with embedded shelf and decorated in the attic with various neutral tones

. In the example, we also brought some living rooms. If we want to spend time in the living room, the living room and its style are very important. You must weigh enjoying family or gathering with friends. In order to make our living room look really special, we must avoid a closed and heavy image.

retro bathroom, the walls are decorated with natural rocks and flowers,

a piece of furniture that can’t be missed is the coffee table. They don’t take up much space and always need to put something. Whether it’s drinks or books, the coffee table will bring a special accent to the living room. A comfortable sofa can’t be missed for a charming appearance. On the other hand, the lighting must be perfectly balanced with the selected color mode.

open space design connecting the work area and the lounge near the restaurant

. If the attic is large, you can create an open and amazing lounge. More than a few square meters is a good opportunity to try with other furniture and textiles. There are structural details that can be incorporated into the whole design, such as beams. If you turn the living room into cream, many people who look very rural look great. The location of lights in the

space is crucial to make your attic look comfortable and warm.

complete the design. If there is a fireplace, you can be the protagonist of the whole space. Like the bedroom, a neutral living room may be the best place to rest. As a supplement, decoration can be modern or minimalist. In order to increase comfort, the use of cushions is almost mandatory. They always bring colors and all kinds of interesting patterns.

carpet is always a good detail. Adding color and separating some environments

is usually a great advantage in the open design of attic. Connections between all areas will not be lost. a living roomIt can directly enter the restaurant or kitchen, avoiding the use of walls. Avoid covering windows with curtains or other furniture so that natural light can make your living room more attractive, especially those designed in neutral tones. Other ideas and styles can be found in the picture below.

decorate a rural space with works of art, rock walls and incredible textures

an idea of using attic walls to design kitchens and cabinets

modern space retains the original light beam, maintains a simple feeling in the cream tone environment of


, ,


, and provides a relaxed picture for the whole design. With a special fireplace,


, ,


large windows, it can help balance the lack of natural light in the room

the concept of kitchen and restaurant, dedicated to the white

living room with walls and furniture, equipped with gray furniture and neutral cushions, with very good color balance,

bold brick wall combination, Wood and concrete in interior design

interesting and charming central table, design

ceiling with geometric finish and brick lamp facing the wall, with special modern effect

other attics Keeping the details of the original beam, Prisca Pellerin

large windows are the best solution to ensure good natural light and easy access.

attic kitchen concept is equipped with everything necessary to give full play to the functions of




Attico, with minimalist environment and various details, is completed on stainless steel


, ,


. It designs a vibrant environment for different living rooms, and is full of impressive tonal concepts of


, ,


, with walls decorated with retro furniture and various accessories The frame

is a white and gray functional bath, in which space is not a problem at all

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