Minimalist interior design and industrial touch

today we show you some very original space concepts. These spaces adopt minimalist design and combine industrial and monochrome details. It is impossible not to fall in love with these minimalist apartments, their quiet design, empty space, quiet and bare walls. Minimalist interior design is very modern. The minimalist interior design of

open apartment

. As you can see in these photos, these spaces are not chaotic because they have only a few well done works. That doesn’t mean they’re unattractive.

interior design simple gray and white

, but don’t forget that over simplifying your design may make your space convey a feeling of cold and lack of enthusiasm. These attractive designs have a design philosophy, which can be called “industrial Minimalism”.

kitchen and dining room lighting is very good

here you can see how to design a pure line space, which can still be full of meaning and personality. This article is about the nature of industry.

open wardrobe, the bedroom adopts minimalist design with concrete wall

. We need to be divorced from technology, which greatly affects the choice of minimalist design editing and creative space, so that we can feel calm in it.

luxury black and white dressing room

therefore, many people choose minimalist design, create an incredible breadth of minimalist design, and combine other designs with minimalist design.

the idea of illuminating the bathroom with minimalist design

if you explore things outside your own home, your space will have a greater depth. We mean that our home is not a static environment. They must be unique and mobile, meeting our basic needs and physical and emotional needs.

bathroom marble bathtub with industrial design

before you create any home design, please take time to observe your daily rituals and pay attention to the way you interact with the space, the objects you use most and the objects you may delete.

bathroom is equipped with white ceramic sink and toilet, and the walls are black

. As shown in the figure, we show you some functional but calm spaces. Although the walls and furniture are darker, this effect is achieved due to the smallest details and customized table space.

bedroom design minimalism and industry

minimalists can live with less money, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up their needs. Some carefully planned spaces may contain a lot of storage space, which will free us from what we have and give us room to think.

furniture is inspired by the Japanese lifestyle

no one rules out the choice of adding color to interior design, but have you ever thought about what your home would look like if you used monochrome design?

the idea of designing a very small bedroom

the interesting part of interior design is to search among a pile of color sample strips to find the color that best suits each room in your home. This process can be very pleasant and emotional.


restaurants are equipped with black furniture and granite tablesThey use all these colors to make strange and sometimes inappropriate combinations. If you choose monochrome design, this will not happen. You just need to say no to all these colors, not to the color strips, and not to the green, yellow, blue and pink spaces.

ideas from minimalist space and concrete walls

what do you want me to do? There are these lovely apartments here. In addition to minimalists, they also follow the monochrome color scheme. You will be surprised at how elegant and modern this design style is. Creativity is not always full of color. Sometimes it can be disguised as something simple and easy to create.

bedroom furniture concept does not occupy space.

monochrome combination is amazing. Although at the thought of giving up everything, there was nothing but black and white, which might shake his spirit.

glass wall is a very interesting choice to separate the

space. Don’t you think these designers do a good job in organizing these elegant and luxurious spaces?

touch the very original industrial design

it is difficult not to associate a sterile white room with the charm of cold winter and snow. When it comes to the modern bedroom, we suggest that you choose a dark one.

bedroom design is inspired by Japanese style

. Don’t forget that a room without unnecessary decoration and furniture is actually more suitable in the corner. Now we leave these designs to you so that you can get inspiration and change the image of your space.

restaurant and lounge are integrated, black furniture

kitchen and restaurant are integrated, simple design

home office, simple design

wooden panel, simple design

on the other office wall

black wood panel on bathroom wall

granite wall of large bathroom


apartment design with open plan design, minimalist style

black wall of living room with design The Modular Sofa inspired by Japanese style


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can be easily translated into a minimalist living room, which is saved by kdva architects


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