Minimalist residence — 24 kinds of architectural design and interior design

minimalism, as a design concept and lifestyle, has become a popular design concept in recent years. The minimalist theory of architecture tries to achieve better design through simplicity; Simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail and color. Learn about these impressive minimalist house designs by browsing our selected pictures.

original minimalist house design – facade and interior

in our article, we focus on modern and minimalist design methods. We like clean and open space, so that buildings, furniture and materials can breathe. Simple design, no redundant, simple materials. We like to create these minimalist spaces because we appreciate the tranquility, warmth and beauty of these spaces.

excellent modern minimalist residential design

we found that the typical characteristics of modern minimalist design are: simple shape and function, simple wall and finish, clean, open and full of light. The strategy uses materials, visual interest, texture and personality.


are the original designs of modern simple style houses. The minimalist architectural projects such as


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well illustrate the idea of “less is more” of minimalist architecture. Many minimalist houses have a simple design, simple and efficient plan and a lot of space accumulation. This creates clear space in the plan, where space is predictable and not complex.

excellent appearance design minimalist style

is a common use of perforated openings, without the appearance of complex door and window markings. Generally speaking, the house design is simple, avoiding a large number of imports and exports, complex curves or angles.

the original design of modern minimalist house

the lines of this minimalist house are simple and clean, but certainly not boring, ensuring a happy home.

original modern simple style facade design

the latest research shows that home lighting, space and interior design will affect people’s mood. These studies led to the establishment of a new field of architecture, called neural architecture.

original modern interior design simple goal

this is a very exciting and innovative development. The combination of neuroscience and architecture creates an effective, functional and even curable modern design.

original office interior design simple style

these houses look clean and tidy, but they are still very comfortable. This minimalist style is something you have to try to replicate to achieve a low stress home environment.

great modern minimalist interior design

but remember, it’s important to have some memory, Because it can help you feel connected with the world. After all, your favorite books and family photos make you happy, don’t they? If your house is too barren, it may have the opposite effect and eventually lead to a feeling of loss, emptiness or sadness.

interior design minimalist wood and white

minimalist houses are healthierThe fewer objects, the less dust accumulates on the surface.

modern simple interior design style

our brain is a complex organ. We may never fully understand how the brain works, but studies have shown that the brain responds positively to symmetry.

the original interior design minimalist wooden floor

the most obvious evidence is the pressure some people bear in very chaotic and overloaded places, although they didn’t notice at first.

the original modern minimalist interior design

once again connects to our discussion of minimalist houses that are usually simple and symmetrical in design, But they give people a more pleasant perspective.

interior design minimalist wooden

the color and lighting of the room will affect the mood. The big windows make the house spacious and bright.

the initial minimalist interior design wood

maybe we should all consider including a more lasting minimalist method in our home design.

original minimalist courtyard design with hanging stairs

most minimalist interior designs have a simple color method to keep light and simple. You will notice that minimalist houses usually have quite large windows that allow natural light to fill the room.

the original Zen minimalist bathroom design

you can also notice that the color of the walls is usually quite neutral, Have a little modern eye-catching colors, such as red or other appropriate use through wall accents or accessories.

minimalist aisle design wooden floor

beautiful bedroom design minimalist white

minimalist luxury bathroom design

La house Plus house, Fujiyama architect studio




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