Minimalist house, bright and practical space

the minimalist designer yevhen zahorodnii’s house can accommodate a family of four. The house is located near Kiev, Ukraine, covering an area of about 105 square meters. As we mentioned, minimalist houses follow this style to meet the needs of residents.

minimalist house with interesting white accent

the reason is that minimalism makes it simpler. The house is not complicated by too many materials. Especially when there are two children running around. In the design, some rooms have interesting color solutions. Odor solutions are mainly placed in children’s bedrooms and offices.

minimalist home presents the last space of

minimalist home in various modern natural tones, which is shared with games and learning. If we want to create a minimalist style, this house may become our guideline. In order to make the design more practical, we chose an L. variant, starting with a white wall around a whole roll of independent panels. It is made of dark plywood.

the second floor access stairs have a fresh artistic and decorative finish

. If we observe carefully, there are light panels to guide the vision of the whole space. Decorate the restaurant with interesting furniture. The choice of furniture is simple. You can’t expect from a minimalist house. These furniture combine round and soft shapes. In the living room space, the geometric details are more obvious.

the warm and soft lights in the corridor maintain the same elegant aesthetics as the first floor.

the first thing that comes into view is the great geometric cutting garden. Behind it is a conical table lamp. All these elegance and functions, similarly, yervin zakhorodney knows how to embody them at the entrance. The importance of mirrors is reflected in all parts of the house. In a traffic area, they are very suitable to check the last minute details.

a white door seems to blend with the background wall of the corridor.

in the same color. A built-in seat can find the perfect furniture for storing shoes. It is almost impossible to distinguish the kitchen from the living room. The solution for dividing these spaces is based on neutral tones. Visually, this is very effective, including the kitchen area. Several cabinets are hidden behind each sliding panel.

the bright bedroom combines the interesting accent wall with the natural theme

, which is an effective idea and helps to make everything look more organized. On the other hand, it does not need to be stored on top. In this minimalist house, nothing can be stored in the field of vision, and the light can reach a larger space. In this beautiful home, we arrived at another interesting place. This is about the ladder and all its artistic touch.

mirrors near the study area help to reflect light and increase modern space.

as a solution to the usual handrails, white wires are mainly located in most parts of the atrium. Large chandeliers complete the aesthetics of this interesting corner. At the highest point of the stairs, there is a transition from wires to railings. As a charming appearance close to the second floor, the floor must stand out.

small LED lights are constant throughout the house space until this area

is white plywood. This makes it look like the floor plan of a large company.Uninterrupted continuity. From here you can enter private space and two offices. One of the offices is for older children. Since you came in, an accent wall has attracted our attention.

a large window with curtains ensures perfect natural light into the kitchen

the colors in this example are available for research. Choose light blue and bright white to create a comfortable atmosphere. Minimalist aesthetics also applies to the desktop. This is pasted on the walls on both sides of the window. The result is a clean, minimalist aesthetic, non overloaded environment.

decorates one of the rooms in pink and has an animal theme on the wide wall.

other more attractive bookshelves are the perfect place for books and all learning materials. The small game area is another noteworthy space. With a big PUF and full comfort, you can enjoy family games. In these photos, you can enjoy more details of this beautiful house near Kiev, Ukraine. Various colors and geometries appreciated in the design of

. In the top view,

bed structure includes another pink to the whole modern environment design

. The vertical line on one wall corresponds to the interesting design From

space to another modern room, it is specially designed for men. The brighter

small space is equipped with a game station to provide games for unforgettable and interesting moments. The bookcase floating on the white wall is added for you Futuristic touch the space of this young bedroom

studio follows the same minimalist aesthetics as other residences.

in area a of the master bedroom, which is specially designed as a contrast cradle

Lighting adds a dramatic load to this bedroom environment

spacious wardrobes are essential to the organization that meets the needs of the family

your underwear recreates wood and metal on various finishes and shelves to place


furniture also consists of this interesting sofa with modular backrest

lights and some candles, providing a perfect environment for the bathroom to relax


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