Make full use of the small space of the apartment

The application of

in the decoration of apartment space. When there is not much space, its design is sometimes very complex. That’s why today we will share some ideas so that we can make full use of these spaces.

apartment space makes full use of

. As long as there is a little creativity, there is no need to achieve more complex methods, such as removing walls. Reducing apartment space and comfort is not an excluded concept. We can’t give up comfort because of these problems.

apartment kitchen area small space

obviously, each space of our family has its own characteristics. We just need to know how to use other aspects, such as color. It’s very helpful for us.

open space, using white and natural details

. In any application space, they will make the environment look bigger. They will also provide higher brightness. One aspect that cannot be forgotten, especially when there are not too many windows.

view split space

another important detail is to perform appropriate furniture selection. The furniture in the apartment must be multifunctional. One thing must enable us to meet all kinds of needs.

complete wall with glass window

an obvious example may be a table that can be used as a desktop. One of the most commonly used sofas is a sofa with bedding function. So we can earn a few square meters at home. The comparison of “SPE” and “GKD” and “SPS” furniture should not be ignored, which is the unnecessary burden of “SPE” and “GKD” furniture. Especially in the lounge, you can choose a seat that takes up less space. They are a good variant and don’t take up any sofa space.

room and workspace spaces

some walls may look a little re framed. A simple option might be to decorate the wine in a simpler way. Remember, the small space and decoration of the apartment is mainly about creativity.

two different curtain fabrics and colors

are equally important for transportation to other areas of the house. At any time, it must be mobile and there is no furniture that hinders the transportation from one place to another. In addition to color, lighting will be a key consideration.

is an idea of using

glass to divide the environment. When facing the ceiling and wall, the sense of height will be greatly enhanced. Some foldable furniture boxes will also be useful. The auxiliary chair or table can be stored relatively easily.

sliding door is used to separate rooms.

will not become an obstacle when not in use. Other activities such as cleaning will be easier. Anything that needs to be stored can be put on the bookshelf or in the bookstore.

by delimiting the work area in the side window of

, we will avoid using large furniture for storage. Like other rooms, mirrors can be placed in the living room. When it comes to adding space, they are a good choice. Top view of

bathroom and its layout

are also applicable to functional kitchens and other areas. under these circumstancesApartment spaces in kitchens and elsewhere must be bright. The intensity of light should enable different cooking activities to proceed smoothly.

the general layout of the whole family

and the order of the living room or bedroom should be our priorities. Therefore, it is best not to expose utensils and other items out of sight. If they don’t have the right order, they will feel confused.

is fully functional, and the brightly colored kitchenette

also helps to reduce space. In any case, it is best to have some furniture that can be stored or hung. If we choose furniture, it’s better to be straight.

shelves have doors for storing

, which must slide under any circumstances. The perfect design should include glass doors as much as possible to obtain greater depth effect. Some materials, because of their texture, may also be useful to us.

smaller shelves are opened on the wall. This is the case with

stainless steel, which can help us create a greater sense of amplitude. Folding chairs are also useful in the kitchen. As we can see in many pictures, rooms can be integrated with space.

from the room area,

in these rooms, they are basically decorated with light colored furniture. Most importantly, there are good examples of the use of wood or glass. Our furniture must be as high as possible. Similarly, we cannot ignore the harmony of colors.

rug is used to divide the living room area.

can combine the color of curtains with the color of walls. It is important not to use heavy curtains. Remember, in the room, you also need to use natural light.

kitchen appliance hook bracket

and bathroom mirror will be another effective way to create a greater sense of space. In this case, the use of decorative wine will be very helpful. We will avoid providing space for other more powerful accessories.

glass separator with metal frame

the bathroom is also interesting in the apartment space and design examples we show today. When they are very young, we should make good use of their corners. These small areas are very helpful for sorting out many things.

interesting contrast white and light wood

is the most useful low cabinet in the bathroom. Drawers can also be placed at the bottom of the sink. Mainly those with wheels, all of which are carried out when embedded furniture is impossible.

LED lamps embedded in the ceiling

other smaller shelves will help us prepare some cosmetics. As mentioned earlier, these small shelves can be made of glass for other spaces. If we use other materials, it’s better to be light colored.

furniture adopts transparent wood tone

, just like in other areas of the house, the lighting of the bathroom is very important. It is best to embed the variation of the ceiling. Similarly, other light sources can be placed in the mirror. No matter which area we choose, it’s best to delimit space.

kitchen divider and living room environment

each area should have some privacy. This avoids the first timeIt gives the impression of a chaotic environment. Some glass walls can be used to prevent things from being exposed out of sight.

furniture with storage space and integrated lights

can always be found in the abandoned space of the apartment. Many times, we don’t use certain areas just out of habit. We need to take some time to identify these areas. Maybe these corners can be used.

the door will run the barn type to get space

, possibly with some furniture that will be most useful to us. Mainly invested in vertical storage solutions. This may be the case where walls are used as shelves. To some extent, we must create a system of organizational space.

small open shelf multi-purpose

this can help us find things easier in the future. There are some simple methods, such as shoe stores, which can be hung behind doors and cabinets. Besides shoes, they are also a wise choice for other small size items.

wall lighting fixtures choose

all these accessories must keep a certain color harmony with the space. We mentioned color at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean we abuse white completely. We just need to choose the lightest tone.

multifunctional extended table, equipped with

chairs, using different colors is also a good idea. It is better to choose different tones with the highest similarity rather than those with the highest contrast. It is also important to pay attention to the details of our building.

cabinets are used as environmental separators

curves in some room areas may dominate. These sections may help create a small reading space. Similarly, you can create a small game area. Everything depends on the architectural features.

lighting mode, the effect facing the wall

an obvious example can be the following figure of this small living room. This is an area full of comfort and interesting contrast. Glass partitions allow visual continuity towards the kitchen area.

small living room with accent wall

also allows light to enter two spaces without affecting the function of this living room. In this case, the lighting mode of the room is different. Mainly for walls and furniture. There are also interesting lamp choices here.

plan and the overall layout of the apartment

perfectly complement the space in modern design. Enjoy these suggestions and the details that make up them. They can be an excellent source of ideas for using our small space.

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