Mediterranean style country cellars will make you fall in love

if you are reading this article, you may have a fairly impressive collection of wine bottles, or you are considering starting one. Even the most humble cellar can be as elegant as a glass of red wine you add to your steak. Read on to find some of the most impressive country cellars and draw inspiration from them.

if you are interested in owning your own cellar, first analyze your space and determine what is appropriate. If you are a wine and beer lover, you may want to draw inspiration from the country cellar to create a complete family bar, including seats or personal tasting areas, while enthusiastic wine lovers will focus on the cellar.

you can study the best conditions for storing wine and ensure that your space simulates these conditions. Finally, turn your space into an entertainment paradise by adding appropriate country themed decorations and necessary accessories, such as glasses and screw plugs.

when planning the cellar design, please consider the size of your wine series or the size you want. A serious collector may want to invest in an upright refrigerator with large wall mounted shelves or several tall wine cabinets to ensure space is not a problem. For an amateur or beginner, a family bar with a wine cabinet and a small grill is enough.

there are many good ideas for country wineries, including a tasting area. Add a table, Bistro or bar nearby and make sure you have practical accessories on hand, such as wine glasses and screw plugs.

the concept of designing country wine cellar

storing wine at appropriate temperature is a key function of wine cellar. If the temperature in the room is too high, your wine will age faster, rust, lose personality and taste. If your basement doesn’t naturally maintain a constant temperature, you may want to invest in temperature control methods or several wine coolers. Your architect or country winery design expert can help you create the ideal conditions for your wine series.

although Mediterranean wineries are common, changing decoration is a simple way to create their own cabin style space. Decorating wood and stone is the traditional concept of country wineries, while metal and glass finishes are more modern.

impressive country cellar design

you can immerse yourself in Italian culture through mosaic tiles, barrel ceilings and arches, or choose a modern appearance with elegant lines and simple decoration. Whatever your style, make sure all your materials, furniture and decorative accessories support each other. Mismatched cellar designs can lead to messy decoration, inconsistent and incomplete rooms.

this European style winery uses rich soil and oak floors to contribute to a warm and comfortable space. Lapared’s shelf enables each bottle of wine to become the focus and let the bottle speak for itself.

recycled wooden shelves are simple additions anywhere, adding personality and simplicity to your cellar.

cellars not only help preserve wine, but also complement sorpDecorate the house and welcome visitors. As an additional reward, the whole basement has become a place of entertainment for all family and friends.

let you have an amazing country wine cellar and make your senses happy. Decorate your wine cellar with a small dining table, chairs and charming lights. Others may prefer a unique tasting room, which feels like an extension of the wine cellar and even has its own charm.

if you can save space and are willing to buy additional dough, the tasting room next to the wine cellar is a good choice. A long popular design is a tasting room inspired by the style, atmosphere and atmosphere of the classical gentlemen’s club. This is an eternal, bold look that never fails, combining formal elegance and a little chance. The original idea of

country winery

another style that won’t disappoint you is country style and Tuscan style. Since most of us can imagine tasting rooms in a dreamy environment surrounded by vineyards, these tasting rooms make it easy for you to escape the most modern environment.

space is not a luxury? Many of us can only dream of a wine cellar with a tasting room next to it. Why not combine to create a beautiful wine cellar and a small tasting area in the center?

this is easy to achieve, usually with only a fresh tasting table and some bar chairs or stools.

barrel tasting tables are very popular, and they also allow you to easily recycle one of the old barrels. A more traditional table with several glasses and bottles of wine is the best choice.

is usually the commercial tasting room you see, You will believe that there is only one style (especially country style) and one tone (wooden surface), and you can use it to create a beautiful wine tasting area.

but you can break this stereotype and give your cellar some lively color. This may be a prominent color of a table or chair.

is as popular as the country Mediterranean style tasting room and is a very good choice. With ancient stone walls, arches and wooden ceilings, the Mediterranean style tasting room is an eternal environment and immediately attractive.

in a world full of simple lines and clean modern design, an episode that provides visual and texture contrast will revitalize your senses in more than one way.

Mediterranean style country cellars can be your private haven.

smell, the touch of natural materials and warm lighting will take you to a quieter and happier place.

some people choose to introduce a country wine cellar somewhere in the kitchen or living room as an extension of the whole interior design.

beautiful country cellar design

in fact, the most important thing in the country cellar is the open wine shelf. Usually wooden, these shelves are practical and are the main focus of the wine cellar.

shelves must have oneAccess and take up very little space. Use all vertical spaces in the cellar to store wine.

cellars are a must for anyone who collects wine for entertainment or investment. The good news is that you no longer need to live in a large farmhouse to desire a cellar. Thanks to modern options, such as silo shaped wine cellars and wine cellars, as well as customized air-conditioned wine storage units, you can assemble and hold a large collection of at least hundreds of bottles in an ordinary family residence or urban apartment.

of course, the most important role of wineries is to store wine under the best conditions. This means that the wine must be kept away from direct sunlight and maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Ideally, however, the cellar should also be located where wine connoisseurs can enjoy the taste of mature wine in a quiet and happy environment, with a tasting area where bottles can be opened.

there are many possibilities in building cellars. These measures include the renovation of existing cellars or the creation of access through valves or spiral stairs excavated under the property.

for those looking for cheaper options, you can turn part of the house into a lounge.

this may be part of the kitchen, but it may also be the space under the stairs or other corners of the house. Alternatively, the wall of the living room can be processed into an attractive display unit, which may be connected in series with a bar. Either way, it is best to consult a professional designer before building the cellar to ensure that the final result will be the best preservation of precious vintage wine bottles.

are used in underground classic cellars, Solid steep stone walls are a good choice because they are in sharp contrast to ordinary wine shelves. They also look particularly good when combined with arched roofs and country doors to create an atmosphere of French vineyards.

other alternatives in the same direction are brick and plastered walls covered with washed waste. For a ground wine cellar, the glass wall works well, separating the collection into its own air-conditioned shell without disrupting the flow of the house.

to design a wine cellar with a rural feel, please use stone flags, oak boards, rough mats, or even basic concrete. Marble and wood are elegant and high-end alternatives, up and down. One suggestion is to avoid any soil with a persistent smell, which may interfere with the appreciation of the wine smell during tasting. No matter what soil you choose, it is important that the subsoil of the wine cellar must be dry and waterproof to prevent mold or water loss.

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