Micro cement floor for interior decoration

today’s theme will be of great interest to many of you because of its originality and little use in decoration, which has become very fashionable in recent years. This is a kind of micro cement floor, a decorative way to increase indoor creativity and modernity. In this article, we will discuss the microstructure of concrete and its application on the floor. You will see many pictures about its ability in interior decoration. The “KD SPE” and “KD SPS” are used for interior decoration, but the “KD SPE” is similar to the “KD SPS” for interior decoration. You can use it to make a small cement floor or decorate the wall, because this material provides a lot of resistance, waterproof and elegance. This is a hand applied coating material that follows a model consisting of several preparation bases.

method of placing micro cement in soil

the preparation process of applying micro cement to soil may be many, but the most common method is to apply it to the surface first, because the surface must be clean and dry. Then there is the process of priming or building a connecting bridge, because there is something to connect the surface and the subsequently placed fiberglass mesh. The third step is to apply one or two layers of thick micro cement, then apply two layers of thin micro cement, and finally apply two or three layers of sealant. Micro cement in

interior decoration

polished micro cement floor can be gently stepped on the second day after the completion of the last process. It must be remembered that micro cement floors are very decorative. They create very primitive and modern interior design, which is why you must tread on the floor carefully at the beginning. The same procedure applies to decorating walls with micro cement.

from the nearby

can decorate the kitchen and living room well, but can also be used in other parts of the house. In this photo, you can see its application effect in micro water soil.

kitchen decoration contains trace elements

. The advantages of this product should also be taken into account. These advantages mainly occur when any layer is not applied correctly or there is any movement in the layer. One of the main problems is cracks. In order to avoid them, a very simple rule must be followed when preparing the layer, that is, from the first layer, the elasticity of the layer must be from more to less. This prevents the movement of linings and cracks. In this photo, you can see some polished micro cement kitchen and the modern feeling inside.

apply micro cement decoration to the whole interior of your home to decorate

. On the other hand, when the sealant is placed correctly, water resistance is usually not a problem. On the contrary, if there is a problem with the sealant, this will be reflected in the impermeability of the micro cement and spots will appear on the surface of the micro cement.

combination of indoor color and color of trace elements in soil

Micro cement has very high resistance to scratches, which is usually a problem for other soft surfaces, because whenLet’s go home. That’s why it’s a very strong and decorative material that you can use to make kitchens or kitchens in the living room.

uses pairs of small cement upholstery and black sofas as as decorative accents

Another less common problem that may occur in micro water soil also comes from application and is related to aesthetic effects. Too much water will increase the decorative stains on the floor, and vice versa. Lack of water will eliminate the stains, resulting in very flat micro cement floor decoration.

is a kind of interior decoration. The walls and floors are decorated with micro cement

. Considering these things, you know what to be careful when decorating the house with micro cement. These keys can also be used to decorate walls. You can use this decoration detail to decorate the kitchenette and the whole interior of your home.

very primitive and modern interior decoration. Decorate your interior with

decorate the floor and walls with tiles of the same color

bedroom decorated with micro cement on the floor and wall

use more than one material for the original interior decoration

decorate the micro cement floor and pink

wall in the interior

the combination of light colors and micro tones in interior decoration, as well as the color and texture of wood

a dark micro tone decorative kitchen black home appliance

decorative contrast

is a very original internal rust remover. It is used to polish the internal decoration of

and for the texture and decoration of floor

From the place near the floor,

is a light colored kitchen, which is used in combination with indoor

for bathroom floor decoration

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